Canon FS10 Flash Memory Camcorder – After all the striking out I think I finally hit a homerun!!

Upon opening the box, i was amazed by the fs10. It fits in the palm of your hand (about the size of a can of pop) and feels like a finely crafted piece of equipment. I started video taping two minutes later. Let’s forgo the technical jargon and skip directly to the picture quality. I was video taping in my store and instantly was impressed with how well the camera compensated for light shining through my windows. A quick scan around and i ask myself ‘how is this thing focusing so quickly?’. Focus is instant and accurate. Now for the really cool thing – when out of zoom mode, you can focus on the hair of a fly.Well, i didn’t try a fly, but i could literally get within 1/2′ of an object and still have instant focus. No having set it for macro focus, it acts like the human eye. Ok, how about zooming you ask. Well we had a comcast guy working on a telephone pole about 200′ from my office. I was videoing through my window.

Have been very happy with it. Only problem is that the battery life does not outlast the disk space so it is probably not worth getting an extra card unless you want to store your videos on the camera itself. Also, the joystick provided does not function as well. The screen should’ve been touch screen.

I’ve had my canon fs10 now for 2 years and have not had anything go wrong and i use it for video editing projects i do. The menu to view video clips and select options is a bit complicated but not a reason to pass this camera by. It took me a while but i’ve mastered it. Also, if you have a mac as i do, the only way to import video is through imovie9. If you want to edit the video in another program (like final cut) you can export the video out of imovie to a compatible format. This camera is perfect for vacations. I can just stick in my pocket or my wife’s purse and it’s so convenient not having to carry a bag. I don’t use the still image function because i use a regular camera but the images are pretty good.

It is light-weighted, easy to carry around. Can record video up to 2 hours without memory chip. It is easy to transfer file to computer. But the editting software is not good, very slow for cutting, hard to paste two video together to make a new video.

I was a little concerned when i first tried to install the software. I did not think it was going to work. Imovie recognized the files straight from the camera though. 1) plug the camera into the electrical socket2) make the camera switch set to ‘play video’3) choose the ‘printer/pc’ option on the camera’s screen4) launch imovie, it recognizes the camerai did not end up even needing to install the software it came with. (imagemixer 3 se or the digital video solution disk ver. 0)i realize this isn’t really a review about the camera itself, but i was stumped for a few minutes on how to use the software on my mac. Which it turns out i did not need to. The camera itself seems to be working great so far.

I love the camera, have used it for a variety of things like shooting in snow, and playing tennis, also i love the camera light, it’s small, but gets the job done. The only downfall is, when shooting without any other sound, the camera clicks get recorded.

  • My Experiences With the Canon FS10, Mac w/iMovie 08, and DW-100 stand alone burner are Great
  • Totally Satisfactory for My Needs
  • Love it for it’s no nonsense use.

Finally a digital camcorder that won’t break your bank but is not skimping on the features. I tried other digital camcorders in the past, from the cheaper $100 range, and they all have two major flaws: lack of image stability control and poor performance in low light. This one overcomes both and i’m very happy with it. It also takes decent pictures, although it doesn’t match current cameras resolution.

The only problem with this camera is the inability to use lens filters. Everything else about it is amazing. Great picture, great zoom, lots of memory (expandable too). It may not be the best of the best but for the price it crushes every other video camera i’ve used. Super lightweight with amazing batter life. Everything you would expect and more.

I like the size of the camera, fits nicely in my hand. The basic controls are easy to find and use. The lcd panel is bright and easy to see on a sunny day. The battery seems to have a reasonably long charge, i used it for about an hour straight last night on a fresh charge on new batteries and it still had power to go. The flash memory means no moving parts except for the lens. Also its fast to start and shutdown. I like being able to have some removable media – the removable sd card. It uses a usb connection to the computer, which is ok. The movies are saved natively in a unique file format forcing you to use the ‘imagemixer’ bundled software to download to the computer.

Canon fs10 flash memory camcorder with 8gb internal flash memory and 48x advanced zoom i got to say if you want an easy to use with excellent video & photo results for a good price get this camcorder. I use the photo as mush as the video. My photos with just low key lighting comes out sharp & clear. I am impressed wih this camera. One piece of hardware that satisfise both video & photo needs. It is much better than my sony dvd handycam by far. You won’t go wrong with this camera.

I have a lot of troubles syncing videos to my computer. Can’t use the memory card because it cannot format it. However, my wife love it because she have something to film my 3 yr old daughter. I assume that if you evaluate price/quality relation it is ok.

Features of Canon FS10 Flash Memory Camcorder with 8GB Internal Flash Memory and 48x Advanced Zoom

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  • Capture video to 8 GB hard drive or SDHC cards
  • 48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer
  • Widescreen HR recording
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD
  • USB 2.0 compatible for fast file transfer

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This is simply an awesome camcorder. It is extremely small and lightweight making it easy to take along anywhere. I love the fact that it uses reusable sd flash cards so there are no tapes or dvds to buy. And with the 8gb internal memory, you can start using this camcorder right out of the box even if you don’t have any sd cards. By the way, it is compatible with sd and sdhc cards. I don’t have any sdhc cards yet but i used a kingston 2gb microsd card (with adaptor) and it works great. It has an easy mode which simplifies the camcorder’s functions so that virtually anyone can use it. For more advanced users, it allows you to manually adjust settings such as shutter speed and aperture. You can even override the autofocus and manually adjust the focus. It’s got a few built-in special effect filters such as black and white, sepia, mosaic, and art.

We used this camera for our wedding and it worked out beautifully. We just passed it around to whomever was interested in taping for a while. No one had any problems figuring out how to use it, and it had enough internal memory to capture the whole day. Only complaint would be the battery life. The battery life indicator is a little mis-leading, as it goes from 2 hours left down to 10 minutes left in about 40 minutes. Overall, this is a great product.

This camera is light as a feather. Upon seeing video shot with this camera, everyone’s reaction was ‘wow, great picture’. Being dual memory means that you can add an sd card in addition to the internal 8gb flash drive. There are plenty of settings for shooting video and still images including night, portrait, fireworks, etc. Battery consumption was surprisingly good and very reasonable. Downsides: if you shoot to the internal flash drive you must have the ac adapter hooked to the camera while downloading to drives, computer, etc. **beware: the ac adapter costs $125. 00 to replace – act accordingly** i shoot to the the sd high capacity card and then pop that out, into a reader into usb port on my mac; no cables to worry about. I can also shoot to the internal flash drive and then copy that to the sd card. Although this takes decent still images, it will not replace a high quality digital slr.

First off i have to give a big thank you to amazon for saving me over 400 dollars on the cannon fs10. My camera was ordered on a tuesday at 4pm and i recieved it on wed before 3pm. I thought with standard shipping i wouldnt get this little gem for a while. I know everyone says that but you dont get it, its tiny.I have to say its a very user friendly camera with some neat and simple features. Dont let the manual syke you out. I am one of those people who likes to figure out electronics without the manual to see what i can come up with. But this presented me with no challenges. The lcd screen is nice and big and its a really comfortable camera to hold and shoot with. The onle reason i didnt give it a 5 star rating was simple.

This is truly an amazing camera. It is very small; easy to carry. Video picture quality is excellent. As are individual snap shots. Has fantastic telephoto (48x advanced zoom) but, i find i need help on holding camera steady when shooting high levels of telephoto. I plan on getting a monopod rather than a tripod simply to have the advantage of a more compact, easier to carry unit. If you are looking for a sub-compact size video – the canon fs 10 with 8gb internal memory – is the one.

I bought this as a replacement for my sony minidv camcorder. The video quality is roughly the same using the default settings. However, because i can adjust many more settings on this, i end up shooting better video than i could have with the sony. I also like the smaller size (you have to see this to believe it) and the flash memory (no moving parts equals faster response and longer battery life). I mostly use the camcorder for filming my kids and then uploading it for my parents to watch (they live overseas). I download the video to my macbook pro, edit in imovie 08, and then publish to my mobileme gallery. It’s a very fast and easy process. Oh, and finally, i loved the price. I’ve owned this camcorder for 6 weeks and taken quite a few hours of video and so far can’t think of anything i don’t like about it.

Capture video to 8 GB hard drive or SDHC cards

Small enough for a jacket pocket, plenty of battery life and recording time. I’ll only replace it when hd is affordable and convenient and all my friends have hd dvd players (blue ray). I’m recommending it for family members.

This camera could not be any easier to use that all the previous camcorders i’ve used (hi8 and dvd). I love the fact that i don’t have to think about how much time is left on the tape or if i brought enough dvd’s. It might not be hd but for $300++ you can’t really go wrong. File transfer to the computer could not get any easier too. Just install the image mixer program and just plug in the camcorder via usb and power it with the power adapter (so you won’t lose power when transferring files) and it lets you select which files you want to upload to your pc. It could not get any simpler than that. I didn’t have to read the manual too. If there was a con to this product i would have to say i wished they added a lens filer thread on the camera so i won’t get too worried about dust and dirt getting on the lens and having the auto lens cover close and scratch the lens. If you’re into hd and stuff like that, this camera is not for you. If you want to record memories and transfer then to you pc without complicated transfer procedure, i suggest you look into the fs series.

First of all let me state that i spent 2 weeks researching camcorders before buying this one. Many mixed reviews on many different sites. What sold me on it was the fact that there’s no tapes, dvd’s, or other moving mechanisms to wear out, other than the zoom. No moving parts means batteries last longer. The mic input was a big plus as well as being compact. Upon arrival i was amazed at the size and weight. After trying it out there were a few downsides that could be fixed. The biggy for me was no lens threads for adding filters for effects or for keeping mist and dust off the lens while shooting. I found a few universal lens adapters but the were too bulky for the cameras small frame.

This camcorder is small, easy to use, has a lot of memory, even without an extra memory card (although i like having that option). I am using 2 of them for recording small-group reading instruction in noisy classrooms for my dissertation. For most of the teachers and groups, it picks up sound fine from a few feet away, is small enough to not be too noticeable, and the video quality is great for this purpose. It has a mic jack, which is not available on most models at this price. I use the camera with a wireless lapel mic for a couple of the teachers who speak softly, and this system has worked perfectly. The mic picks up the teacher and students at the table, while blocking out most of the background noise of other groups in the room. We have also used it for a few home videos, which are good. It’s a touch grainy, especially in lower light, but we’re not professionals, so we’re happy. I also have struggled a bit with the software, but now that i’ve used it for a while, it’s working fine for trimming extra footage off the beginning and end of videos. Overall, this camera has been a great buy.

Great camera i like this because they come with mic input,this good for audio recording and also i bought the dw-100 the canon dvd burner easy to burner just plug n play burners fast and good quality video,but the only problem is at night time the video quality is not that good.

This worked just fine in low light settings and the digital zoom with advanced zoom helped. It came with all the accessories such as power cord, battery, remote, data cable and genuine leather case. Even though it was used, it worked just fine. No issues with recording or anything. Image is clear and very sharp. Very pleased with it so far. Will put it to true test this w/end on my daughter’s first ever group dance show. Hope (keeping my figures crossed) all goes well and i get the best video. I am not too worry about it as its canon.

48x Advanced Zoom; image stabilizer

I can’t comment on this product as it was a gift for a family member.

Pros: fs10 has really good picture and amazing features. Cons: no night vision, cannot find option to use it under low light.

Only complaints is that its not real steady when you zoom in alot and it doesn’t take good pictures indoors but from what i’ve seen on most reviews, most video cameras don’t take great pictures.

This camera is used on a daily basis in a busimess enviroment. Never had a problem, it’s easy to down load to the computer. Playback quality is excellent.

The camara size is great and easy of use and functionality, led flash is not that great and when recording at dark or night image is not clear due tu led flash small light. The software included only run in xp or vista i could not installed in my old computer with windows 2000 :(. I will rate software as 60% it is not as easy to use and could be more user friendly. But with little practice you are ready to create and edit your videos. One last thing i did not like about the camare is the format with files are recorded. Mod basically you need other tools to convert and play with other video players, and also to edit it in other software besides the one provided.

It weights almost nothing and it’s very easy to view and backup the videos. Bad things are:-i was a little dissapointed when i filmed in darks places. -you cannot take pictures when you are in movie mode-it doesn’t have an optical viewfinder. The only way to see what you are recording it’s the lcd viewer. So you can’t see nothing if the person you are recording wants to see himself while recording (my kids love seeing themselves online in the lcd viewer)a hint to view the videos everywhere: change de extension of the file.

I found the cannon fs10 video camera a difficult transition from vhs or cassette cameras. It simply has more features that i will ever use. The operating manual is clear and helped me work my way through the features. The fs10 works perfectly and would be my choice again.

Widescreen HR recording

I get abused by my wife for over-analyzing every purchase, but after playing around with this camera a little, i’ve earned a stay of execution. The camera is amazingly small and light. The low-light performance is on par with this class of camcorder (none are great) but i found tweaking the settings a little make the noise much less noticeable. The battery life is between 2-3 hours and it charges fairly quickly. I prefer the optical anti-shake of higher end camcorders, but it looks like canon has the digital version working pretty well now. The ‘auto-shutter’ to protect the lens is really nice since my past camcorders always had finger smudges regardless of how often i cleaned the lens and kept the cap on. The functions are fairly intuitive and i only needed the manual to figure out i had to push the photo button down a littler further to actually take a picture. It definitely isn’t going to replace my real camera for photos and it’ll be used 99% of the time for video only, but the photo quality was good enough to work in a pinch. As usual, throw away the provided software and use the movie editing software on your computer. For me, that meant imovie 08 for the mac.

So far, i’m pleased with this purchase. One minor thing, i wish the item came with a carrying case. It is small enough to fit in my shirt pocket, but i’d have liked a case to store it in when not in use. So far, battery life is good, and video and audio quality is good. I’m not much of a ‘camera’ guy, so i can’t really speak to how it compares to other products, but i bought it to record my son’s school basketball games and it works fine for that. The software it came with makes it pretty easy to copy the games to dvd.

I’ve had this camera for about a month. I gotit to record family sing alongs and the like. The camera itself is nice and not too difficult to learn for a novice such as myself. My difficulty is with the provided software whichdoes not allow for easy dvd burning. I guessthe reason for this is so that canon can promote their stand alone dw-100 dvd burner which iscompatible with the fs 10’s resident languagebase. It’s just after christmas now and thedvds that i have been able to burn are playable only on a computer. I wanted to send discs out to several people like my 80 year old mom who has no computer , but has a dvd player , to view. I generally like canon products but i am disappointed in how this product was marketed.

I ordered my camera just before i left for france. It came 4 days before i left so i had very little time to figure out how to use it. The videos are clear except in low light. And the still pictures were better than my digital camera. I haven’t had time to use the software to make a cd so i can’t rate that.

Did not come with manual but found one online cheaply enough to still make all a good deal.

I found this cam due to reviews by 2 other buyer. It is more than i expected for the price. I previously owned 2 cheaper cams. 00 and there is no comparison. This is a fine, easy to operate, easy to carry and secure unit. The picture quality is superb even in very low light. The zoom feature works flawless to the limits the manual said. I would buy another cannon product without question of the quality and recommend this cam to anyone.

2.7-inch widescreen LCD

I did lots of research, and am happy i chose this one. I got this for my wife for christmas08, so we have lots of experience with it now to review. I also realize there are newer options on the market now to consider before you make your purchase. If your expectations are for perfection in video, then buy something costing three to five times more. For my needs and expectations as a sophisticated hobbyist, the fs10/fs11/fs100 is exactly perfect price vs performance ratio. If you are going digital, why would you buy a camera with a hard drive (hdd) or a mini-dvd burner on board?. A huge point of failure and battery suck. In my opinion, with the low-cost sdhc (sd highcapacity), this solid-state camera technology is the only way to go. Before you buy hdd/mini-dv, see what steps and time you have to go through to get video on your computer, edit it, and burn a dvd. Makes some other reviewer complaints on this camera pale.

Function, picture/video quality, easiness to use, this camcorder is almost perfect. With the size of a soda can, it can fit in most pockets. Although i like the size and casualness of using a flip video even better, i just can’t give up the powerful zooming, great image stabilization, and good video quality this camcorder offers.

This is exactly what we were looking for. We were tired of mechanical camcorders that eventually break down and tapes that fail. The canon is small, lightweight, and the battery lasts a long time. I added a second 8gb memory chip and we have hours of video between dumps to my computer. I haven’t tried editing the video files yet and will add that review later.

No trae flash , pésima foto y vídeo a baja luz aun cambiando la resolución y la apertura con todo y el foco q trae para iluminar , sin embargo buen vídeo y excelente fotos de fuegos artificiales, ha sido muy duradera.

We are expecting our first grandchild in march 2009. In preparation for that event, i got the canon fs10 flash memory camcorder for my son in law for christmas. I have not used a camcorder since my girls were young back in the 70’s. In a package the size of a can of dr. Pepper comes this amazing instrument. It is user friendly and highly portable and takes great movies. The built in flash memory gives you about an hour and forty minutes of highest quality recording time. With the addition of an 8 gig memory card you can get another hour and forty. Transferring to a computer we have not done yet, but it looks straight forward. I expect to see a lot of video on my new grandson, from day one on.

I purchased this camcorder as a refurb. 00 and that includes shipping. It’s really small and light weight. I just recieved it so i haven’t had much time to play with it. I made a short video of my dog to try it out using the internal storage. Make sure you install all the software first on your computer so when you try to download its ready to go. I used the usb cable and you have to have the power adapter hooked up to the camcorder so the camcorder can send the data to the computer. I like a ditz couldn’t get it to work at first till it sunk in when it said hook up adapter that it meant the power cord. Give me till my daughters wedding june 27 2009 and i’ll update my thoughts because that is why this was purchased.

This is very simple to use and transfer to your computer. It is so easy if you have a mac. I was worried that it may not be compatible, but it works perfectly. It is also great to have both hd and flash. You can separate to film different subjects. I am very happy with my new camcorder.

I was able to buy the canon fs10 for $188. 00 as a referb from the manufacturer. I wanted a flash memory camera to replace my sony handycam dv. No moving parts in the fs10. Dv tapes are a pain, and hard drive camcorders sound worse than laptop computers, which get destroyed if you use them on your ‘lap’. The fs10 flash memory is great–nothing moves–so nothing breaks. 8 gig on board and 8 more only cost $21. I bought the trancend sdhc 8 gig class (6).

I have this camera for over 3 years and i was looking for something not too expensive but still good. I bought this because i know that canon makes good cameras and i liked the build in 8 gig memory which is expendable with sd cards, then i liked the size and light weight and battery live on it. This camera records beautiful quality movies outside when there is a lot of light but that changes when you are indoors with low light and picture turns noisy and grainy with some slow downs. The build in light helps a little but a lot of times video looks worse then worn out vhs movie. Software that came with it is disaster not friendly at all and with windows xp i couldnt get a right codec to play files in media player but finally with windows 7 i can play them. Overall it is a nice camera for the money as loong you are not looking to be recording movies in low light and not using software it came with. As of february 2012 i ordered another canon vixia hv30 which is hdv mini dv tape based camera. Yes tape based, i dont really like computer files with my family movies and preffer physical media like tapes to archive them and more durable then dvds. Was using it to transfer from canon to svhs tapes and looks and works good. Overall canon fs10 is good camera if you are looking for sd quality and something that will fit your pocket of your jacket and dont expect miracles.

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