Canon Optura PI MiniDV Digital Camcorder – AWESOME DIGICAM – PERIOD!! Could be the best?!?!?

I like this model, pretty good as digi-cam. And i plan to get one from amazon.

My main draw to the canon optura pi was the optical (rather than digital) image stabilization. Canon is the only camcorder manufacturer that offers this feature in this price range. The image quality is excellent, although the camera calibration can take some getting used to. Experiment with white balance settings, etc. Until you find something that works well. The lcd screen is a little too bright, but otherwise looks good. This camera integrates flawlessly with my macintosh g4 and imac dv computers. My only complaint about this camera is that occasionally the picture can become blocky and behave erratically. However, i have discovered that this is a problem with all dv camercorders and is due to flaky dv cassettes. In every instance of picture glitches, the problem has corrected itself within a matter of minutes. As i said, this is probably the best camcorder you can get in without spending $2500 or more.

I bought this in july 2000 and have been using it since then to shoot random stuff, like vacations, skiing, babies etc. Whenever i show the results to anyone, esp stuff filmed in prgressive scan mode, they comment on the quality. Sound quality is excellent, battery life very good, color saturation great, and the ergonomics are perfect. Great stills that are as good as many stand-alone digital cameras. If you are a beginner this is a great product. If you have experience you will like it even more.

A great amateur dv camera, downloads to your pc for video editing and compilation work great. Just make sure your pc is up to snuff in terms of processor, memory and hard drive space.

The optura pi is one fantastic video camera. I had never purchased a canon product before, but i am very impressed with the optura pi. You buy a camcorder primarily to shoot moving video. This is one machine that doesn’t disappoint. Best features: optical image stabilization(a high end feature usually found only on the most expensive models); superb canon lense(second to none in the industry); large 3. 5′ lcd with high end resolution(200k pixels); excellent detail and color reproduction( rgb filter); manual overrides for controls ( useful for more experienced videographers); solid construction (many sony and panasonic models in the same price range have a cheap, plastic feel); amazing low light performance(although the jarring motion inherent in the low light setting may turn some people off). Cons: no manual focus ring(just a non mechanical option ring); overly touchy zoom control(be careful); poor ergonomics for the zoom control( you have to reach back with your pointer finger to activate the zoom); low pixel count(360k for the ccd-all the better models are going mega pixel, but then, you pay for it too); blank tape is expensive( but this applies to all digital format camcorders). If you want to take digital stills, buy a dedicated still camera. You’ll get way better quality for way less money. Progressive scan is not a significant feature for most people-record in ‘movie’ mode( the pi’s successor 100mc is without prog scan).

After much research and demonstrations of all different types. The one digital camcorder that kept coming up as tops was the optura pi. Since owning it over the past 6 months, i have videoed everything from and outdoor baseball game at the new pac bell stadium in san francisco, to an indoor college graduation at university of arizona, to an indoor poorly lit party, to a jujitsu black belt testing tournament, to you name it. This digital camcorder has performed not just well, but exceptionally in all conditions. It’s color is true and sharp and it’s images crisp. It is as close to professional as you can get. It’s optical zoom is clean and beautiful and it’s digital zoom is just ok(as are all others that i have tested). It is a very very good value for what you get. Small size and big big picture.

  • A Great Near Professional Package
  • AWESOME DIGICAM – PERIOD!! Could be the best?!?!?
  • Excellent DV camera for the money.

This camera works so well, feels so good in my hand, has so many cool features that i can’t belive that i finally have it. I did an exhaustive amount of research before getting this camera but all signs kept pointing to this cam. The optical stabilization is unreal – it’s the best stabilizer out there. The proscan mode looks like film – pretty cool. Considering i’m going to be shooting some ‘shorts’ with this cam, that film look is always a nice effect. It’s real lightweight and the ergonomics are very nicely laid out. The zoom is real fast – greatbasically, this is a great cam. The advanced shoe allows for hookups such as lights and mic’s. Get a better battery though, 511 is worthless.I’m looking forward to shooting more with this cam.

Optical stabalization is what sold me. Had i known what a great cam this is i would have bought sooner. Very easy to use, zoom is very fast,lite weight,ergonomically correct. I got lucky and found one on amazon for [a good price. This is the best deal i’ve made in quite some time. The optura pi is worth spending the extra money. This is a pro cam in a amatuers body. If your still undecided, you won’t be dissapointed with the optura pi. ]

Features of Canon Optura PI MiniDV Digital Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • MiniDV camcorder
  • Optical image stabilization
  • IEEE 1394 compliant
  • 3.5-inch color LCD swivel monitor
  • 12x optical, 48x digital zoom

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MiniDV camcorder

Optical image stabilization

IEEE 1394 compliant

3.5-inch color LCD swivel monitor

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Canon Optura PI MiniDV Digital Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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