Archos Helmet Camcorder, No Zoom?

I think that archos is so on target with this product. My only wish is for a little bit more distance for the camera as a 30 ft. Range for detail is quite limiting.

The audio is not as loud as i would like.

Awesome, having a blast with this item. Difficult to transfer image to other systems.

Key specs for Archos Helmet Camcorder (500876) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Small and lightweight
  • Has a light sensitivity of 1 lux, with an f1.2 and a fixed
  • Uses a 0.25-inch Sony Super HAD color LCD CCD sensor to provide 420 TV lines of resolution, with a field of depth of 5 to 33 feet
  • Features automatic focus and white balance
  • Records in MPEG-4 format up to VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution

Comments from buyers

“No Zoom?
, Awesome item.
, Archos Helmet Cam

The helmet cam work well and interfaced easily to my archos 404. The helmet cam mounting band was useless as it was too short to fit even the smallest helmets.

Decent picture, very portable. Not as high quality as an actual camcorder, but does the job. Couldn’t find any way to zoom, which to me, is kinda important.

Excellent equipment ,very durable camera,i use it as a suv cam and body cam in very harsh conditions ,brilliant picture quailty very robust.

I do not use it as often as i thought i would, but it’s cool and i am glad that i have it. When i do remember to bring it along, it’s fun.

First off i will give a slight proviso on the five star review. When i bought this i didn’t expect hd quality video or even as good as a standard mini cam, therefore the video quality is above my personal expectations. So, it does what it says on the tin – it’s a helmet cam which gives much better quality video results than all of the other ‘action’ type devices that are within reach of mortal mans’ pockets. The actual standard of build is bloody excellent with a high quality feel to the alloy camera housing. The helmet/head strap works very well with loads of adjustment and really securely holds the camera. It works amazingly well in low light and it seems to cope well with reasonably fast movement. Now it is fair to say that you live and die with the archos multimedia player which is not going to take much punishment before it’s busted. Fortunately the camera cord is long enough to be able to stow the archos player somewhere safe. I used mine on a motorbike – i taped the camera to the body and stashed the archos recorder under the seat out of the way. There is a start and stop on the camera cable and a mike as well. Operation seems to be okay although i’m never quite sure i’ve got it set up right each time which ends up with me having lots of video of itself whilst i check it’s working. It will certainly video for over an hour on a full charge so you tend to get bored before it runs out. One small irritation is that there is a bug in the system. If you shut down the camera function, leave it connected and then restart the archos the battery appears dead and it shuts down.

The ‘archos helmet camcorder’ is a great tool. I bought it to film my motorcycle rides and my haitian carnival 2007 experience. It worked great and i’m mostly pleased with the motorcycle rides because being on a motorcycle you can’t move your head too much so the images were clear. -when walking and recording keep your head from moving too fast-don’t record in front of the light source-record away from the light sourcegreat product.

The camera does what it says. It will change your archos x04 into a camcorder. You won’t need to buy a hard drive camcorder. It’s easy to hook up and comes with the portable dvr adapter. As an added bonus, the portable dvr plus archos’ proprietary a/v cable (they design the wiring so that it only matches their products)will eliminate the need to buy the larger dvr station. You can use this to record tv too. However, this cable is not included, but for $20, it’s still cheaper than the full sized dvr. If you have the archos dc plug, it will charge the archos faster than usb. The camera does a good job as it autofocuses (quickly, i might add) and adjusts for white balance and lighting conditions (also quickly).

Archos helmet camera is great for the work that i’m doing, good resolution and easy to use and download.

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