Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder – Nice little camera.

We bought this camera in anticipation of the birth of our baby. He’s not here yet, but we’ve been testing it out over the past couple of weeks. So far, we have really enjoyed using it. The camera is tiny – probably a little larger than a soda can. It is very lightweight as well. We bought the transcend 8gb sd cards and an extra battery from ebay. We have vista and have had no problems reading the video files. We used nero to create a dvd and it played in the dvd player with no problem. The video looked great on the television and we unknowingly recorded it on the medium resolution setting. I can’t wait to see how it turns out on the highest resolution.

It is so tiny and so easy to use. It is literally the size of a soda can. Great quality and even comes with a remote control to use while the camcorder is on a tripod. I wish that this came with an external battery charger, but i can always buy that later. I love the fact that this is strictly a flash card memory camcorder which has no moving parts related to the storage. I always thought the hard drive based camcorders were a bad idea, because of how sensitive hard drives are to shock. No problem for flash card memory. I was really surprised at how small this camcorder is, incredible.

I am pleased with the camera, but don’t try to get any technical information. I tried three times and got conflicting information between two and just a smattering of information all together. Canon’s view seems to be that this is a consumer camera and no consumers ask technical questions. The support staff seemed ill prepared to handle even basic questions. If you purchase a consumer-grade camera from canon, you are on your own. I guess you have to spend over $900 to rate support. Even though i couldn’t get answers or specs, some reviews, flash memory storage and the processing chip prompted me to buy the camcorder anyway; i could always return it if my evaluation was unsatisfactory. The camera performs well for the price, but, without complete specs, it is a guessing game to perform manual operations and i don’t know what will happen if something goes wrong.

This is a great, tiny little camcorder that takes great quality video and audio. The only problem is that in low light situations, the quality gets a tad grainy, and if you have it set to ‘easy’ mode, the shutter slows down and produces some unnatural looking results. In normal, everyday use though, this is a great camcorder. As far as the file formats and software go, i found that by importing the files with the imagemixer software that comes with it, i can then edit the files with nero show time, and output them to dvd in full, widescreen quality.

Does everything i needed it to – if not everything i wanted. Does the picture quality hold up against a newer device with full hd?.But i knew that when i bought it. I’m very happy with the camera, and continue to use it. For the record, the reason i bought this one in particular is it has a mic line-in jack. I set up a (somewhat illegally powerful) fm transmitter in the p/a system and then used one of those aux headphone lines to hook this puppy up to a tiny handheld fm radio.

Just got this and here are my 1st impressions. The test footage so far looks good for standard def video. I just take out the sd card and plug it into my media reader and i am able to import the files. Mod extension so no program on my xp computer can view them. I had read that you can rename them to. Avi which i did and was able to play them in windows media player. They looked horrible and all jagged. I then tried adobe premiere elements 4, hit the import files and this import window came up and imported them to a folder on my computer. It then dumped them into the editing program where i was able to view and edit. They played very nice in this program. I did a test render to avi and they looked great. I have read lots of reviews about how the included editing program is horrible so i have not even installed it. The still photos are not great but good enough for web or email.

  • Not HD, but optical zoom and SD card make it a great entry-level unit for churches and such.
  • Mic jack, reliable, narrow zoom angle
  • The best camcorder purchase to date

I bought a jvc everio gz-mg155 about one year ago, and was never completely satisfied with the image quality, it was not as sharp as i expected. I decided to give a try with the canon fs100 since all my digital still cameras had been canon and i loved the images and colors they produce. Well, thanks to the canon fs100 i realized my jvc everio was not in fact that bad at all. I recorded some scenes with both cameras and edited them back to back in a dvd, so i could see the footage in my 50” high definition tv and could compare results. Outdoors, in sunshine, both camcorders performed more or less the same, same image sharpness, colors, etc. Indoors the difference was simply amazing; the canon fs100 produced grainy images full of noise (annoying red particles around everywhere) in most lighting situations. Just to clarify this point, i’m not talking about recording in low light, i’m talking about regular indoor lighting (in low light the results were even worse). When i saw the recorded footage in my 50” tv, the amount of image noise and pixelized artifacts was unbearable. On the contrary, my jvc, does not produce any noise, not even in low light (yes, the image is much darker in low light, however, no noise or red particles floating at all).

We did the research, read the reviews and purchased the cannon fs100 mainly for recording high school sporting events and family footage. The kids say the picture is great, it is very easy to operate automatically, yet the capability is there to be creative and manually operate the camera. Download is easy, have yet to create a cd, but i expect that to go well too. The still photo is a bit grainy, but when you are in a pinch it works. The way i figure, if you want a good still, use your camera, this is for video. It literally fits in the cup of your hand, and light weight too. It starts and stops amazingly quick, picks up sound well and the zoom feature, although i have heard others complain, works well. We zoom in on the football action and do not have a lot of trouble with ‘wobble’.

The camera records clear videos during daylight and it is pretty light sensitive in low light. Plus there is a night mode that will record in near darkness; almost like a cat’s vision, but the video will be choppy, so use a tripod for that mode since the exposure is long. My main reason why i gave it only 4 stars is that the videos are a bit too shaky compared for example, to an old hard drive sony camcorder sr42 which didn’t have any zoon stabilization unlike this canon which has digital stabilization. I think the heavier cameras just tend to be less shaky, and since this is a very light camera, it has a lot of jittery in its videos. If you are careful while recording or you are using a tripod, the videos will be excellent. Love the features and the portability. The absolutely best bag i found for this camera is a tamrac 5292. It is extremely small and very easy to take the cam out and put it in. Very fast start up, very nice vivid mode, good sound, great zoom with variable adjustable speed, and a dedicated microphone input. Overall this is a very good camera.

Okay, i have had this camcorder 4 months, i couldn’t tell you the zoom range, the memory it has, it’s battery life or anything very technical about it. I got it on am impulse before a disney vacation as i was looking for something simple, small and cheap. It wins in all three categories. My big thing was can i record my own dvd’s without a lot of hassle?glory be, yes you can.I decided i wanted to send my mom a dvd of the kids and sat down to try and figure it all out. Using only the downloaded software that came with the camera, it took me about 20 minutes to figure it out and get a dvd made. Albeit i had already downloaded the discs and some video, i just had no idea how or if i could make a disc myself. But if i could do it, i am sure 99% of you can. I can’t edit, no fading, no fancy stuff for me. The only not so great thing about this camera is the lack of image stabilizer.

First impression of it is how small it is. I had read reviews and knew that it was small, but this thing can easily fit in your pocket and is shorter than a soda canpros:-very fun to use-extremely comfortable to hold (mesh on inside of hand strap instead of leather makes it really comfortable to hold for hours), also fits the shape of your hand really well-menu is very similar to other recent (last few years) canon camcorders and it’s easy to navigate-better quality-good zoom (although surprisingly slower than previous canons, not by much though)-blinding led light-no motor noisecons:-good luck figuring out how to use the. Mod files in wmm (windows movie maker). After hours of endless research i decided to go with the $30 movavi video converter [. Unless you can understand codecs and everything else there is to simply converting these files to non-mpeg 2 format, there’s no free software that can do this (or if there is, let me know. ) unless it’s some trial version. , but that takes forever for each clip and doesn’t even put out very good quality. -lots of ‘noise’ inside, even if room is well lit-cannot take pics while recording video (as was possible with my previous minidv camcorder, the canon zr830)-editing software with camcorder is pretty much useless, although it may not seem so at first. It’s only for very limited editing (maybe cut a bit here or there, but that’s it) and just putting all the files together. Probably is a bit worse than wmm even (is that possible??)i would definitely recommend buying this camcorder if you can find it for about [. Only reason i didn’t give it 5 out of 5 stars is due to the. (if you only plan to get video and leave it in a folder somewhere on your computer, then ignore the entire file extension issue and get this camcorder. ]

Features of Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder with 48x Advanced Zoom (Silver)

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  • Capture video to SDHC cards
  • 48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer
  • Widescreen HR recording
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD
  • USB 2.0 compatible for fast file transfer

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I bought this product to replace my sony dcr trv33 that was heavier and bulkier. The good part about canon is the excellent video quality, and responsiveness of its controls. The camera is alright, not great though. The focus light in the front does indeed help in some situations. The only issue i found is that i cannot transfer videos to my computer through the usb without also connecting the power adapter. I paid $250 for this piece, whereas bestbuy was selling it at $350.

I purchased this camera for my recent trip to burning man, in the black rock desert of nevada. The conditions there can be very harsh, with extreme temperatures and blowing dust and sand. My previous video camera, a panasonic mini-dv was a great camera, but would get bad dropouts and lines on the screen when there was dust in the air. So i missed out on all the atmospheric and dramatic footage during duststorms. Then i had to clean the heads with a head cleaning tape. And although that camera wasn’t very big, i still wanted something much smaller, lighter and easier to carry around. The fs100 fit the bill, and i’m very satisfied with it. It performed like a champ out in the desert, taking flawless video during a massive duststorm with 40mph winds and visibility of just a few feet. The battery life was good, and i often used the quick battery check button to see exactly how much time i had left. The sound seems better than my last camera too, especially the bass response.

I have been most impressed with this camera. It is easy to operate, quick to record, tolerant of user shortcomings, and gives good picture and sound. The control position and activation are well thought out and the camera has a secure feel when held. I have used this around the house, local travels, for documenting events, and on a long cruise. The battery life is excellent. The 8gb chip records a large amount of footage. The optical zoom is impressive and clear but a steady hand or tripod is best used. I considered the fs-11 with built in memory but for the cost difference went with this model. Lack of a viewfinder has not been an issue.

Have used this camcorder a number of times love the size and weight. Pros:-easy to use both recording and replaying simple just touch and record-take out the card and place into computer (vista) card reader and watch the action, also easy to watch on tv. I have a 720p hd tv no problems with the quality of the picture. I am not a pro just doing home movie type stuff-light weight easy to handlecons::-off easy mode hard to get zoom to focus at max-so light need tripod when zooming in tight to decrease movement (minor detail)so far very pleased with this, would recommend to anyone shooting simple home video, have not tried the picture on my larger tv.

Have had the camera for a week, got the blue model. Purchased this camera to take quick videos of the kids and the places we visit while on vacation and at school events. In the two weeks we have taken about 4 videos and all of them came out just great. The snapshot feature is ok, if you have nothing else, but i prefer a digital camera for my shots. I bought a case for it that fits on my belt and i can carry it right next to my digital camera if i want. My wife likes the camera because it has an easy mode and she feels very comfortable with that feature. If you are looking for an inexpensive camcorder that gives great sd quality and does not use tapes then this model should be on your short list. For awhile i thought that my digital camera movie mode was pretty good until i tried to zoom in on a play at school and it just could not get the shot. Camcorders are made for movies and it shows. I also bought a 16gb sdhc card from amazon and it has worked perfectly. The entire setup is $100 less than the fs10 with 16gb of built in flash memory.

I simply love it’s small size, wonderful clarity, great optical zoom, instant start and above all no moving part in it. The sd card format is so easy to use and download to computer. I am using mac to download and it work great with imovies. Although it came with cd software for windows. It is bit shaky at full zoom (48x) but that is the price you have to pay when you want extreme zooms. You have to use tripod to shot at that zoom. I don’t see any reason why somebody will buy upper models of this fs series which cost another [. bucks and have only 8gb or 16 gb of internal memory when you can buy 8gb memory card for under [. Overall it is good starting model for those guys who can’t afford hd models at this moment. ]

Capture video to SDHC cards

This is my first video camera. But not my first canon product. My canon cameras have been user friendly, very affordable and trouble free. So far, i see the same with this camcorder. I also shopped around for the best deal on sd flash memory and found a 16gb online for a good price. All i have to do is remove it from the camera and plug in the side of my laptop to transfer movie for editing. I purchased vegas movie studio from sony. Seems to be relatively user friendly (i can’t wait to see what it can do after i read the instructions. Have already done some editing.

This is no longer made by the company and it has everything to make simple nice videos. It has mic input if you want a sound board recording, version 3 & 4 do not. It takes upto a 16 gig card and at the lowest quality, you can get 10 1/2 hours to record on (16 gig card) i film bands and live stuff and the built in mics are very good. There is an audio level built in to see if audio is good or too loud and as long as the level is moving, it will always be good audio which is key in filming live music.

I need a low end camcorder with sd card and remote control, and this is the only one. All new models do not have remote control. Only high end ones several times the price have remote control. However, the performance of this one is not in any way inferior to the high end ones, but high end ones has more bells and whistles — like a built in projector, which is of limited use. I would suggest the users must make his/her mind what he or she wants, otherwise in the age of fast obsolescence life cycle time it will be just be a waste of money. I need remote control to record my piano playing so that i can improve myself.

I bought this for my wife as a christmas present to capture our son’s first christmas. It was easy to use right out of the box. The zoom, record, and selector functions are in convenient places for one handed operation. The other functions are easy to navigate and learn on the fly. I haven’t read the manual and was easily able to pick it up and operate it with little trouble. I like the fact that it makes movies in files so you don’t inadvertently record over something you may have wanted to save. Overall a good purchase for the price.

Mod movie files were not compatible with my g4 ibook running mac os 10. I did a lot of forum reading, though, and find an answer. You need to download the free mpeg streamclip program from [. and buy the quicktime 6 mpeg-2 playback component for mac os x from apple for [. ]once i had both of these installed, it translated. Mod into imovie compatible stuff easily. A guy at apple store told me that buying imovie 08 would work, too, as it would be compatible with. ]

This camcorder has been great. I was debating between this one and the panasonic sdr-s7 and samsung mx10. Those camcorders had around 680k pixels whereas this one comes in around 710k pixels. The 48x advance zoom is awesome and if you want only the optical at 37x, that is great too. You can’t tell the 48x is doing some digital tricks. The quality looks just as good as just optical. The other camcorders can be found online for around $200 but with this one coming in at just over $300, you will be far happier with this one. When i was looking for this, i wanted to get a camcorder who’s file format would play on ubuntu without any conversion and also plays on windows media center vista. To copy the videos, i remove the flash card from my camera and insert it into the flash reader on my laptop. The only ‘conversion’ i have to do to get the videos to play is to change the ‘. This also makes the videos play fine on my wmc box. I then copy them to my wmc box over the network. I use to have a sony digital 8 camcorder that i connected to my computer via a firewire cable. The videos the fs100 takes are just barely better than those. However, to get the videos on my computer is way faster copying them from a flash drive.

48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer

I’ve been looking to update my old sony digital8 camcorder and have been looking primarily at mini-dv. But, this flash camcorder caught my eye since the price of sd cards has become amazingly inexpensive. To transfer video from a dv recorder takes a lot of patience, gigabytes of storage, and hours of work. By contrast, a 4gig sdhc card in this camera can store an hour and 20 minutes at 6 mb/s. The camera will do 9 mb/s, but i don’t recommend it if your final format is dvd since some players will have problems keeping up. My suggestion is to ignore most of the instructions which canon provides and keep the software cd’s in the box. There’s a cute warning attached to the usb cable which warns not to connect it without first installing the drivers. I connected it to my mac running os-x 10. 4 and a warning came on the screen to plug in the ac adapter. Once i did that the camera came right up as a disk drive.

Bought this for the wifey for christmas. We’ve got kids and have been using an older sony minidv camcorder since 2003. The sony has been great but the hassle of dealing with tapes was starting to get old. The canon fs100 is a great little camcorder. It’s small (about the size of a soda can), light, and does a great job. As others have mentioned, it doesn’t handle low-light particularly well but does fine in the average lit living room in the evening. The image stabilization works very well and the zoom is more than enough for any practical situations. The flash based media is very convenient. The only challenge is that it uses sdhc and there are very few sdhc card readers out there. Sdhc are cheap and plentiful, it’s surprising that readers for sdhc aren’t more common.

For around $300 you can’t beat this little camcorder. I love the format with the sd cards. The video quality is really high on it as far as color and clarity go. Not a great low light camera as others have stated but not unwatchable by any means. Video’s look far better on the tv then on a computer so don’t make any judgements based on computer viewing (at least on an older computer). I thought it was only marginal and then hooked it up to the tv and the difference was like night and day. I shot on sp and xp and both are good. I would definately recommend this camcorder to anyone who is a casual user. Great for family videos and vacations. Software is basic but gets the job done.

I wanted a new video camera and i really like canon. I have a canon elura 65 minidv camcorder but it was having problems. My new laptop doesn’t have firewire so i thought i’d try a flash drive camera. I have an hp laptop with vista 64 so the software is incompatible, but i have a card reader so that problem was solved. The clips play in media player, not sure about windows movie maker as i don’t use it. I use pinnacle studio 11 ultimate and with that program i can add any video files and stills to a project, no problem. It fits in my purse, i like that. The battery charges in the camera. I checked prices for a second battery and they run about 80. 00, ouchit only uses an sd card and i was dismayed that it didn’t come with an sd card at all (not even a small one).

This nicely compact little camcorder captures video with sharp images and excellent color. I use it mostly outdoors and the long zoom capability is great for wildlife viewing. I was able to see images on the lcd viewfinder in bright sunlight with sunglasses on. Battery life is very good and my 4 meg sd card had loads of space left after a long day on the trail. The supplied software unfortunately can best be described as poor. The documentation for the software is even worse and i had to call tech support to get it installed. Fortunately there are several very good software editing packages available.

After wavering back and forth between this camcorder and the jvc everio gz-mg330, i eventually decided to go with the canon because of it’s flash memory as opposed to hard disk. I just got mine this week, and this is my 1st camcorder ever, so i have nothing to compare it to. Firstly, i have to admit that i was shocked by how tiny it really is, and my most major concern was how well it would perform indoors (as that’s where most of the action occurs with my kids), and while it was not as fantastic as outdoors, i still found it quite acceptable and the zoom is unreal. I am extremly happy with this purchase and if i had to do it over again, i would make the same choice again. Just to add on to my previous review, since then, i have actually been tinkering around with the settings, and when switched to tv mode as a previous review suggested and the other settings adjusted, it does very well indoors – and is capable in general of some great videosalso, i choose to get the 16gb card – now i feel, it may have been a bit of overkill, but don’t regret it – hey you never know when something may come up and i use the whole card. My other great love for this camcorder is that it fits in my digital camera case, so i can stick it in my handbag (and no i don’t have one of those huge monsters some like to lug around) and roll out with my kids to the next adventure.

This is a wonderful product. It one of the most user friendly products ive used in this modern day of technology. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting camcorder. The added bonus is it is so light weight you arm doesnt tire out trying to record. If you’re interested in getting a camcorder pls consider getting this one.

Widescreen HR recording

I usually don’t write a review for items that i buy, but this time i do, because this camcorder is a great camcorder. I should say in compare to what i paid for this little camcorder it does a really great deal for me. The video quality is brilliant outside,especially during day. For having a fair good video quality, you should first read the manual and the adjust your camcorder, otherwise you’d say it sucks indoor,especially during nights. I haven’t installed the software yet, however i just take out the memory card an plug it in my pc, i was able to watch my clips and i had no problem with its type of files. 5 out of 5, because i think canon could make a better automatic/easy function for recording. At the end, remember you are not buying an hd camcorder, so please be realistic with what you want and what you expect.

I purchased this camcorder because of all the great reviews, but was hesitant because of using the. Mod files with the mac, and imovie. As many other reviewers have said, getting. Mod files to work with a mac is near impossible. I tried just changing the extension to. I tried several other conversion programs that either did not work or left the end product fuzzy. I lastly tried the conversion program from iskysoft [. which works great with a few hiccups. ]

I won’t beat around the bush. The video quality is average maybe a little above in daylight without much motion and also with very little zoom. Once light begins to diminish and/or you zoom don’t expect great quality footage. However, i do find that the sound quality is above average. As for pictures, i’m not thoroughly impressed. Of course a regular digital camera with the same pixel capability will perform better and produce better looking stills, but even so i find a lower pixel camera still takes better quality images. Not to seem biased, the images are acceptable. But this is only when the camera settings are set to maximum quality. Anything less is simply unusable. The same for video applies; light and motionless targets are vital more so considering its stills you are taking.

The unusual features are:1) very small – can be carried around all the time – no missed opportunities for a nice video recording. 2) grid lines – the display can overlay optional grid lines – easy alignment with horizon – so the video looks precise. 3) remote control included – add a bean bag as a tripod replacement – align camcorder using grid lines – use remote to start/stop without messing up the alignment. 4) large zoom and focus range – from directly in front of the lens macro to getting a big moon in the frame. Image quality: my personal judgement – almost noise-free in bright florida light – very enjoyable widescreen recordings.

Bought this camcorder for a family trip to italy. I wanted one that was small and portable. I wanted it to fit in a waist pack easily or else i would end up leaving in the hotel and not using it. No, it is not a high definition camcorder. A 4 gb card recorded about 1.

I use this camera for about 4 years. I bought it specifically because it was cheapest of kind having a mic jack. This makes is almost perfect for taking interviews at parties, cafes and other noisy crowds at a vary cheap price. I use it in conjunction with a unidirectional mic audio-technica atr-6550 video camera condenser shotgun microphone $56. The mic is mono, so it also needs an extension cord12 feet 3. 5mm 1/8-inch male mini plug stereo audio cableand an adapter to split mono into two channels. 5mm mono female adapter (metallic silver)otherwise it goes only into one speaker. Uploading to youtubei upload to youtube directly from the sd card (inserted into a pc) and edit the video on youtube using youtube video editor.

2.7-inch widescreen LCD

First of all, i just want to say that this camera is tiny/small. I was surprised at how small it actually is, not that it’s a bad thing. I know i read reviews that this was a small camera, but like most people, i just didn’t understand that it was this small. Btw, i really like the size. I’m a big guy, 6’3′ , my hand dwarfs this rig. But i’m still able to reach and use all the buttons and controls. I sometime forget i have this camcorder attached to my hand. I’ve only shot a couple of hours of recording with the camcorder, and the playback was outstanding. The download to the pc was a snap, viewing was beautiful. I have not tried to copy to a dvd yet, but i will in the next couple of weeks.

Decided to upgrade my video camera to take to disney world. Had an old sony that worked great but just wasn’t practical any longer. Wanted a camera that was smaller, lighter and recorded in a digital format. The hd camcorders are little expensive for me right now and are still fairly new to the consumer scene. After reading may reviews around the web i decided to go with the canon fs100 and i would have to say i am very pleased with the performance. The camera has everything i was looking for and the quality of the video is very good. Daytime video is better than nightime but that is to be expected. Overall i am very happy with the my purchase and would recommend this camera.

I picked this camcorder mainly because 1. I have a canon camera (s2 is) that takes great videos, 2. I want a compact camcorder with good battery life. So far it meets my expectations. The sd cards are getting cheaper every year. They will soon replace battery-thirsty and bulky hard-drive camcorders. Light-weight, ergonomic to fit small hands. Sd card is small, quiet and cheap compared to memory stick or hard drive.

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