Aiptek DV3100 3 – ive checked on this and

This camera is by far the best camera i’ve ever spent around $100 on. I use it as a webcam (which can have very high quality — 30fps at 640×480 [but it hurts harddrive space, a microphone which picks up every sound in my room very well, and an all around camcorder. The quality when it’s not hooked up to your computer isn’t very good, but what can you expect for something that fits in your hand and costs $100?. There is nothing on the market quite like this, and i would recommend it for anyone that wants to make movies, but not professionally. I would reccomend buying a bigger compact flash card, because you don’t get very many still photos (for still photos, get good lighting or a nice editing program to make it brigter. No flash) or movie with the internal memory. Pros:pricesizeoverall handynesscons:little internal memoryno flashmy verdict — if you’re an amateur movie maker, buy this camera. ]

I got it as a gift about a year ago and have overall really enjoyed it. Though a lot of people may say it doesn’t take good still photos, i have gotten some exceptional near professional results. The quality of the photo depends on the light. Low light and indoor settings can result in grainy or semi grainy photos, but that is mainly because it doesn’t have a flash. It is best used outdoors in partially sunny to cloudy days or times that are not blindingly bright such as noon time with full sun. Taking photos in full sunny days in the sunlight can sometimes be overexposed, but that happens to any camera i think. Macro shots- it doesn’t zoom in very far, but if you are clever, you can compensate by using a magnifying lens. I have taken a number of excellent photos of flowers, butterflies, and other insects and plants that way.

When i was going to buy this camera my thoughts were " wow, a $100 camera. " but the only problem is is that it doesn’t have flash. When i read this i thought " man, still for $100" so i bought it and the first thing i tried was it in the dark. The pictures are dark but its not like it cannot take any pictures at all in the dark. What i found to my great intrest is that it takes great pictures and movies outside and that the microphone can take in alot of sound. What i noticed is not alot of people talked about the things that come with it. A tripod and usb cord is included so those are some nice things. A problem with them is that the usb cord tends to fall out very easy and that the tripod is very fragile. I recommend this camera for first time movie makes and i suggest "windows movie maker" as a program that is very easy to use and should come along with your computer. I forgot to say that also a tv plug is included but it is horrible quailty on the tv.

Its very easy to use and it looks pretty good. I have a nicer one that cost $400 and this is only a little less quality. A good tip is use alot of lighting. You could spend a lot more for only a little bit better.

It is a camera size & my daughter loves it.

This is an awesome camera i use it to mess around with my friends and it is the best it isnt a profesional camera but it is definatly worth the money buy this camera now.

  • Great Starter Video Camera!
  • Not good enough, but.
  • Great Camcorder For R/C Models

First of all many people complain about the memory and the batteries first of all its your fault that you didnt get a bigger memory card in the first place. Bad memory card quality also is not aipteks problem. The batteries can be replaced with ni-mh if needed and the camera is quite good with 3. 1 megapixels playback on that small of a package is nice for the price. Now if you were planning on video taping something important than definetly wait and buy a better sony camera that uses the mini dv tape. But this is fantastic for what i plan to use it for which is taping my friends and i snowboard so we dont need great quality or sound but want to be able to watch it on the tv which is the simplest camera to tv i have used yet. Have not tried the computer software but dont plan to. This is a fantastic device for the price. I recommend for outdoor use with friends for sports that youll be close as there is no zoom with the video recording.

For the money, this tiny camcorder is a bargain. It has so many features packed into its little frame it amazes me, frankly. I purchased this camera solely for experimentation in shooting video from a moving radio control (r/c) model. So far i have captured several videos and the quality is definitely acceptable at 10 fps. The sound quality is rather harsh, however. But adding music to the audio, it tones down the harshness. This camcorder will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ as the famous saying goes. By being attached to my r/c cars, this thing has been beaten, scraped, had the lens hood knocked off, jarred while doing jumps, splashed through water, and various other insults while flipping over at 30 mph. If you are considering this camcorder for the same reasons, using it in r/c models here is a little tip i discovered: the camera is turned off whenever the lcd screen is closed. It has a plunger attached to the lcd door. By snipping off the plunger, you can then close the lcd door and contine to have the video recording. The camera provides several methods for booting up. I rated the camcorder 5 stars.

I bought this for myself about a week ago and i’m very pleazed with it.

I was pleased to find this is a good product except of course the poor pictures in the dark. That is the only thing wrong with it and believe me im good at looking at faults in people and things. If you only take pictures or record stuff at night then dont get this. If you dont then do its awesome.

For the amount of money this camera costs it really is a great buy. You get fairly nice quality stills(3megapixel 2048×1540) and reasonable quality video(640×480 10 fps) it also has 2x digital zoom. With a good 128 mb you can get 30 minutes of video and about 120 high quality pictures. The weight/size are perfect for carrying this around every where. The only complaints i have are that the up and down buttons for the zoom seem to not respond that well when zooming back out and that the plastic is not all that durable, it seems cheap.

Features of Aiptek DV3100 3.1MP AVI Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital 2x zoom
  • 4-in-1 multi function design
  • 1.5″ TFT Color LCD Display
  • Playback photos and video on TV / VCR
  • Expandable Media- supports up to 512 MB Compact Flash card.

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This camera is a lot of fun. Must be really close to target to get good shots.

If you are looking to not spend a lot of money for an entry-level digital camera, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. My mom has this model and i’ve used it on several occasions without any problems. Much better than the aiptek dv4500 which is supposed to have more bells & whistles, but just doesn’t have the same level of quality as this model.

This little camera is greatit video tapes (if that’s what you want to call it since it’s tapless)it take medium quality digital pics and sorta voice records. It’s not to good at that so if that is the only reason you’d buy it then don’t. It feels kinda cheap and you feel like your gonna break it but i’ve dropped a ton and it’s still going steady. Also it only has a 2x zoom so don’t get used to 20ft close-ups. You will need to buy a cf card if you want to film more than 5 minutes i recommend a 256 mb card so you can film a little longer than 30 minutes. So if you want a reliable little camera/camcorder or just cam this is the one for you. By the way it’s really tiny.

My 8 year old son has taken beautiful still shots and videos. This is a daytime camera exclusively. Indoor low light just doesn’t work. Ok crybabies, so it doesn’t have a flash and it doesn’t work with 1 meg compact flash cards – what do you want for $80?.Keep your expectations tiny and you won’t go through life being so whiny.

I think this camera is very nice. You can store up to 12 pictures without the cf card, but i still love it. If you buy this camera don’t expect to be filming a lot of things, that doesn’t work very well unless you buy a cf card. I don’t enjoy the voice recorder because it makes your voice very crackly, so if you want to voice record don’t stand right next to it.

I got this on thursday and it is a great camcorder/digital camera/web cam/ voice recorder,but if you don’t have enough lighting, than it’ll be crap. I mean if you try to make a scary movie in the dark, you can’t , because than you would need alot of lighting, and if you have alot of lighting than it won’t be a scary movie, duh. And another thing, be careful when you are voice recording because the camera is very sinsitive( don’t know how to spell this word) to any sound around it. The web camera is alllllll right, and so is the digital camera and the zoom. Just one more thing,make sure to buy alot of batreies if you are planning to use the lcd screen alot. To sum it all up, this is a great camera to make short home movies(i made alot of those) and what not, and to do alot of other things too, and that is why i gave this 5*’s(5 stars). Hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

Digital 2x zoom

It takes excellent pictures and video. I gave this only 4 stars because it does not have a flash. This camera can only be used outdoors or in good indoor lighting. It is about the size of your hand and easy to use. I do recommend though that you not buy this camera from target. That is where i bought mine and when i tried to exchange it for the 4500 model which has a flash, i was told that i could not return or exchange the camera because it was opened. The store was very rude and now i am stuck with this camera and can not get the one that i really want. I do like the camera and i will keep it but i will not ever buy anything from target again.I should have bought it from best buy or circuit city which both carry the camera and have much better return and exchange policies.

Convenient, practical, and provides very good quality pictures (and short videos). Don’t be tempted by the cheaper versions from logitech and others, which have poor sensor resolution (watch out for claims of 1. 3 mpixel when it is not true sensor resolution — for vga this is a mere 0. This cam has a 2 mpixel sensor (and ok, they claim 3. 1 mpixel via software interpolation), which gives truly good pictures. Careful with the manual focus: it works well if you follow the directions, basically keep it always on the far setting except for extreme close-up. You do need adequate lighting, outdoors or via careful adjustment of intensity and shadows indoors. Poor light compensation is beyond the price range of this product. All-in-all an outstanding value if you want something relatively inexpensive and reliable.

I just bought the aiptek dv3100 and i must say that comparing the quality and features to numerous other digital cameras, this one is equivalent to cameras that cost around $300, not only because it’s 3. I’ve owned several digital cameras in the past that have gotten broken, lost, or stolen. I didn’t want to fork out several hundred dollars yet again for a camera that might get broken, lost, or stolen. In fact, the quality on this one is better than several digital cameras i’ve had in the past that cost quite a bit more. Now, this is a ‘camcorder’, but if you buy it just for the digital camera use, you are way ahead. The camcorder isn’t bad, but if you’re looking for a digital camcorder, i would spend the extra money and buy a nice one. If you’re looking for a basic digital camera that you can point and shoot and take great quality pictures, this is the one. It is extremely lightweight and small and can fit in most pockets. The one downside is that there is no flash.

I order this camera based on its features, some reviews and doing some research on the net. After a week of exploring its capabilities i found out that its 4 in 1 features are in med level in terms of quality and here it is:1. As a digital video(camcorder) – support only up to 10fps as a result the video is not smooth and zoom features are not available. As a digital camera – 2mp ok, the pictures are fine as long as you pay attention on the lens when taking pictures. No flash, no optical zoom only 2x digital zoom. As a voice recorder – its a fix sampling rate i don’t know what it is. The quality of sound recording is low but you can save more space. As a web camera – capable only up 20 fps, just good enough for me. Bonus features: as a removable drive, nice 1. 5′ lcd display, small in size, can be preview on tv, 2 aa batteries, plus its accesories and software package. Take note: use this camera only during the day or where there is sufficient light coz it has a very poor results in low light condition. Anyway, who can expect professional results on a less than $150 camera?.

I need a disk to download the dv 3100,i broke my disk can any one please help me????. If so please send it to ([email protected]

I bought it just to fool around with making little movies. I doubted it at first because the low price and i had never heard of the brand before but i decided to try it. Sure the zoom’s not that great and there’s no flash but other than that it’s great. My advice is if you want a little camera with big things this is the one to buy. Or even if you don’t want a little camera this one still is cool. All my friends are jelous and can’t believe the price. So if you’re taking time to read this take 5 minutes to buy it.

4-in-1 multi function design

I bought this camera for my wife this christmas, hoping, with fingers crossed, that the good reviews about it were accurate. It works even better than expected. It does need added memory if you want to record for more than just 5-10 minutes, but you can get an edge 250mb memory card for under $30 on amazon.The people who say that it can’t be used indoors must not open their windows – or they live in a place where the sun doesn’t ever come into their home. During daylight hours it records just fine inside. We recorded hours of holiday activity with no problem. It has even worked at night, as long as we have enough lights on in the room. It hooks up really easy to our t. Set, and we have transferred several hours worth of video to tape. It works great on our computer too. We had no problems with the software. We have been able to download several videos to our hard drive. The next step is burning those to a disk.

All my friends can’t believe when i tell the price for this tiny small camera. But i do record my church sundays service and able very quickly to update church website. . I cutch up movies with pictures every week and update website during my weekend. The only inconvenient this is that this camera does not have zoom. I should seat before object to cutch up the video. Also i can’t find ac adapter power supply. During church service (2 hours) i need to change battery two times. I have been look other cameras, but they have high price and many options i’m really don’t need and for which (options) i don’t need pay for.

El precio, las especificaciones, su forma, lo compacta, ligera, sus accesorios y sus funciones, me dije guauuuu. . Cuando la preferí ante otras opciones de su mismo precio lo único que me molestaba eran las pilas desechables, pero se trata de un aparato realmente coqueto. Nunca me percaté que no dice nada por ninguna parte sobre el flash, me di cuenta ya tarde. ¿a quiÉn se le ocurre poner en el mercado una cÁmara digital sin flash?. Fue realmente una gran decepción, porque la compré para regalo y ahora su dueña no puede tomar fotos de sus reuniones bajo techo a menos que sean debajo de un bombillo. Triste, me sentí como estafada, tiene mil funciones pero no trae flash.

This camera is definatley worth $100. The zoom may not be that good and it has no flash but on a nice good sunny day you can get really nice footage. I already made 5 movies from this camera. If you want to see them you can e-mail me about them. It has easy delete, nice effects, and is really small and perfect for traveling. I recommend this camera to everyone.

I bought a gateway for more than twice the price-it lasted less than a month before the problems gateway refused to return or repair began (pictures are awful, can’t view them in the software, and it won’t hold a charge for 5 seconds). Started over again with target. My order arrived by mail quickly and worked beautifully. The pixels are higher, the options better, and it worked.For half the price to boot you can be sure my corporation will be shopping at target before i invest one red cent in another gateway product.

I’m a sucker for cost-effective gadgets, and by those standards, this nifty little 4-in-1 camera is up there with the best of them. First and foremost, you get a 3. 1 megapixel digital still camera for a third of the cost of most other products in that category. If it stopped right there, this would still be an amazing deal. However, you also get a palm-sized digital video camera, a digital voice recorder, a usb webcam, and a removable usb storage device. Now that’s a deal i just couldn’t pass up. However, approach this product with eyes wide open, and don’t expect it to be the greatest performer in each of its distinct capabilities. For example, as a digital still camera it isn’t very tolerant of low light situations. Adequately-lit photos come out fine, but indoor lighting or overcast outdoor shots tend to produce muddy, red-tinged tones.

I saw this little camera in the father’s day circular from target. I bought it with the intent of giving it to my husband who needed a small digital camera for work. When i got it home and started using the camera, i couldn’t believe how simple it was to operate, how great the software that comes with it is, how easy it was to download still digital pictures and video and what great pictures the camera takes. 3 mp pictures and decent video for $92. Immediately, i started taking pictures and video of my kids. My only problem now is i have to find a new present for my husband for father’s day because i’m keeping the camera :).

1.5″ TFT Color LCD Display

This unit is good for the price, however the dv3300 (dv4) and dv3500 (dv5) are already available in europe (dv5 only in germany)and are more robust devices- the next two generations of the aiptek pocketdv line add several needed features. They both have flash and light functionality, and the dv5 offers recording in the mpeg4 format. While the recording functions only offer 10fps with 640×480 res. They offer 10-30fps with the lower res video. They both have a true 2 megapixel res. Sensor with interpolation (software wizadry that adds pixels but doesn’t really add quality)they can output at 3 megapixels. They both also offer built in mp3 players, and use sd cards as opposed to compact flash. For some reason though aiptek (german company) still hasn’t released these here in the states. However you can occasionally find them @ auction sites for around two benjamin franklins but expect to pay international shipping rates. Hopefully aiptek will soon realize the american market can boost thier profits and will start releasing their products here first.

Ok, so i was walking in a best buy store and saw this cool toy. I picked it up, read the package, put it down, continued shopping, went back, read the package again and bought it. It has it’s good and bad points. ; cool (small, pocket sized); expandable (has a compact flash card socket); photos can be set to 1. 1 megapixels; can connect via usb, hook up to your tv or if you use cf, just pull the chip and plug it into your cf reader. Bad points:it feels cheap, all plastic; 1t only has 16mb of memory built in, so you’ll need to use that cf card (btw, the cf card replaces the internal memory, not suplements it, so if you add a 16mb card, you still only have 16mb); no zoom (the book talks about 2x digital but i can’t figure out how to activate it); no flash (indoor pictures and videos are grainy and red tinted); pictures and video are easy to shoot, just open it up and press one button for stills or another for video; voice recording requires you to open it and select voice recording from a menu (guess they couldn’t afford another button). Misc:it comes with all needed cables, a cheap tripod and they even throw in the batteries. Files are stored as jpeg, avi and wav.

Very good quality pictures although it could really use a flash or light. I was never able to get the web cam driver to work properly but it was a good camera for regular pictures. Battery life could be better but just get rechargeable aa batteries always carrying a spare and you’ll be set.

I would put 5 stars but you half to buy film. I think kids and adults could have fun.

It’s so easy to use and loads of fun. Can’t beat the price either. I get great still shots using the fine setting, and be sure i have lots of light for my subject. 1 megapixel setting for still shots. I already have an olympus digital camera so this comes in handy for a second one and my wife can use it. In addition, after i load the pictures onto my computer i can then enhance them with software. The camera come bundled with nice software. Don’t hesitate to purchase this camera if you dont expect to get a hi-end camcorder. And if you do want an easy to use 3.

I am completely satisfied with the purchase of this camera. The videos may not be top notch, but i’ve had a great time capturing spontaneous moments with the camera handy in my purse. The quality of the stills really surprised me though, in natural light, the images came out crisp and clear. The only fault i would find with this camera is the lack of flash, which could have been very useful in the low light situations. Therefore, i advise to those that are interested in this camera to just wait another month or so for the pocket dv4, which is already out in europe. It is aiptek’s new camera in the pocket dv line and it has a flash. (they finally took their customer’s advice, or complaints rather). . I hope this has been helpfulp. : if you’re interested in learning more about the new aiptek camera or seeing some sample pics and videos for this one go to fireboxdotcom, it’s a really helpful site.

Playback photos and video on TV / VCR

I think i forgot this part its a great camera. If u dont want to spend a lot of money or if u dont have a lot of money (like me).

If you wish to introduce yourself to digital video (or, for that matter, digital still photography) and have budget considerations then this is the camera for you. Or, if you wish to have a small / light weight dv/still shot camera to use (sometimes) in place of your larger camera then this is an ideal choice. The ‘native’ still shot resolution is 2 mega-pixels (also with a 3. 1 mega pixel setting, interpolated) and produces quite pleasing and satisfactory images taken in natural (outdoor) light (no flash). The video quality (10 frames per second) is good (all things considered), however, it is unfair to compare this camera’s video quality with the excellent results produced by cameras priced hundreds of dollars higher. You can use this camera in places and situations where you would not dare to endanger your high-end camera. The recorded sound (mono) is fine (satisfactory) when played through your computer’s sound system (one microphone – no input jacks for external mic). The internal memory only allows for about 3 to 4 minutes of video so a 256 mb (or higher) compact flash card (slot on camera) is highly recommended. The camera may feel flimsy but this is because of its small size and also because it records on ram instead of digital tape so the camera has no weighty mechanical devices inside of it. The still shots are best taken at a distance of 5 to 7 feet away from your subject.

This is the best camera i’ve ever held in my hands. You have to buy it with a 128 mb card. The picture quality is increadably great in good lighting conditions. The picture quality for the camcorder is not the best, but perfect if your not going to view it on the tv. If you looked at just the camcorder part, the item deserves 4 stars. But since the camera is a four-in-one (really a 3 in 1 ’cause the voice recorder is useless)it really deserves all five stars.

I love it, i love it, i love it, i bought this camera a year ago. I lost it not to long ago and my heart is broken. My 15 daughter used it for her online teenage magazine. She records her interview, take photos and feature live shows with it. Plus she also uses it for school. She records her class with it. I purchased an upgraded one with the mp3 player. Talk about alien technology.

I bought this product for its portability. I was hoping that i could use this as a substitute for both a digital camera and a camcorder. However, i was very disappointed at the quality of both. The pictures are very grainy and hardly resemble that of a 3mp camera. The videos are a bit choppy and the 320×240 view screen is much to small. If portability is all that matters, this camera will manage. However, if you are looking for both size and quality, you best look elsewhere.

I recieved this camera three years ago for my trip to new york. -i bought it for $100 from target and was amazed by its qaulity. Granted you only can take pictures in the sunlight, (it doesn’t have flash and inside it turns grainy) but nonetheless it’s very detailed photos and ability to capture color (and with a little photoshop brings it out more) made me love this camera. -you also need to understand that it’s built in lens are there to be used other wise your photos will be blurry. I must have droppen it a million times and it’s taken several beatings and it still worked wonderfully. -also you might want to buy a memory card as well. But overall this camera has been cheap, reliable (except for the no flash thing) and has also gotten me backstage to see my favorite band when a manager confiscated it from me. I highly recommend this if your interested in photography and cheap deals.

This is one of the most easy to use cameras i have ever been able to get my hands on. If you are in a dark area, you need to open up the windows, and it is great quality. For all those people that say their pictures are fuzzy, they need to figure out how to use the focus on the lens. I have even played the videos made with this camera on a home theater system that is about 10 by 10 feet big and it looks fantastic. If you want a great, conveniant camera, i highly recommend this.

To take with me to see wwe live in bossier city,la then to dallas and all my video’s and pics. Came out great so if you have someone on your christmas list that you have no iead what to get them get them one of these cams. They will love it and they are really easy to use.

The camera works fine, but i cannot get the software to work. I have contacted tech support by e-mail twice to help with this, but have not received anything back. I have needed to send some pictures to friends since labor day weekend, but have been unable to. The website is good, but the tech support apparantly is non-existent. Glad it did not cost me much for the camera since it does not work with the computer.

When you accept this li’l dv camcorder for what it is, just above being a toy, it’s excellent. It won’t give you award winning pics, but. So what?i already have a sony d8 camcorder and a minolta dimage7 5mp digicam, but i wanted something that i could easily put in my pocket. This li’l gadget did the trick and i keep it with me all the time now. For most digicam novices, this is what you need. It also makes for a nice 2nd digicam for the bigshot photographers. It’s highly recommended by mois.

I don’t know what the others complained about but this is just about the best little camera money can buy. I bought it straight from aiptek and got a free battery charger and 4 extra aa batteries. I started filming right out of the box. Even inside with the lights on (and my house is pretty dark) the picture was great. The sound is kinda grainy but who cares for $99. I plan to take it everywhere. I filmed outside and the picture is outstanding. I plan to buy another one maybe the mpeg format next.You can just throw it in your purse or pocket and you are ready to go.

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