Canon Video Canon DC210 DVD Camcorder – Service and cost

Replaced my other one and didn’t have to waste blank dvd’s or learn how to use a new camcorder. Thanks for being there for me.

But i’ve had alot of trouble getting it to finalize a disk. I’m usually a pretty tech saavy guy. But this camera doesn’t work the way the manual says it should.

Arrived very fast, before expected actually, which was awesome. I purchased this for my 11 year old son as his first video camera. Very easy to use, clear video, and light weight.

I am very satisfied with this camcorder. Picture quality is very good for a standard definition camera and operating it is about as easy as it can get. On-camera editing capabilities are not extensive so if you need those you may want to look at the cameras higher in the lineup. The only complaint may be with finalizing disks. You have to read the manual carefully as the charger must be plugged in and you have to be in play mode before it will even give you the option to finalize a disk. Fortunately you can change disks then go back and finalize them later. I have had absolutely zero problems playing back finalized disks. Just put the disk in a dvd player and press play.

Loved it, everything it was said to be 😬.

This my first ever camcorder/digital camera. It’s an awesome piece of equipment, it was easy to figure out (well, okay i mistakenly was plugging in the charger into the av port but after examing the user guide’s appendix illustrating what and where each button/joystick/etc. And also looking the camera over very thoroughly again; i did find the proper port for charging the camera). That’s been my only complaint. . If you’ll just play with it. . And read the other ratings/reviews on this page. Because people have instructed on how to finalize the mini-disc. I highly recommend this camcorder and hp 8cm 4x 1.

  • Some things do not get better with time
  • Would highly recommend to everyone!
  • I LOVE IT!!

I bought this camcorder on sort of a whim w/ my ‘stimulus check’, at office depot, on clearance (brand new in a box) with a one year money back extended service plan for $141. I’ve had a panasonic minidv camcorder w/ better features (usb, software, etc. ), but found the editing of videos with the tape was laborious. The idea of editing more quickly was what drew me to the minidvd comcorder, and, once i found some conversion software (avs) for about $40, it works fine. Ok picture, lightweight, wish it had a light, though. Yeah, a quick guide and better docs would be nice, but i got what i paid for, and plan on keeping it. I bought an 8mm videocamera back in the late 1980’s for $1100. It had a much poorer picture, and was an absolute nightmare to edit with. So, considering inflation in the last 20 years, i think this camera is great.

I bought the dc 210 in early 2007 on a whim. I loved the small size; manageable for a mother’s purse. It is not only convenient to carry but also simple to use. I often set the camcorder on a flat surface to record anything longer than one minute, so the video is not shakey. I used the dc 210 to record my son’s activities (music performances, field day, school holidays, sporting events etc. ), finalize them, and then send the disks in the mail to family out of state. I have used fuji film dvd-r, maxwell dvd-rw, maxwell dvd-r ds, and sony dvd-r recordable disks without issue. The disks can be played back on a laptop or a dvd player, as long as, they are finalized, which takes less than three minutes per side.

It nice for the price and it works.

This product is essentially what you paid for. It is quite easy to use, though the manual can be cryptic, especially to those who do not use lots of new devices frequently. The movie quality was less than i expected and i have never really intended to take pictures with it. That’s what my digital camera is for. Anyhow, i used an off-brand dvd-r as recodring media. Worked great, many dvd’s will not accept other types (like a dvd+r). Though both are supported with this camera. There is no usb, however it’s not a dv camcorder. We were too cheap to get one of those. So in the end, it met my expectations which were realistic.

I got my camera the day after i ordered it, and could not be happier, it is so easy to use, we love it.

Features of Canon DC210 DVD Camcorder with 35x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Genuine Canon Optics with 35x optical zoom/1000x digital zoom lens
  • DIGIC DV II image processor; image stabilizer
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording
  • Smooth zoom control; level shot control
  • DVD-R/-RW Dual Layer recording format

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As a avid crypto fan and bigfoot enthusiast, i received this for x-mass 07, for tromping thru the woods and trying to get a good pic/video of bigfoot. Lol, in short this camcorder will get ‘er done when i find the big guyafter a short introductory read on the poorly written manual, i was up and shooting within 30 min. The item works exactly as promised. The even speed zoom in/out feature is easy to use, and the steady shot works great. Used it in the rain during the recent storm to get damage and got no fogging, or condensation,. Water not recomended but nice to know it is rugged. The function are easy to use but a ‘quick guide’ would have been cool. I received this as a combo pack with bag, extra battery, memory card (for pics) all cords, the camcorder, pinnacle software for editing, and another software cd that is some kind of backup?. If you want the versitility of re-recording go with dvd-rw and no problem. Standard play recording gives you aprox. As for someone without a hi-def television, i saw no lack of quality in picture on standard tv. Playback on the camcorder itself is amazing lookingeasing the ‘finalization: process would be cool, but was not hard to learn either. The ‘quick start’ that lets you get back to shooting in. Wasting battery power is awesome.

I was surprised at just how compact the canon dc210 was when i opened the box. It fits snugly in my palm (and i have pretty thick hands) and i was able to maneuver the controls very comfortably. I was worried about the positioning of the battery but that turned out to be a non-issue. I’d highly recommend this as a beginner to mid-level digital camcorder for anyone interested in digital videos.

I was pleased with the the fast and great service extended by the seller. The camera is a very sturdy an easy to use. I bought it to replace the one i lost. This is a an excellent camera for the money.

Very happy with the purchase – used a different tape and it worked bettervery fast service – thank you.

I previously owned the canon dc100 and i loved it, so when i saw the dc210 i thought that it had to be better. This camcorder is just okay. It takes great pictures, but the quality of video recordings is poor. The image stabilizer even seems to be non existing at times. I would not recommend this product. Save yourself some heartache and pain.

Price was right and works great.

Genuine Canon Optics with 35x optical zoom/1000x digital zoom lens

This camera does exactly what i bought it to do. It records standard definition video in what is basically a point and shoot manner. It does not have a lot of frills and editing features. It has a good zoom and the image stabiliztion wroks reasonably well. It is at its best when used outdoors although it does ok indoors. Be sure to have as much lighting turned on as is available. My biggest complaint is the poorly written manual although you can eventually figure things out if you read it carefully. The necessary ‘finalization’ of the disk (if you wish to play it on your dvd player rather than playing it in the camera) is exceptionally poorly documented in the manual. It will not inteface with a computer however i did not expect it to and this is of little consequence to me. I bought this for my wife for being able to easily take casual videos of family functions and possibly road trips and vacations.

I found out that if i had the side screen open i could not finalize my disc. It took me a whole day to figure out that if you close the side screen, and look through the eye hole, the finalize option is activated and i am able to finalize my disc cd r.

I love the portableness of the dc210. You can fit it in a large pocket. The quick start button is handy if your low on battery but need to capture those last seconds of whatever your filming. The menu is easy to use, and the joystick it a great feature. There is also a full screen, so if you want to play it on your tv, it fills the screen without those annoying bars on the sides. The picture quality is vibrant and you can adjust the brightness. I have made so many great memories making home movies with my friends and now we can look back and laugh as hard as we did when we made it. The only flaw i really see is that there aren’t many special effects. I highly recommend this camcorder for the first time cinematographer or for just for anyone who wants a quality camera for a fairly reasonable price.

DIGIC DV II image processor; image stabilizer

2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording

Smooth zoom control; level shot control

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