Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder w/41x Advanced Zoom – A Test Run with the FS200

The fs200 is extremely portable to take with you anywhere you want to go. The picture quality is relatively good considering the processor and lens you are getting. The audio pickup is extremely good for an on-board mic. I bought this camera for my son and his fiance to document their honeymoon in cancoon. I also used it in a pinch as a b camera to video a wedding at the last minute. I was pleasantly surprised at the good quality under fairly low light inside the church. I did have to touch up the image in premier to get the proper color (saturation and exposure) to match my primary camera’s output. I was hoping for the hotshoe to be available on this camera but in glad canon opted to add the mic and av output jacks as all other manufactures have stopped doing this. I have purchased two canon cameras with this feature being the number two reason for selecting canon. Great job canonthe flash cards are a great feature.

I’ve owned and used this camera for several months now. It is perfect for one like me who seeks simplicity of use. I can take either satisfactory snapshots or video with no more preparation than deciding which button to push. Although the mod type of video files will not play on my imac, they play without difficulty on windows xp, vista, or win7. I transfer all pictures to my computers directly using flash memory readers. Jpeg still photographs do transfer easily to the imac. I did not install the software that came with the camera onto any of my systems. The camera as it came out of the box is so easy to use, and carry in my pocket. At disney world i did not have to stand in line to have a ‘bag checked’. And i carry it with me on my walks through my neighborhood to photograph the most colorful spring we have had in years.

The canon fs200 is compact, easy to use and well worth the price. The optical zoom is very impressive. The built-in led lamp will be useful only for close-ups in the dark. Be sure to order a large flash-memory card with the camera — a 16gb card will hold about 2 hours of video. I haven’t yet figured out how to use the accompanying software, and use windows explorer to transfer video to computer. You will want a computer capable of burning dvd to store the video files. One dvd disk will hold about 1 hour of high-quality video. I bought the camera to film interviews thinking to use an external microphone, which might have worked had i used a stereo microphone, but my microphone was mono. The built-in microphone turned out to be adequate, though.

Great camcorder for the price. Pretty easy to understand right out of the box. Internal mic sounds pretty good. I also use a wireless mic that plugs into the external mic jack. Don’t have any complaints, and would feel confident recommending to a friend.

Very few cam-corders have a microphone jack. Easy to use and does the job. I was happy to find one with a jack for a lavalier mic.

I read a number of the reviews when researching a new camcorder. The surprise i got when i opened the box was just how small and light this camera is. I will even be able to take it backpacking as it won’t be adding very much weight. It is almost a little too small for my hands, but my wife loves it. I love having the movies written to the card. My laptop has an sd card reader built in so i don’t have to transfer the files from the camera through the usb. I can just copy them straight from the card. I did find i needed an ac3 codec filter for windows media player in order to hear the movies, though. I had to search the forums in order to find this nugget. Once i got the ac3 filter, there is nothing that needs to be done to the movies to view them.

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This is a great video camera. It is not hd but the picture quality is excellent. The colors are great and the images are very sharp. I have worked in video production for the past 8 years and i can tell you that i have always been pretty disappointed by the quality of most consumer cameras. The canon fs200 however, far exceeded my expectations. This is by far the best camera you can get in this price range. The only draw back that i have found is that it doesn’t do the best in low light conditions, this however, is true for every consumer camera in and beyond this price range. I would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for high quality visuals but does not want to venture into the world of hd.

I got this camcorder a few days ago. The picture quality seems great, especially in well-lit conditions. One thing that bugs me that i haven’t seen anyone mention is the sound the zoom motor makes. I know it’s supposed to be a quiet system, but when i recorded videos inside to test the quality, it sounded like someone was playing with a power drill in the next room. The problem is that the motor and the microphone are in about the same place, so the mic pics up the sounds from the motor. I’m glad this camera has a mic input, because plugging in an externam mic and holding it away from the front of the camera works much better.

Great and easy to use camcorder. Bought this to use at a concert so i could take pics and video.

What surprised the most was the zoom and the ease of use. Great for the family activity. I bought this camera based on consumer report reviews.

Extremely easy to use, well built, and decently priced. The picture quality isnt hd but still very good. The only negative thing would be concerning the software. The software loaded fine on my pc but ran into a problem when trying to use the program to download videos from the camcorder to the pc. I’ve had this camcorder for over a year now and i still haven’t figured out whats causing the pixela program to not work properly with windows xp or windows 7. An sd card reader is definetly the way to go. This is an update to my original review. Camcorder is still working after 3 years of use. The built in mic no longer works on it but that was due to a mishap that involved the camcorder falling on the ground.

Features of Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder w/41x Advanced Zoom (Misty Silver) – 2009 MODEL (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Record video directly to a removable SDHC memory card
  • Genuine Canon lens with 41x Advanced Zoom, 37x optical zoom and 2000x digital zoom
  • Digic DV II image processor
  • Widescreen HR recording, Dual Shot Mode and Image Stabilizer
  • Ultra-sleek, lightweight design allows you to take your camcorder with you anywhere

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I bought this to record football games. I haven’t had any problems at all. I held the camera with both hands and was able to record a whole half time show with no problems. I have only watched the footage directly on the tv. I havn’t done anything with the computer as of yet so i can’t comment on the software. I have had no problems at all. This is really a good little camera.

This is a review from a regular peron, who has read all the other reviews and thinks some are from other businesses promoting their product. I upgraded to this camera from a mini-dvd camera i bought in 2005. The picture is about the same as old camera, but i wanted a new one because of the new features you get like splitting scenes, and the flash memory. This camera takes good video as long as you do not think you are going to get blue ray or production grade quality. I have watched my videos plugged straight to the tv, and burned to dvd, both are of the same quality, great for personal use. I primarily take my hunting, fishing, hiking, this camera works great for these things. To ensure good videos do not zoom in and out constantly and quickly, or pan side to side quickly. Make fluid movements with camera, and zoom slowly. The software like most people have said is not that great, it is a little hard to get used to at first. But after one read through of the manual and directions, i was burning dvd’s with no problem.

This product was recommended to me by a teacher for my teenage son and it has proved to be a huge success. The cost was reasonable; the product is user-friendly without a bunch of bells and whistles—perfect for a beginner. It was no longer available in stores around here, so thank heaven for amazon.

I was hoping for better quality pictures. I get a lot of grainy ones and have tried adjusting many of the settings to overcome this, but still just get a lot of so-so pictures. The software is not the easiest to work with for some things. Overall is an okay camera and i do like the camcorder function.

This review is for people who have common sense about this technology and have done even a tad bit of research before buying. I have been in the video/film/animation industry for 15 years and have used tons of equipment for everything from multimillion dollar productions, to rogue gorilla documentaries. This camera is for people who want to flip open something small and compact, shoot some video for memories and thas that. Pretty much all camcorders under 800 dollars are going to shoot interlaced video, and this one does as well. It has complete manual overide for focus and exposure. I read a review where a lady was complaining about filming a recital and the camera was going in and out of focus. No problem, set it to manual and problem fixed. Mpeg files now (you can download the newest software from the website) **edit** its come to my attention that some people are still getting the. I am running windows xp service pack 3 on a pc and the program it installed is pixela imagemixer 3 version 4 and it automatically shows up as. So i dont know whats up and why that works for me, as i did nothing special or extra for that to happen.

I haven’t used this very much but for what little i have, i’ve been pleased. I’ve deducted one star because the recorded files won’t play on windows media player and this really pisses me off. I spent some time trying to locate a free program to convert the files so they can used by the player, but so far i haven’t had any luck. I should just bite the bullet and purchase a program and be done with it. Then i’d probably use it more.

Record video directly to a removable SDHC memory card

I wanted a quality camcorder at an affordable price as i was preparing for a trip to africa. I visited the consumers report website for recommendation. Canon fs200 flash memory camcorder was recommended very high within my price range. I wasn’t disappointed at this baby’s performance at all. The camcorder is so small, it fits into my pant pocket very easily.

I ordered this so i can record our vacation to the beach on my husband’s leave from iraq. I’m not terribly familiar with various camcorders but after much research i decided on the canon fs200 and i’m quite pleased. I love that it has flash memory as i can easily carry extra cards and swap them out as needed. It didn’t take too long to charge and has a great battery life. The picture quality is great, mic picks up sounds well and the zoom is fantastic. I love how small and lightweight it is. I’m very happy with this camcorder.

This is not a pro camcorder, but it will meet its goal, not heavy, very portabe, not very good shots but it is not intended for that, and very nice videos, recomended for a day out in the camp, or a sunday trip to the zoo. It works for me, i do not have to worry if anyone wants to use it.

I did a lot of research and decided the best route for me was to stay with a standard format rather than hd do to the additional expense of having to buy a newer dvd player and a more powerful computer. The software is not great but works. Once i figured out the software burning a movie is easy and looks great played on my upconverting dvd player and viewed on my lcd tv.

I read the reviews prior to purchasing this camera. We were upgrading from a mini dv canon product and for the price, this camera really delivers. I really did not want to shell out $500-$700 for hd quality. It is extremely compact (amazing how small these things have gotten) and functional, easy to use right out of the box. I love how it stores the video to the removable card versus tapes and i can view quickly each video segment on the camera, delete scenes i don’t want right away or a little while later. Hooking up to the tv for watching is quick and easy. I didn’t rate it 5 stars because the indoor quality was a little dark and i did find the software for putting together the videos to be lacking in ‘instructional quality’ for the new user with very few words or help keys. It was not at all intuitive unless you knew what you were doing. Overall though this is a great camera and i’m very happy with my purchase.

Hi,i like this product,thank’s for your attention and excellent efficiency, 100 % recommendedatt.

Genuine Canon lens with 41x Advanced Zoom, 37x optical zoom and 2000x digital zoom

It turns on quickly, and takes decent video for a standard definition video camera. It’s compact, light weight, and easy to carry around. The fact that it records to sd cards is what sold me. I spent weeks trying to work with it. Trying to import it into windows movie maker to no avail. Trying to view my video files on windows media maker. I researched all the information i could find about the. Mod codec, and how it’s some type of modified mpeg2 with an ac3 audio codec. Why the heck did canon do this?well. I have stumbled across free on line editing software that seems to work great with the canon fs200 mod files. It’s called ‘video pad’ video editor by an outfit called nch software.

I have only used the camera for basic stuff and it does a good job, especially for the price. One reason that i chose this particular brand and model was that it has an external microphone jack. It turned out that this was unnecessary as the built-in mike is more that adequate. The only let-down was the included ‘editing software’. It merely allowed segments to be stiched together; you couldn’t do any actual ‘editing’.

Pros: good image stabilization, good video quality, not too bad in low lightcons: wish the zoom was longer, some of the documentation and menus could be a little more user friendly’i’ve had this camcorder for about 6 weeks and so far, i’m enjoying it very much. It’s light and compact and easy to carry around. The video quality is excellent outdoors, and indoor, lower light quality isn’t really that bad. You need to read the manual to learn how to get good video indoors and in low light. The zoom is really outstanding, it doesn’t make me feel seasick when i zoom it all the way to 41x. The 3 second feature is also very helpful to make sure you get every second of the scene you want to shoot. The menus are a little hard to follow but with some practice you’ll remember what is where, etc. The quick set up guide which comes with the camcorder is ok but it doesn’t really get into the menus and features like the instruction manual does, but you’ll have to download it from the internet and print it out if you need to. This camcorder also has a video light which is a nice feature to have and the bundled software is not great, but it’s not that bad either. Transferring the video to your computer from the camcorder is easy, it transfers as an mpg file and it’ll open right up in windows media player.

Considering the price, this camera is outstanding. If you’re part of the cult of hd, you’ll be unhappy because this isn’t an hd camera. Just like, if you were part of the cult of speed, you’d be happier with a mustang gt than a honda accord. But if you want great performance on a relatively low budget, this camera delivers. Battery life: excellentoptics: excellentlow lighting: goodregular lighting: excellentautofocus: excellentzoom: incrediblevideo image quality: excellent (but not hd)still picture quality: faironboard mic: excellentexternal mic: hey, you can use an external mic. For 300ish dollarsconvenience: excellentlooks: impressive.

Just used my new fs200 this past weekend video’ing our dog in agility trials. Pros:easy to usebattery life is sufficient for a whole day of video’ing multiple runsfor commentary, the built in microphone is sufficientvery small, fits nicely into a small ‘man purse’image stabilization (digital) is plenty good for my needsthe zoom is very good for my needscons:the included software is cumbersomeon/off button is not in the greatest spot (nit)without a tripod, zooming in and out makes it hard to hold the camera stilloverall, i’m quite pleased with the purchase. The cost was what i wanted to spend, and i don’t need the hd quality, the quality of this cam is what i expected and need. I love the size of it, easy to just put in your pocket. I personnally find it easier to just remove the card to transfer to my computer rather than use the installed software. The software is kinda weak, so i found myself using windows movie maker (after i used sd copy to migrate from the. I found to use the zoom while filming, i’d use the thumb switch on the top of the camera to zoom in and then use the ‘w’ button on the flip out view finder to zoom out. This helped quite a bit with keeping the image stable. All in all, i’m happy with the purchase, and would recommend this camera to a friend who was looking for an inexpensive camcorder. I almost bought the new kodak pocket camera (ki8), but i’m glad i bought this one with a better optical zoom. You can see my vids on youtube under the user name bachnr. The earlier ones are from a cheaper camera. The ones from the davie county dog agility trials and later are with this camera.

Pros: good quality video; stereo sound; good low light sensitivity; small size, light weight; controlled zoom rate; pre-record; good set of shooting modes for both photo and video, such as scene and backlight settings; good battery duration. Cons: video mode: the digital image stability is good, but a steady hand is still necessary, especially at higher zoom levels. Much of the large zoom capacity is only usable with a tripod; ‘2000x digital zoom’ is fiction. Although playback directly to a tv is simple and quite good, downloading to a computer is a pain, and a loss of quality is evident. You cannot download directly from the card with the supplied software. You must download blind – you cannot select scenes to download. It’s either only files not yet downloaded or everything on the card. That can be a real problem if you are using a high capacity card. Then it requires another conversion to. Mpeg2 files in the computer to view thumbnails and/or edit them. Then, if you want another format, such as. Avi, you must use other non-supplied software to convert them (for example, to use on other viewing devices). It has a video light, but it is weak – good only to about 5 feet.

My husband and i recently purchased this video camera right before our wedding for the ceremony and our honeymoon in scotland. We didn’t really need a camera, just the video part but both came in handy. We love the video portion of the device, it’s easy to use and easy to view your videos right there. We haven’t uploaded anything so i can’t comment on the ease of that. If we have any issues, i’ll be back as i found those posts very helpful. The only disappointment for me so far is that our camera (not video) died in the middle of the trip and with eu plugs, we could not recharge it. From that point on, we had to rely on the video camera for pictures as well and are a bit disappointed with the quality. Since that is not why we purchased the device, we are not leaving an all around bad review, but don’t purchase this in hopes of having two equally decent products in one. However, we are pleased with the video camera so far and will use it for many years to come.

Digic DV II image processor

I am not a technician, i just wanted a reliable camera to record speeches for feedback, and this filled the bill. I read most of the reviews on amazon and elsewhere, and have nothing to add except that it is intuitive, it works great with imovie 09, and i haven’t had to spend a lifetime learning to do everything.

Fits easily in the palm of my hand. It has a great zoom feature. 37x which is wonderful for close up shots. The flash memory is a big plus because i can just pull the card and stick it in my laptop to transfer data. It came with some whiz bang editing software but i have not used it yet. I bought the recommended bag to go with it and i have to say, the bag is a little too small for the camera and the a/c adaptor and other cables. All and all, so far, purchase seems pretty good.

I spent several months looking and researching for my fist camcorder and i am very pleased with my purchase. I have boys playing in football, soccer and basketball so zoom was very important for me so i can get some good shots from the sidelines. The small size makes it easy to carry in my purse. I like that it turns off when you shut the display but comes right back on when you open. Ideal for timeouts and half time so you don’t miss the game. Before i bought this camcorder i borrowed a friends and i could only record one game and run out of battery. Now i have no problem recording two games back to back and still have battery life availible.

I bought this camcorder to video my son’s outdoor wedding. My old camcorder was a sharp high 8 tape from 2000, what a switch. I played around with it for a week before the wedding, it was very easy to learn everything this cam has to offer. The video came out beautiful on my hd tv, it looks like the camera filmed in hd which it does not. I got this for 262 dollars so no complaints.

The picture quality is about as good as the best vhs camcorder i have used. It’s definitely not high def, but it’s good for everyday use. I have used footage for some work related videos and customers liked them.

The picture is extremely good for being under $300. Buttons and different figures are so easy to use and quick to find. The still camera i thought when purchasing this wasn’t going to be good but it is way better then i was thinking it was going to be. I would recommend this camcorder to anyone looking for just family fun, sports and goofing around that doesn’t require much detail videoing. I haven’t tried the software yet but i do know it is a little difficult when i tried using my iphoto with the camera, my iphoto didn’t recognize the videos but only the pictures, but i’ll figure it out.

Widescreen HR recording, Dual Shot Mode and Image Stabilizer

I’m happy to report that this little gem also records with or without the lcd display opened, this is not what others have written, so, at least with my refurbished fs 200, this is not true – and for some people this can be huge. Glad i took the leap cuz this thing is just what i hoped it would be – and more. I also have a canon 590is and sx20, and this rounds out the collection (for now).

 when it comes to using camera and video equipment, i am an amateur, with a capital ‘a. ‘ i enjoy filming aspects of life as i find it through my viewfinder. Here is my lowdown on the canon fs200. My husband and i are planning a trip to maryland’s eastern shore. We wanted to upgrade the video equipment we already owned: a fujifilm finepix s5200 digital camera and an aiptek icam. The fujifilm finepix s5200 is wonderful with both stills and video; however, it uses the less common xd card and is more than a solid weight in one’s hands. The aiptek icam is a little gem; it’s lightweight, uses the more common sd card, and it can be flipped out at a moment’s notice. However, one pays for that convenience; its still shots are lousy, and the light has to be just right for the video quality to be adequate. We wanted to find something that combined the qualities of the fujifilm finepix with the portability of the aiptek. We thought the canon fs200 might fit the bill.

Took nice video, but was not very durable.

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