Aiptek IS-DV2 6 Megapixel MPEG4 Image Stabilization Digital Camcorder : Not good quality pics or videos, but okay for a casual camera user.

I purchased this for my husband for when he goes offroading. We have a 500$ one and there was no way i would let him take that one out there. So i bought this one for him at a circuit city for $80. Since he may end up breaking it or losing it on the trails this is a great inexpensive camera. He loves it and the videos come out pretty good on it. I would recomend this camera to anyone that wants one for recreational use or cant afford for drop half a grand on a great one.

One of the problems with devices like this, is the lack of reviews by professional camera/camcorder review sites. In the rare case that they do a review, they will be given a poor score because the reviewers seem to always look down at them from a prosumers point of view rather than as a consumer. Consumers quite often are simply looking for a fun device that provides convenience, is inexpensive in case of loss, and does the job rather than something that produces output fit for a movie theatre with a price to match. Therefore customers like you and i either have to take a chance and make sure the store has a good return poilcy or hope that another customer has already done so and written a basic review, and here is mine. The video quality in it’s high quality mode of 640×480/30fps is very good and clear for the price of the device. It is very easy to use and you can get it up and running without much reference to it’s manual. You can record up to 80 minutes of video in high quality mode per 1gb and considering it can take a 2gb card, this should easily be more than enough for most people. One thing you have to remember though, is that these devices are very poor in low light such as indoors in the evening unless you have very good lighting. If you intend to use it mainly outdoors you won’t be bothered by this. The device has a small non swivelling 1.

Aiptek IS-DV2 6 Megapixel MPEG4 Image Stabilization Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 6-in-1 multi-function design: digital still camera, digital camcorder, MP3 player, PC camera, digital voice recorder, and removable hard disk
  • Max resolution up to 6 megapixels; built-in 3-megapixel CMOS sensor with still image resolution enhancement
  • High-compression MPEG-4 (Super VHS quality/VGA resolution) for video recording with NTSC/PAL A/V output
  • Digital video stabilization, red eye reduction, and built-in SD card slot (SD card not included)
  • 4X digital zoom

This was a replacement for a friend that had one and was destroyed in a vehicle accident.

I do not understand all these reviews knocking the product. This is a superb camcorder for the money. I suspect that these negative reviewers do not know how to use the product. One reviewer actually said he didn’t like it because the battery wouldn’t recharge. It doesn’t even have a built in battery. I use nimh 15 minute rechargables so i seldom have to buy new batteries. This product takes great pictures and great videos. The sd card slot makes it easy to save your pictures and videos on an sd card. The camcorder comes with a whole raft of features and settings and you really have to read the manual to understand them all.

Easy to use — lightweight — nice for someone just starting out — the picture seems very nice too — even my husband the ‘camera enthusist’ was impressed with the quality of the picture.

Aiptek IS-DV2 6 Megapixel MPEG4 Image Stabilization Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I had this camera for over a year, it was okay. Everyone was impressed with the flip screen & thought it was an expensive camera, which it isn’t. But you get what you pay for. The picture quality is very poor & the video quality is not good, but it is okay if you just want something simple & don’t care about quality. I have captured a few good shots with the camera, but they are few & far between. I always had to take about 20 shots to get one good one. It’s not worth the trouble to tell you the truth. The mp3 option on it is completely not necessary, but i guess this is a camera for a teenager. Perfect for younger children, really easy to use. This camera also goes through batteries really fast.

Youtube had just gotten popular and i got this camera to join in on the craze. Even then i knew it wasn’t top of the line, but i also knew i didn’t have $200 to spend. This camera didn’t have the best battery life in the world, but what it did have was a great low light function, good sound (for the time) and an amazing shelf life. This thing literally stopped working a month ago. Sure it’s not hd but back then it didn’t matter. I realize im buying this product again mainly for sentimental values.

It’s a very versatile instrument to record music, sounds, pictures and videos. Good quality and good for the price.

This is the newest aiptek device out for the northern region, but not the only one to come. There are other models soon to hit. First tawain, england/france//germany then the usathe is-dv was the first stabilizer hybrid, this is not the is-dv2 it is the done over models simular to the dv3300-4500 series. An aa battery system makes it better for fast replacement offresh ones, the led lights do no have magnifications , and that will limit to 3 feet of portraid shots. Simple sciencetake a led plash light amd place directly in or below the lens, ot and away to the object. You gt a video or shot ofa person, that’s what aiptek thought it would do. Threw in 3 cents of leds and found a way to fraw battery life quicker out of the cameraon a good note. Consumers have to remember it is a pc camcorder, not a home movie orpro camcorder. On the fly, snap it ot and 7 secs you have instant vid in a 20 foot surrounding what more then 20 feet to view a professional device is better.

Ok, so this thing isnt the greatest camera in the world, but for $100 getting a picture camera, video camera, mp3 player and voice recorder all in one that fits in your pocket its not bad. Sure you could buy the iphone and get all that, but that has some strings attached. Pros: picture size, light weight, small, battery lifecons: picture quality, menu set up, lens, lcd doesn’t swivel, no flash control, led video light is useless. Ok so there are more cons for me than there are pros, but remember its $100 and it does a whole bunch of stuff. I recommend this for kids and those of use that are adventurous (you dont want to break an expensive camera or bring too much gear. Really i think this thing is great for hikers, all in one to get pix and jam out on the way.

This is the first digital camcorder i’ve had but i expected it to have a little better resolution. I have an older vhs-c camcorder and it takes clearer video than this. I really don’t think it is 6 mega pixels though. My regular digital camera is 4 mp and takes a lot clearer picture. Overall it’s ok for the price. I plan on using it to take quick video clips of my kids and i think it will work for that.

I bought this video camera for my 12-year-old son who enjoys recording moments and events with his friends. It does not provide the best quality and since i purchased it a week ago, he has had to change the aa batteries three times. This camera is okay for the price, but i would not recommend this camera if you wanted to record high quality material.

This was purchased for my 12 year old son to take on a trip to europe. It is a great camera/camcorder for the money. He took 1,000 on a 1 gb card we purchased for him. Some of his pictures were better than ours. While you will not get top quality videos and pictures, it is excellent quality for the money spent.

My 10 year old daughter just love it. My computer inderstood the camcorder right away.

I got this camera for christmas and i use it on occasion. It takes descent videos on the highest quality but you cant move it too quickly. You have to hole it completely still and it still comes out blurry. You also cant put extera lenses on it. Overall its okay but i definately would suggest a camcorder with a hard drive or mini dv or just any one with a rechargeable battery.

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