Canon Elura 100 MiniDV Camcorder – Bang for the buck

I purchased it for a family vacation to disney world for christmas in 2007. I wanted something that was small enough to fit inside a handbag or backpack, with exceptional quality in taking video as well. I found that the layout of the buttons make this camera easy to work using just one hand. And it’s very user friendly in every way. I also enjoy the ability to take video in both regular and wide screen. With flat screen tv’s all wide screen now, home videos from this camera look awesome when recorded on the wide screen setting, and yet if your making a video for someone you know has a regular square tv set, you can still create videos in the regular setting for them as well. On our trip to disney, one of the most colorful videos ended up being one we took at night. It was a beautiful parade of lights and characters and it turned out stunning when taken with this camcorder. This camcorder may be compact, but don’t let that fool you, it takes great video.

Bought it as a gift and ended up buying myself one as well. It is easy to use and has good quality videos. Amazon had the best price after checking several sites and stores.

This camera was a gift for my daughter, it has met or exceeded all of her needs. She is 17 and creates short films for school and to put on the internet and she is completely satisfied. Here are the specifications for the Canon Elura 100 MiniDV Camcorder:

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  • Features true widescreen recording and powerful 20x optical zoom
  • Widescreen 2.7-inch LCD
  • Canon’s Digic DV image processor for exceptional color and clarity
  • Smooth Zoom Control function prevents jerky zooms
  • SD memory card slot for capturing stills

This camcorder delivers on everything promised: great picture, impressive widescreen mode, ease of operation with optional limited manual controls. Transferring analog tape (vhs, vhs-c, 8mm) to either dv or computer is very easy with minimal quality loss. Still shots are easy to capture with decent quality. Shipped ups from jr computer/music world. Packaging and all components in excellent condition. —there does exist an underlying motor noise. The noise is especially noticeable indoors. Battery life could be longer.

Pros: it is easy to operate. Fireworks setting was awesome. I like the pictures i took with it. It was a great dollar value. There is no way i will buy an expensive camcorder, because in 4 years when it craps out, i’ll need to buy anotherreviews that made me hesitate to buy this: the controls on the back; they worked for me because i like to use both hands. The joystick is tricky, i plan on gluing a ball bearing to it to make it fit my finger better. The minimal viewfinder hasn’t bothered me, i haven’t even thought about using it. Handling was no problem for me, it fit well and i liked how it felt.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Small and works well
  • A good choice
  • Bang for the buck

I purchased this camera for work and have been satisfied with the results. I interview members of the community for our oral history project and video tape them to record it. The camera is not professional quality, but on our small museum’s budget it does the trick. The images are clear, the camera is easy to use and small enough to haul around when doing interviews at people’s homes. I purchased a firewire connection so i can upload the images onto the computer and make dvds of the oral histories. They might not be movie quality, but they are good enough for displaying in exhibits and for researchers to access. If you want this camera for home use or other small events i recommend it.

I purchased this product as a gift for someone and they really enjoy it. Simple to use and compact, yet not too expensive.

Product performed as expected. A good entry level device, and there were no surprises. Low light filming could be better, but overall i’ve been able to achieve excellent results. I like the snap shot capability, and the fact that my tv (an lg lcd tv)has a slot on the side where i can insert the memory card from the camcorder and view contents on the tv screen. Camera is compact, and battery life so far has been exceptional. Camera has more features than i will probably ever use.

We bought this camera right before our son was born and now we are movie making maniacs. It is small (it fits in my husbands jacket pocket) and lightweight and does the job for what we need. It has crisp, clear pictures and great sound. It has a slight motor noise (i can’t remember the technical name for that) when viewing, but it is very slight and i am very sensitive to sound and from what i understand this is quite typical of video cameras, although some reviews really frown on the louder noises of other cameras. We experimented with the still shot mode and it surprisingly gives really clear pictures; they are just small in size. I don’t know much about the quality of high end cameras, but i read a lot of technical reviews on this particular camera before we actually settled on it. In fact, we bought this one after reading other people’s reviews (we had another one originally picked out). We love it and the price was right. And, as always, amazon was a great place to buy it.

I purchased this camcorder in 2006. Five years of use and working pretty well like the first day. Very nice and colorfull video shots. Think i did the best choice buying it. 100% satisfied with my little cam.

Owned it for 3 weeks now and i am impressed with the price to features ratio. I stayed with the mini dv format because i needed something to read my older mini dv tapes i already possesed. I also chose this camera because it offered the analog to digital option not found in the current line of many low end sony mini-dv camcorders. My last canon mini-dv zr50 (which i purchased for $440 in 2002) died after 4 years faithful service. I captured close to 70+ tapes with that camcorder so i got my money’s worth. I thought that was a good camera, but comparing the color, sharpness and low light level capture with the elura 100, it was obvious that there was a gigantic leap in technology and in a smaller package (around 25% smaller than the zr50) tooi finally got to play with the special effects and my kids get a kick out of the ‘mirror’ effect. If you set it right you can make your kids appear and disappear on camera like magicdaytime filming is very good in my opinion for a camera in this price range. The color balance is great and the auto focus is quick and sharp. Manual focus overide is great, you just need to master how and when to use it.

Great video camera, but these days a camaro might do a better job.

This a value priced camera, which would serve very well to those wanting to keep family memories. Easy to handle, very small size. Best i could get in its price range.

I like my new elura 100 minidv camcorder. It has a lot of options and is within a good price range. Most of the reviews below covered the important aspects of the camera. I bought this to replace my old rca, analog camera. In general the quality of the picture is much better on the elura. This was something i was worried about in switching to the digital format, but the pictures from the elura have been incredibly crisp and show up well on a large (standard resolution) tv set. The only exception is low light recording, where the rca seemed to do a little better. I’ll break it down to pros and cons:pros:1. Small size–a true palm sized camcorder.

The experts had a lot of good things to say about this camera, so i bought one. I would recommend this camera to anyone who intends to transfer their footage to a computer for (even small amounts of) editing and eventual transfer to dvd. The still images, while of decent quality (especially with respect to the price of the camera) are not great. The still images appear to be highly sensitive to hand motion.

This has been my first and only camcorder. I’m a novice, but plan to do some documentary-type recording in the near future. I bought my first one used off ebay and absolutely loved it. I did a ton of recording of my ex’s band live on stage with a lot of mobility. I didn’t notice any sound that people complain about. I was extremely happy with the video quality when i uploaded it to my computer via the firewire connection. We were also really surprised (in a good way) at the quality of the sound capture on the stock microphone. We were able to use a lot of the footage for marketing purposes because the music came through so well. The entire concert started before dusk in bright sunlight and ended up under artificial spot lighting at night. I broke the screen – well actually a large window fan fell out of the window onto the camera and cracked the lcd screen.

Was good for about 8 months but then it stopped charging properly. Now i can only use it plugged in. Still it’s a relic nowadays but got some good use out of it.

Bought this camcorder mainly for its compact size and picture quality. I was not disappointed in either case. Has a lot of functions for the more advances photographer, but for a novice like myself, the automatic functions work extememly well. Instruction manual provides detail operational procedures. Well worth the $300+ price tag.

I have relitively small hands for a man and yet they don’t fit the camera well, making it ackward to reach the zoom button. Although video cameras are getting smaller and smaller, this camera has gone a little too far. Pictures are good, but the stabilazation doesn’t seem to be as good as my older hi8 sony. Also not a 0lux like my sony was. The menus are very intuitive; the still camera portion is ok. Not a great camera but certainly a good camera. I would buy it again because of the good picture quality (filming), it’s a canon and the $300 price makes for a good middle income family camera.

Have used it a bit over the years and is decent. I am more than happy with it. But i bet this is betterd by new technology but i ove this.

I switched from a hi8 camera to this. It took me a little getting used to. To me, the picture quality of the hi8 was actually better, especially if you play back to a monitor directly from the camera, but i wanted a digital camera for downloading and editing ease. At first, i did not think the image quality was that good: colors a bit off, too much distortion when moving the camera fast. I think i was able to make a few color adjustments but mostly i think i had to reconsider the way i took shots, trying to not move too fast and, since it is a wide screen format, which i like, i needed to step back to frame a good shot. I have uploaded to my computer and that is much easier and faster than with a hi8. Overall, i think, for the price, this is a very good entry level digital camera and i am not sorry i bought it, just took a little getting used to.

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