3M Camcorder Projector Shoot ‘n Share CP40 – Original and fun

I use this as often as i can. When you playback projecting on someones coat in front of you at an amusement park, you drraw a crowd. The best camera/camcorder out there. Even ellen gives them to her audience.

I saw this 3m shoot ‘n share on the view and immediately went on amazon and ordered three. One for each of my kids and one for me. My daughter has called me twice now asking where i got it as her friends want to get one now. It took me a little bit to figure it out but that’s because i don’t do well with instructions and just played with it until i knew how to work it. My kids, however, figured it out right away. It has a clarity that is amazing when projected on almost anything. It is very unique and certainly a fun video camera to have.

I saw this recorder on a gift suggestion segment on a talk show before christmas. Since my son is expecting a baby in a couple of months, i thought this would make a nice gift. Fortunately, the memory card from his still camera worked in this. Otherwise, he would have been limited to about 7 seconds of recording time until he was able to get one. He had a great time recording the events at christmas (he received it christmas eve). He was able to record and then show everyone what he had recorded without everyone having to gather around a tiny screen. He was satisfied with the zoom, knowing these small recorders aren’t known for having great zooms. He said his one complaint was that it is a bit thick so it doesn’t fit into a pocket easily, but he realizes that if it were thinner, it wouldn’t have the projector. He said he does still want a ‘real’ recorder, but this one will be great to keep in the diaper bag.

This 3m cp40 shoot’n share camcorder with projector, was the best thing for our granddaughter,(my son was watching ellen degennerous show one afternoon she gave them to everyone in the audiance) my decided that he needed one for his daughter)well,amazon. No stores new what i was talking about, but amazon had it. Very pleased with the service that they gave me and in no time it was delivered to us in lost of time for christmas as we were leaving on the 18th and on the confirmation e-mail it said to expect the order on or before the 10th, ups came to our residence dec 9th wow. Very please with all, and will tell others for sure.

I loved projecting images on the airplane seat in front of me and watching people be amazed at seeing my vacation videos. With the 32gb schd card, i had plenty of room to put 2 weeks of vacation photos on there with room for more photos. I havent hooked it to my pc yet to make a dvd but i will soon. For the price this is an easy to use camera without even using the instructions. I was zooming and moving between camera and video within 15 minutes of turning it on.

Projector works best on a screen but work fine on wall. Wish the volume was a little louder. Cant figure how to connect to dvd recorder to burn disc.

  • Be sure you have a memory card.
  • what a hoot to use
  • Great cameranot so good on zoom

Bought this for my kids as a stocking stuffer, works great, but its a gadget that we just really dont ever use.

We purchased this camera before our trip to grand cayman. Portable and handy, but zoom is not so good. Most of the pictures we took are clear. However the pictures we used the zoom on are fuzzy. The projector is a great feature, especially when sharing your pictures or videos with family and friends. Much easier to watch on the wall than on the computer or waiting to get prints. The fuzziness is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

It is a very good point and shoot camera and camcorder. I would recomend this product to any family that has small children and are always in need of something quick to take that once in a lifetime video.

This is a cool item – being able to take pictures and videos and then share them immediately with everyone via the built in projector makes this a lot of fun. Camera and video quality is good (not spectacular but perfectly acceptable for point and click stuff). The recorded images and videos can be reviewed on the screen, download to a computer, and/or displayed via the built in projector. The projector produces a good image from a few inches wide to up to 5 or 6 feet. You do need to dim the lights to see the projected image. The larger you display the image the darker you need the room. The kids (teenagers) have used this a few times at parties and it was a big hit. I used it at thanksgiving and it was fun for everyone to see the video together. Battery life has been good – i’ve shot over an hour’s worth of video, 20 or 30 pictures and then displayed these via the projector all on one charge. The unit’s size and shape is ok, although a little on the large size for my younger teenage daughter.

That’s how much video you can shoot with this shoot ‘n share out of the box. To loosely quote a recent commercial, ‘don’t they think this is information i would like to have?’five seconds. Really?the most amusing thing about this is that the manual states that the micro sd is ‘optional’. Who makes five second home movies?good news is we found a micro sd that should give us about 90 minutes of recording time cheap on amazon. Also, in spite of the apparent miscommunication, this looks like a really nice piece of equipment.

Features of 3M Camcorder Projector Shoot ‘n Share CP40 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Projects up to 165cm (65″) image size on white wall
  • Record HD 720p (1280×720) videos and 5 megapixel still pictures
  • 14MB internal memory and microSD card slot up to 32GB for storage
  • Intuitive sensor touch buttons
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • R.G.B LED technology with long lifetime up to 20,000 hours

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This camera is a must for kids who want to get to college and play sports at the next level.

Projects up to 165cm (65″) image size on white wall

Record HD 720p (1280×720) videos and 5 megapixel still pictures

14MB internal memory and microSD card slot up to 32GB for storage

Intuitive sensor touch buttons

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3M Camcorder Projector Shoot 'n Share CP40 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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