Blackmagic Design magic URSA EF 4K Digital Cinema Camera : URSA V1 – Unmatched value for money, even in 2019

I’m tired of hearing all these babies online complain about the ursa. This is the best camera i’ve ever owned or touched besides that time i got to touch a red epic. This camera is better than the red scarlet. The camera shoots at 150fps in cropped mode which i can slow down to 300fps in after effects. The camera also has 120fps without the crop. If you own this camera and match it with the right glass it’ll look like you are filming your videos on the red epic. The camera is heavy but the camera’s impresses clients a lot. I can easily show clients and directors what we are filming on the 10inch monitor. This week i was shooting a video for the modern dance department at my school as was able to have 6 dancers look at the 10inch screen at the same time to see what dance moves we had to refilm. It is without a doubt the best monitor ever put on a camera.

There’s a bunch of negative reviews on the ursa v1, and much of them i don’t think are organic. I’ve had this camera now for a little over a year and it is still one of the best available for the price. I’ve made ab comparisons with far more expensive rented cameras such as the arri xt, red helium, sony fs7 and a canon c300 and at the price this camera comes very close at a fraction of the price, while being able to use affordable ef lenses. I currently own a lumix gh5, sony a7iii and a canon 5dmk4 and the large sensor on the ursa v1 still provides greater detail even in 2019. I use mine with only lexar 3500 cards, or my cfast to ssd adapter with an ssd capable of writing at 400mb/sit is heavy, but i never intended to use it as a moving camera. I use it fixed on a sturdy tripod. It is made of solid aluminum. This camera is built like a tank and the heatpipe cooling system keeps it running quietly. You need thermal mass to cool a sensor down properly.

Blackmagic URSA EF 4K Digital Cinema Camera (Canon EF Mount)

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That’s not even a picture of an ursa mini. Am i the only one that noticed??.

The previous review does not paint a complete picture. Yes there have been cfast card failures due specifically to that manufacturer (sandisk) updating their firmware thus making it incompatible with the ursa. While i understand the frustration, blackmagic pulled those cards from their approved list weeks ago. Sandisk has agreed to rma all of the faulty cards and exchange them for new ones. 0 cards are made by lexar and wise. Those are the only cards that work properly with the ursa. The camera itself is easy to work with and creates beautiful images.

Blackmagic URSA EF 4K Digital Cinema Camera (Canon EF Mount) :

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