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Although i wish that i had waited for this good price, i am very happy to have bought the elura 50. The documentation is good, though book length and i have been learning as i go along and am enjoying my education. I wish that there was an ‘english only’ operations manual so that it would be smaller for carrying along in my camera case. There is still a little hesitantency in using the camera which will get better as i get braver and take more movies. I still have to get it set up with my computer to edit and transfer and plan to do so soon.

Hi folks, i’ve owned my elura 50 for two years and recently dropped it in the mountains and killed it. I’ve looked around for a replacement and to my disappointment found out that canon did not come up with a ‘new’ version or another vertical camcorder to replace e50. So i turned to other manufacturers in hope of finding something equally small and of good quality. There is nothing out there that compares to elura 50. The features i look for: must be very small and vertical – must have low/night shooting capability – quality recording. The closest size-wise was sony pc55, unfortunatelly its video quality was awful and it lacked indoor / low light capability. Sony claimed they managed to produce such small camera by shifting some functions onto an included docking station. Well, elura 50 was smaller with all those and other functions right on board.Pc109 hardly fit in my hand, was very awkward to handle and lacked many features.

Canon Elura 50 Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder with 2″LCD and Memory Capability (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 400x digital, zoom with image stabilization
  • 2-inch color LCD, color viewfinder
  • Records 1024 x 768 digital stills onto included 8 MB SD card
  • Compact vertical design

I have been expreimenting with different camcorders for about 15 years used to have pansonic vhs, sony 8. For recrational/family use i think one of the the most important features is portability. I own it for 2 weeks already and have performed various tests. Daylight:briliant vivid colors no artifacts. Indoors:very good results with very descent saturation under normal conditions. Low light: surprisingly good pickup with no snow at all even in full auto. ( i have taped a school play, a visit to an aquarium, and a night nyfd responce to a fire. Action:very good image stabilizer. Cons: no bracket for video light/mic. . Will update my review after i try to transfer my analog video to digital.

If you are going to shoot videos with plenty of light and you want a very compact camera, the elura 50 could be for you. However, if you plan on shooting low-light scenes, you’ll be disappointed. There’s not even an accessory shoe so you can use an external light source. Pros:- very small and lightweight: 1. – very good video performance when you have enough light. – uncluttered, easy to use menus. – 1 megapixel still capability. – minidv media is widely supported. – great connectivity options: firewire, usb, s-video, headphone, mic input, etc.

The elura 50 is a nice camcorder and does everything a beginning videographer like me needs. I just wish it could take higher resolution still photos and was a little better indoors. But most important, it does not tolerate humidity at all. I had a lot of problems when i took it to the philippines, all of which cleared up as soon as i got back to la. My understanding is that many owners have had the same problem when using the camcorder in a humid climate.

Canon Elura 50 Ultra Compact MiniDV Camcorder with 2″LCD and Memory Capability (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I have had the camera for three weeks and it was the best tool to take on vacation with the family. Its small size makes it easy to fit in a small pack. It takes great outdoor pictures and works well indoor. The auto focus does not work well on all indoor settings. It can be resolved by using the low light or spotlight manual settings.

As the previous reviewer mentioned, i really glad i bought this camera because so far i really satisfied with this camcorder. All the problems with elura 40mc,low light quality and motor noise, i did not find it in this model. My wife taking a lot of taping for my 6 months baby activity :).

I replaced a 7 year old analog sharp camcorder with this unit last month. I had seen it in a retail shop in the spring, and watched the price come down to a very reasonable $$$$ at an online discounter. My goal was simply to get to the digital age. I had this camera about 10 minutes before i was shooting still photos and within half an hour i had downloaded sharp looking pictures to my pc. The software that accompanies the elura is very easy to install and use. I have been shooting the kids’ soccer games, apple-picking here in new england, etc. , and it seems to work with ease. If i had to nit pick i might say that the record button for video should be up at the forefinger position where the still photo button is, but this is a minor nuance. Dads will appreciate the smallness of the elura especially as we usually have to tote so much other stuff on almost anything involving the family.

Please be advised that canon u. Has posted information on the web regarding the elura 40mc and elura 50 camcorders. This information relates to the ‘remove the cassette’ message being displayed on the camcorder’s lcd screen. This information can be accessed by visiting canon’s on-line support at the following url:[.

I bought this camera on 2002 and today is still working good, i never had a problem.

I bought this 3 weeks ago and have used it in all conditions. This is my first camcorder and after reading all the reviews for various camcorders, i picked this one. So far, i have only used the auto mode and i have not seen any grainy effects like the other reviewers said. I’ve shot in low light and sunlight and the picture is perfect. I have already made dvds with it and my family can’t believe the quality from such a small camcorder. My only con would be battery life. It lasts about 45 minutes for me. I am just going to buy a high capacity battery then i’ll be set.

I would take a look at cnet reviews before purchasing this camcorder. I ignored the low light performance issue and found out the difficult way. I discovered low light means general indoor lighting. This is a well built camera, easy to handle with it’s compact design, lovely to behold and most likely the travelers ideal. But, if your going to take home movies in an indoor setting you may find your recordings riddled with grain and with little improvement when placing additional lighting. I also noticed a whirring motor noise picked up in recordings. As frustration set in while fiddling with the settings in an attempt to remedy the grainy video it just became magnified and quite annoying. Although, i will say this is a minor complaint in contrast to it’s poor video in low light and would have been easily forgiven. Nevertheless, soon after, back in it’s box it went. Btw, if you plan on purchasing this camcorder make sure you check the video quality through the camera video out to your television.

Had a jvc that i purchased years ago with basically the same functionality and it cost twice as much. Although the movements are a little robotic the fact that you can see the action very well is a welcome sight after not being able to record low light situations with the jvc. Most of the complaints here sound like professional photographers looking to do unbelievable things. If you want a good, basic minidv for not a lot of money, this is the camera for you. Some people are saying that the camera is flawed because it won’t accept any tape and the door will not close. There simply is moisture on the tape and/or the heads and the camera is telling you to leave it open so it can get rid of the moisture. This often happens if you leave the tape in the camera when not filming. You don’t have to take it out between shots but if you take the tape out when you’re done with it the moisture issue will never happen.

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