Canon Elura 70 MiniDV Camcorder w/18x Optical Zoom – Take it from someone who has researched.

I’m about to shoot my first independent film and i looked long and hard for the right camera at the price range i could afford. In the end, i was really torn between this camera and the panasonic pvgs120. What i was really looking for in a camcorder was good video quality. The canon definitely has better stabilization than the panasonic but what got to me the most was how bad the gs120’s picture distorted after 32x or so. The advertized 700 zoom is a waste of time and space not to mention the consumers money. Why have that in when it’s almost unbearable to look at?the next issue was that of the 3ccd in the gs120 versus the one chip of the canon. I must say that if you compare the two side by side (esp after white balancing) you’ll see that the canon can edge out the colors and look that you’ll find through the gs120. Impressive for a one chip cam. And besides folks, a 3 chip cam at this price range is too good to be true. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (the gs200 and 400 are different stories however).

You can find a full review + users opinions on the elura 70 at [. i bought mine at another vendor’s site, after carefull research. Let’s just say i consider it the top choice for the entry level digital video fan. Canon is scoring a hit with this year’s line of eluras. In fact, they have announced they even are pulling out of the analog camcorder bussines. In my opinion the elura 70 offers the best package of features and characteristics, compared to the other brand’s models on its category (under $1k). ]

The camcorder is small, but easy to use. Mega pixel capacity for little money. Cons: not as compact as the sony hc series. I am a very savvy consumer and i have spent a lot of time researching cameras and camcorders. It seems like i always end up buying canon products and there is a reason for it. 5 inch ccd is the best in the class. Sony offers a smaller 1/6 inch ccd for the same price. The quality of materials used to make the elura series is excellent. The picture is great, but it is the little things impress me. The hinge on the lcd screen is the best designed hinge ever on a camera. The camera is compact and has been well engineered. Here are the specifications for the Canon Elura 70 MiniDV Camcorder w/18x Optical Zoom:

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  • MiniDV camcorder and still camera with 1.33-megapixel CCD
  • 18x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 360x) and image stabilizer
  • 2.5-inch LCD with 180-degree rotation
  • Capture low-light recordings with Night Mode and record in 16:9 format
  • Record for up to 455 minutes on one battery charge

Not sure of all of these problems people are having, but i bought my elura 70 about 4 years ago from [. and have recorded about 10 tapes before i lost my charger last year. I have carried this camcorder overseas twice now, and it worked flawlessly on 220 electricy (with converter). Can’t really complain about it except that it cost me around $[. ] 4 years ago, wasn’t cheap. I just got a new charger and it works fine, without any tape glitches or error messages. Hope to keep it around for another couple of years. ]

Camera appears to be as good as new. We are very satisfied and are enjoying making pictures with the camera.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent purchase!
  • Great Value
  • Great camcorder for the money.

Well, choosing between the cameras, and after going for mvx250i (european twin for elura 70, as i live in europe), i’d like to point out some really strong sides of the cam: 16:9 is really wider than 4:3 (not just cutting upper & lower parts only) and is taking full advantage of 1. 3 mpixel ccd, which btw, let’s the stills be captured to sd card in 1280*960 res. Not bad at all for screen viewing. The optics are absolutely superior in its class, the angle for close-ups is wide and the optical zoom is remarkable. It has mike input, unlike new zr series (which i was considering at some point), and the motor is much quieter also, comparing to zr. Its shape & size is excellent, it feels solid and is really comfortable to held – thanks to the low height. On table it may seem somehow thick, but to palm it fits perfectly. If to mention one con, then in lower light conditions the cam tends to boost the sensitivity of the ccd too much, making picture quite grainy. Also, any faster movement in dark will result in blurry picture. The built in white led sure does its job well, but the sand in the picture remains.

The camcorder i purchased was factory refurbished, hoping all the issues other people have had with the tape mechanism have been fixed. I purchased it with an extended warranty just in case. For the price, the camcorder is a great buy. I wanted the minidv style since we’re going on a week long vacation and wanted to be sure we could simply pop in a new tape and keep taping without the need to upload data to a computer first. I also wanted the ability to use the camcorder to pass through the analog signals from our older vhs tapes. We’ve had the camcorder for a few weeks and so far, everything seems as good or better than expected. Light and dark image quality is very good, as-is the built-in microphone (this camcorder also has an external microphone jack). Image quality when passing the analog signal through is acceptable, with the only breakdown coming when the vhs image is transitioning from dark to light. The only problem i had was i received a component kit for the wrong camcorder, so half the parts were missing and i had the instruction manual from a completely different model line (again, factory refurbished and factory sealed – so definitely a canon issue). Electronicsclub, my amazon retailer, quickly took care of the issue.

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