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Sony DCR-PC55 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom : Couldn’t be better

The sony has it all for you. Pros: compact, lightweight, portability, easy to use, big screen, good reproductioncons: microphone sensitive to wind, getting used to not having a viewfinder, bad low light performance. Summary: i picked this camera as an upgrade for my old canon zr10. The first reason i chose it was the small size and portability. With a good light conditions, this little beast do its best shots, but in low light conditions this camera disapointed me (specially compared with mi old zr10). Please don’t buy it if you have plans to use it for stills shots because it has a low resolution. The included handycam station have all the ports (firewire, usb, power, video) you need to conect it. The big touch screen is a must, because the screen is the only way to access the camera controls (besides some of them in the edge of the screen). You can have a camera with more characteristics and better image quality for the same price, but if your concern is the size and portability this will be your best choice in the world of the mini dv format.

If you want to capture every precious moments, this is the right camcorder for you. It’s easy to operate and the video is crisp and clear. The sound is pretty good as well. You can also take still picture and video at the same time (thanks to the memory stick). Don’t burn your video using your computer, it took me time to download to a cd or dvd. Instead burn them as you watch them. You will love it the first time you use it.

So compact that you actually use it. Some picture quality issues, but so what, its so tiny, that you slip it into a pocket or small purse and take it everywhere. I’ve used it more in the 2 months i’ve had it than i used my older larger and heavier camcorder in 5 years. Its easy to use, the large touch screen lcd is great, and the red version i have looks so cute and stylish, and red makes it easier to find. I do miss having night shot mode etc. But then i found that my smallest gadgets get used the most frequently. I always just use a tripod anyway if shake is important for my son’s events like any seasoned camcorder user. This is the smallest, most portable and easy to use camcorder you can get, *and* its cheaper than the bigger models, you could keep going for more bells and whistles, but this does the job.

Excellent product and quality. Securely packed and well priced.

  • Start Recording Now!Absolutely Excellent Video Recording Packed In An Incredibly Compact Size!
  • The Sony Has It All For You!!!
  • Please Get Real!!! Don’t expect to get Orange juice from lemons!!!
  • Great camcorder!
  • so compact that you actually use it!
  • Couldn’t be better

Sony DCR-PC55 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • MiniDV digital video recording
  • Ultra compact design
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens
  • 3.0-inch hybrid touch panel LCD
  • Digital still camera function with PictBridge compatibilty

The camera is one of the best considering the price and the size of it. The only problem i found is that it has not a light, so you will need to buy the external one, if not all the shots that you do at night will be very dark.

I’ve had this camcorder for a week now and i think it works great. Except for the touch screen feature. That takes a little getting used to. Especially when accessing the special features (such as fader effects) while filming. The digital still quality is poor when recording directly to the memory stick. But the same images taken as a still from prerecorded tape is much clearer. All in all it is a good product. Just takes some getting used to.

Enabled me to replace a broken unit.

Start recording nowabsolutely excellent video recording packed in an incredibly compact size. The sony dcr-pc55 minidv handycam camcorder w/10x optical zoom is aboslute one of the best minidv camcorders on the market. Even at its original retail price, sony has packed so much technology into that sleek design that it’s truly an amazing gadget. Another feature that i totally loved about this handycam was that the instructions for use were made clear and operating the camcorder is almost as simple as taking photographs. And you don’t at all have to worry about being a professional-the sony dcr-pc55 minidv camcorders computer will help you out. I tend to have a small shake in my hand when i am holding an object for an extended period of time. After i took my first videos, i assumed that when i played it back i would notice the small movment. To my total surprise, this amazing handycam with 10x optical zoom knew that my hand was shaking and immediately compensated for it. To me, that was a feature that was worth a great deal of money in itself. There are plenty of great features, more than you’ll ever need-but everything you need just in case you want it.

Don’t expect to get orange juice from lemons. When you buy a product that is designed and meant to fulfill certain needs, just expect the best performance out of those features. The pc55 is a camera for the everyday home shooter, easy to use and made with the best sony quality for one of the smallest mini dv camera ever created. If you are thinking about buying this camera don’t hesitate one minute, this camcorder is one of the kind, it gives you pretty much the flexibility and video quality of a regular camcorder but with the amazing bring-it-in-the-pocket size and all the coolness and attention that it brings along (let it be your best ice breaker, believe me it works like heaven). I work for a camera store and let me tell you: we haven’t received one return of this model during the time i’ve worked there (8 months), which proves the high quality sony has built into this model. I have been using mine for a few months now and all i can say is that “the product is great. Let’s get real, the 500 bucks you are paying for it is not for the film quality kind of movie you get in the picture (for that you need to spend at least a couple of thousand dollars) but the portability and worriless of no need of the big luggage a camcorder used to be in the past” (some times people don’t realize a motorcycle couldn’t be compared with a truck or vise versa). About the picture shooting option, well let’s see.

Had this camcorder for few months now and it has been put to a lot of use. Compact, light, and easy to carry around. Tons of features which takes getting use to since most of it is touch screen. Battery life is pretty good. Video quality is excellent as well. Very happy with the purchase, and i have had no problems so far.

Poor quality when record on ms duo. I have own this camcorder for 6 monthit’s a good camcorder, esay to use, easy to bringas it’s design purpose, pc-55 is enough for home useonly one thing i want to mention here, before i buy this camcorder, i thought that i can record video on ms duo in mepg format, and it’s easy for post-edit on pc, you know, tansfer a minidv tape to computer may need a huge space to save. However, when i replay the video which stored on ms, the sreen was full of mosaicfortunately, when use dv type to record, this situation never happens. The one press photo button also becomes useless because the bad quality.

Sony HDR-GW77V/L High Definition Handycam 20 – A better choice over the 2013 Handycam cx-380 and cx-430

So substantially energy, and it is really drinking water evidence. This minimal camera packs a great deal of electricity and manage in a smaller offer. Optical zoom, simple controls, awesome touch screen presents you total graphic manage. But even as a skilled, i have however to will need to dial in manually. The automobile sensor that adjusts graphic options is like very little i have viewed just before. Of course it completely water proof, and with the entirely adjustable monitor you can even bounce in and not break of the screen. I do endorse the floating wrist strap if you are going to use it in the drinking water. I bought this machine for masking situations on the h2o, and the total high definition movie impression is crisp and crystal clear and effortlessly cuts in with our other bigger conclusion cameras.

Digicam requires good quality pics and video. I utilized it to walk the appalachian path, so i put it through a ton and it held up through the complete season. Although it truly is water-proof and pretty tough, mine has shut down in the rain just before, possibly mainly because h2o received in the battery. Won’t be able to seriously use underneath drinking water simply because the display screen has to be shut in get to movie, so this digital camera is not for underwater taking pictures. Also for the revenue could have a more powerful zoom which some less costly cameras have. The one detail i like minimum about this digicam is that there is no lens address or any way to secure the lens from becoming scratched, so there is a possible catastrophe, while it did not come about to me.

Easy to use still very fantastic quality online video. Quite very good digital camera, fulfilled all expectations. Very easy to use in auto manner, problem cost-free. I don’t require to feel about settings, just switch on and commence recording. Simplicity and really very good top quality video clip recording.

  • Awesome camera that it seems no one knows exists
  • Great travel Camcorder
  • Perfect for shooting videos of children
  • A better choice over the 2013 Handycam cx-380 and cx-430
  • HDR-GW77: Stunning Video, Poor Stills
  • Excellent Camera BUT poor Battery cover

Lastly a video/image/drinking water evidence digicam that suits in my pocket. Crisp entire hd video clip with high resolution photographs. I acquire it to the pool, and it normally takes awsome video clip and images both equally out and under water. Surprisingly mild and smaller. Just a tad thicker than a cell phone.

Best for taking pictures video clips of youngsters. Professionals (pick out attribute i take into account crucial and quite useful):- super light and compact for carrying in pocket when heading to the park, pool, and so on. – really short lag in between flipping the monitor and using films- can modify exposure, white stability and scene on the fly even when recording- really sensitive in dark predicaments – i videotape my children indoors pretty often and observe a considerable distinction among this and the prior model of the exact variety-variable (from some four yrs in the past)- the slow-mo characteristic is fantastic and super enjoyment when capturing youngsters in playnitpicking:- of course, the battery is not the longest lasting but it really is a worthwhile tradeoff for smaller and lighter digicam- i desire i could anchor the monitor brightness environment on the screen’s ‘favorites’ segment, and that it experienced a tremendous-vivid location also (still quite superior below incredibly dazzling sun)just try to remember, there’s no ideal camera just decide a excellent brand and go with the product that carries capabilities that are crucial and helpful to you — not to others.

Features of Sony HDR-GW77V/L High Definition Handycam 20.4 MP Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Waterproof down to 5m (16-Feet)
  • 1920×1080 Full HD video and 20.4MP stills
  • 10x optical zoom, 17x extended zoom

I’ve experienced the gw77 for a week. Regardless of the handful of problems about what the camcorder is not, i’ll explain to you what it is. If your wanting for something small to acquire along on visits, as properly as at residence, i feel this it.It is incredibly light, which some may complain its hard to maintain continual. That’s in which the ois with lively mode arrives in. You can in fact walk and shoot video and get incredibly great outcomes. No it won’t have all of the the bells and whistles that prosumer camcorders have , but which is not the market place they were searching for. It is family’s and individuals who want fantastic video clip, a incredibly compact footprint and relieve of use. And, that is to say absolutely nothing about the underneath water functionality of the gw77it’s what i’ve needed for a long time – excellent for vacation.

Awesome digital camera that it appears no one is familiar with exists. It is just one of the very best cameras i have ever owned. I searched for a very long time to come across a digital camera with the capabilities that this camera has. This digital camera is true whole high-def. This digital camera performs like a $10,000 digital camera. This digital camera is able of undertaking underwater photography, however shots and high-definition movie and carrying out all three of people functions beautifully. It is extremely light-weight and hand-held helpful. The show is awesome and huge for easy viewing. I do not know if sony’s income of this digital camera have been very several.

Wonderful camcorder with a couple of exceptions. Amazing photo good quality in both equally digital camera and video clip. Online video easily converts to other formats (i use avs software). Requires a bit to get made use of to how finest to hold it. Controls on screen and on digicam. The only two downsides is the display screen brightness and the lens go over. In brilliant problems, it can be challenging to pretty much difficult to see the display, and therefore, what you’re hoping to shoot – sony should really know much better. The camera is watertight and dust proof (haven’t been underwater and don’t strategy on it, but for outdoor things to do (rain, dust, and so forth) it truly is terrific. The protecting lens ought to be protected and cleaned with a lens fabric. I haven’t scratched it still, but if it does (small scratches almost certainly would not be picked up), i am not absolutely sure if it can be replaced apart from by the manufacturing facility??. If your going to use the zoom attribute a whole lot, as i do, i recommend a second battery. A little bit expensive, but the mixture picture and video clip quality outperforms most other handhelds and is a lot additional compact.

Hdr-gw77: spectacular online video, lousy stills. I acquired this camera to swap my sony hdr-tg1, which for some motive stopped getting stills. I liked the tg1 but wished there was additional to it: like currently being water-proof, a brighter liquid crystal display display, inner memory and most importantly, sony’s g lens. I obtained most of what i asked for. Like some of the other reviewers said, this camcorder experienced so much opportunity. Sony just didn’t do it justice. To begin with it will take amazing 1080p video clip. Just one of the complaints i had with the tg-1 was that while other sony units acquired the g lens, the tg-one did not.

As proprietor of a first generation flip, i bought the hdr-gw77v due to the fact it was rated greatest ‘pocket camcorder. ‘ i had regarded some ‘prosumer’ camcorders, but found them to be intricate, with more controls and selections that i would ever use in a lifetime. The hdr-gw77v is simple in its operation and use, even though still generating high-top quality online video. You grip and level the hdr-gw77v just as you would a firearm. I discovered this to be substantially more cozy than sliding my hand by a strap and around the prime of a conventional ‘tube type’ camcorder. My thumb effortlessly reaches the controls on the back again of the hdr-gw77v. The zoom in and zoom out buttons do not deliver any clicking sounds. When the hdr-gw77v is linked to a windows seven computer that is related to the world-wide-web, you are offered many selections for transferring captured online video to the laptop, just one of which is to install the crafted-in ‘play reminiscences home’ software program. Installation of this program having said that is optional.

This camcorder is quite handy to carry all-around and consequently it’s usually accessible. My apple iphone functions very very well but you will need light-weight. This handycam can be applied in low light scenarios so it is more utilizable. I do uncover myself consistently wiping the front lens of fingerprints, yes there is no entrance address. If you are at a extensive all working day function and will have it on most of the time get a spare battery.

Fantastic high definition – blu-ray mini handicam. Great high definition – blu-ray mini handicam. I even now have it to the date, and are remarkable to any smartphone camera video clip. It has a genuinely fantastic optical zoom, video clips are butter easy. The only situation i can assume of is make positive your computer can deal with taking part in or doing the job with the avchd information. They are huge, require a very good pc with at least a quad-main, and up to day movie participant computer software that supports sony online video. An outstanding total products. Haven’t experienced any complications or troubles so considerably to this date.

Most effective high definition water resistant digicam by a extensive shot.

The most effective movie digital camera i have employed so farwaterproof. The video from this digicam is so crisp that my mates cannot feel it came from this minor point, and was even far more stunned to listen to it is water-proof.

The handycam i’ve been waiting for. I have had this digicam for a couple of days now. My original impressions are that the hdr-gw77v could be the best handycam yet. I have owned multiple generations of sony cameras, customer and professional, from vhs to hi8 to digital8 to minidv to hdd, and now microsd flash memory. The form element of this one is equivalent to the older minidv dcr-pc55, but slimmer and lighter. The pc55 was a good dv pocket cam, but the colors and reduced gentle performance had been a compromise for the sizing. I won’t be able to consider how effectively the shades, minimal gentle and picture stabilization carry out. A small, speedy starting camera is what you want for filming personalized movie. This video digital camera operates nicely with imovie 11. Importing and enhancing footage takes 50 percent the time i am employed to. I have not attempted the 60p method nevertheless, but honestly, i you should not have the difficult generate area or processing power for that. The individuals griping about 60p compatibility are dwelling in the long run and chasing the most recent up grade. The gw77 and imovie make editing entertaining.

Image high-quality is terrific and underwater movie is incredible. All of the capabilities of a entire size high definition sony in a waterproof pocket sizing. Had a different underwater hd camcorder and there is no comparison.

Most effective waterproof/pocket camcorder readily available. Pros: little footprint, sturdy building, trusted stabilization, reasonably water-proof, prevalent codec, reasonable zoom, 1080p60fps, suits in typical pockets, and doesn’t weigh down your wrist. Negatives: noisey autofocus picked up in audio, no external mic port, no firmware updates, automobile white balance is usually neat toned, prolonged period in involving picture snaps. All round, 1 of the best cameras i have ever had. The small dimension, strong development, 1080p60fps, very good image stabilization hold me from upgrading my camcorder three.

Fantastic indoors or out, extremely easy to use, and super good quality pix. My largest criticism: as other reviewers have said, you actually won’t be able to see the touch pad in dazzling daylight. Now, if it just experienced a miniature umbrella that popped up to shade it.

Simple to operate underneath drinking water and above floor.

Great digital camera but bad battery deal with. Being a video shooting lover, and possessing the semi pro sony nx70p cam, i required to get some thing far more pocketable to shoot on the location at any celebration, and i requested this digicam from amazon. The camera provides incredible online video top quality that was amazingly wonderful and virtually matches any even bigger complete hd camcorder, and it can conveniently in shape into your pocket devoid of any inconvenience. Zoom purpose and autofocus are great, i couldn’t find any single stream in the program or high quality of the films that this digicam makes. My only dilemma is with the battery address which broke the second day owing to it is really 7 days plasticky sort, and this go over is connected to another rubber layer that handles the battery opening to shield it from h2o due to its waterproof character, so now the plastic exterior battery door deal with is detached from the rubber and i have often to shut very first the rubber that locks when shut and then spot the plastic part to full the closure, which implies that i may have lost the water-resistant choice here and i will only use for dry occasions :(i are unable to go back again to sony mainly because i am dwelling in the middle east and imported it from the us, and i want sony will read through my submit and truly locate a way to resolve my challenge as a incredibly unhappy faithful purchaser of sony.

A improved decision above the 2013 handycam cx-380 and cx-430. I spend a significant quantity of time investigating and screening out action cams (gopro hero3, sony action cam, countour +2, etcetera) which are fantastic if you will not care about zoom and will not will need an lcd screen and pretty a great deal want to mount it to a helmet or equal ninety nine% of the time. For me i was wanting for a digicam that a bit extra rugged than your normal handheld cameras, but fantastic for home films / holidays some inventive video clips and adventures alike. I spent hrs looking into on the internet and several hours striving evaluating camcorders at best get, b&h picture, the sony store and other individuals. Believe that me, i did not want to expend this volume of money on a camera if i could get a single more affordable that was equivalent. I when compared camcorders with two times the optical zoom and a myriad of capabilities these types of as sony’s cx-230, cx-290, cx-380 and cx-430 and a handful of canon and panasonic cameras. This digicam usually takes films equivalent and in my view a little bit improved than the cx-380 and 430 or their canon and panasonic equivalents. The cx-430 has a far better picture stabilization, but i could not discover when using in the retail outlet. Moreover this digicam comes with gps just like the cx-430 which can be incredibly quite useful when heading back to footage shot although traveling or boating etc. ****edit, the image stabilization is seriously not as good as the cx-430, at the keep it was un-recognizable but gets to be much far more visible when going for walks and taking pictures video clip.

Difficult to see monitor in vivid sunshine. Even now new to this, but it really is pretty difficult to see the action in the monitor on a bright working day on the snow and sand. We have missed also many shots because of to this. Or else, we enjoy the camera and its functions.

Really great will work well under h2o. I purple several reviews about this and before i bought it and this is what believe of it. I went to cancun and had a fantastic time with it. The excellent of it is amazing with out question, it is water evidence for confident. Went snorkeling with it for over an hour and acquired video clips that are so apparent it appears to be like like you are there. The battery is not the most effective it ran out right following the snorkeling so id get an additional battery. The memory is 3 hrs with out purchasing memory card. Around all i am pretty delighted am i am happy i purchased this. Performs good below drinking water and thats what i desired, operate just as effectively below as earlier mentioned.

Sony NSCGC1 Net-Sharing 5MP CMOS MPEG4 Camcorder – Well suited for job at hand

I purchased this for my son and i to shoot humorous films of ourselves. For the price tag this is an great very little device. I am positive the cost will be $150 prior to prolonged. For the fast movie crowd and youtube individuals this is a fantastic cam. The four gig card is a ought to have.

Hassle-free but very low movie high-quality. This is a handy camcorder with its measurement the simplicity of use, though need to have a minimal time to determine out how collection button will work. The movie excellent is not superior, but uploading to youtube is fun and uncomplicated. All round, i like it, besides the blurry online video excellent.

I truly just bought this digicam right now and i’ve now gotten the hold of it. It took me a even though to know that i could only consider two pics since there is no memory card. I was caught on that for about 3 hrs. But total the digital camera is effectively truly worth the rate and i enjoy the swivel display so i can do self pictures. I highly propose this camera if you’re seeking for a system that has all the fundamentals.Here are the specifications for the Sony NSCGC1 Net-Sharing 5MP CMOS MPEG4 Camcorder:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Simple-to-use, ultra-portable camcorder
  • Shoots web-ready MPEG4 footage in QVGA or VGA, or converts to webcam with bundled driver software
  • Pre-loaded PMB Portable software allows for direct publishing to video-sharing websites such as Crackle
  • Captures still images at resolutions up to 5 megapixels
  • Built-in battery and flash; 2.4-inch color LCD screen

Properly suited for work at hand. Ok, so it truly is not blue ray higher def video, but it is really very good more than enough for the individuals in england to see their grandson crunch his initial leaves or do his to start with snow angel. The digital camera is properly suited for it can be meant reason — suits in your shirt pocket — pop up the liquid crystal display viewer, the camera turns on, and your ready to vehicle shoot. Uploading to a online video web page is so quick that even this 62 calendar year outdated tech-phopic can do it without having indicating — huh?william in colorado.

Excellent picture quality (for the $ paid)two. Basic to use in film mode4. Very fast start-up (1-two seconds)disadvantages:1. Enhancing software program (no effortless way to translate mp4 into mp3)two. Mediocre sound (seem wheezing when skiing and i am not that quickly skier)three. You require to add a memory cardoverall – for the money paid out, it’s a excellent deal.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Well suited for job at hand
  • Great (cute!) little camera
  • Great little video camera
  • Great little video camera LOVE IT!!
  • Great camera for Vlogs and Face-Cams

I procured the digital camera out of the box at a area circuit town a couple of months ago. Its straightforward to use and upload stuff now that i know how to use the camera. For those with no state-of-the-art computer system understanding it would be very discouraging. Having video clip up on you tube and other web pages is effortless. Changing mpeg4 information requires to be accomplished and you need to have to get computer software to do this. The movie excellent is fine but not as good as camcorders that i have owned. Adhere to outdoor video clip or really properly lit indoor scenes. Nonetheless photographs are good outdoor. I find indoor pictures even with the flash to be quite inadequate in contrast with a digital cameraoverall, very good for the 80 bucks i compensated additionally the 29 bucks for the two gig storage.

The digicam is effective wonderful, but i imagine that to use this as a cam is not achievable.

It takes excellent photographs but the movie is not all that good but its a pleasant tiny gadget.

Received item faster than previously expected. Camera takes wonderful pictures and great video.

This sony video digicam is just so substantially exciting to use. You can have it any place and consider wonderful films. It also allows you to acquire shots. The battery has a respectable enjoy time. The battery is rechargable which is a good element. I would very propose this good minimal video clip camera.

I purchased this camera simply because i was obtaining my 1st boy or girl, and wished to be equipped to capture the ‘big day’, as effectively as other moments in her lifetime. I didn’t purchase this digital camera w/the hopes of staying a important filmmaker. This digital camera is wonderful simply because it(s) – little and compact – appears to be like excellent – has a flash – will take stills as perfectly as flicks – has capability to just take stills though filming – has a big viewing screen – monitor rotates all the way about so you can film yourself and see what you are filming at the similar time o) – effortless to use – has rechargable battery (+++++) – can be applied w/pcs and macs – will come w/software – the sony title.Certainly, the only downside is that it is terrible w/minimal light-weight, but just make positive you are using enough daylight or within light, and you’ll be good (guess you happen to be out of luck if you wished to film your personal night time time horror flick). Also, make certain that you buy a memory card to go w/. I located that the 2gb is plenty of (4. fifty five hrs of filming time) – sony two gb memory adhere professional duo (msx-m2gs)(retail offer).

Alright, so i chose this solution above the other individuals just since its a sony. Really, i bought this for my spouse who will get rid of me if i chose some other model which is not even known in a lot of corners in the entire world. I did make my research and studied pretty much anything available in this solution phase and i have to concur that there are a ton others with better specs and reduced rates. I did seem at the opinions and observed a ton of negatives, but like i said, my spouse will get rid of me if i selected anything else so there i went and picked this. Lo and behold, i basically preferred what i saw. All capabilities were being uncomplicated and effortless to use. Resolution was quite great (under no circumstances thoughts that many others experienced greater resolutions, this one is additional than good enough for me). I really don’t realize some of the feedback listed here that create top quality is inadequate – it really is one of the extremely handful of with a solid sense to it (not to mention that it truly is the most stylish wanting). A good deal of the some others that had been cheaper felt just like that – inexpensive.

So this was my 1st online video camera. I have utilised it for online movie shows, my longboarding, and standard wheather conditions i want to show on the internet. Only problem i had with it, when i was recording my speech, there was responses from the mic from any motion. Other than that, it is terrific. Ha, and mainly because i have large hands, i have nevertheless have a habbit of masking the lens whilst i am holding the digital camera.

I have experienced this for a couple of several years, it old now, so i am only posting for facts of present-day owners, no motive to obtain 1 now. I required to switch the battery, which is ‘sealed’, and sony needs $93 for a alternative, furthermore labor, due to the fact they want to install it. To take out it, you have to remove the 2 small screws on the exact plate as the memory card, and very carefully slide/pry the panel out. Just after that, it slides ideal out just like any other digital camera battery. I was not able to find an aftermarket battery on the internet, but immediately after some hunting, i arrived across the olympus li-42b battery, which looks to be exactly the same battery as the sony, only it is commonly readily available for less than $5. I have nonetheless to put in it, but the form, measurements, voltage, mah, and posture of the contacts appear to be to be just the identical as the sony unit. Of system, this is just a guess, and i will discover out soon after i receive it, but just an fyi for any latest entrepreneurs who require a battery, because it would be absurd to spend $one hundred for 1, when you could obtain a new and far better digicam for that price.

Wonderful tiny online video digital camera adore it. This is our very first video digicam. I adore how lightweight and transportable it is. Lately took it on our street excursion to san francisco. It can take amazing shifting videos on the street, or when i was standing even now filming at fisherman’s wharf. I even dropped it as soon as, and it still held on performing with no complications. I have made use of it each day and especially delight in filming my grandkids. I even took great films indoors at oracle arena for the duration of and just after the basketball activity. I have uploaded videos and emailed them with no issues. Now, 3 a lot more buddies are shopping for 1. Btw, i also have a sony mavica electronic digital camera, and now i get to for this a single just before lugging around that huge camera.

Terrific digicam for vlogs and encounter-cams. I utilised this for my let us plays on youtube and i have to say the excellent of the digicam is over and above magnificent. The only detail i don’t like about the camera is that the zoom in and recording features are a minimal too near together, which can make you accidentally report when you simply want to zoom in on your encounter. Navigating and modifying settings for your camera can take a even though if you do not have a manual (didn’t have one and that was on objective), but when you get the cling of it, it is very basic to use and i would propose this digicam for people who would like to do youtube vlogs and let us plays if you want to have a encounter-cam photograph in photo on your films. The frames for each 2nd is place on and there are no body skips in your video and the good quality is amazing.

A great minor online video digital camera. Quick to operate, straightforward to transfer to my i imovie software, quick to add to my blog web-site. I have bbeen on the lookout for an simple to use video clip digicam for many years.

It really is nice to have a hand size cam to pull out at any time, everywhere, and this does as anticipated, plug in the mini usb for entry to a mass storage system and obtain the mpeg4 (mp4) format films. 8gb mem duo pro stick enables for roughly five hours and 45 min of 30fps report time. It has 4meg onboard but it is useless other then for it’s possible a several 5mp photos. Total great merchandise but could use a very little additional light sensitivity in the darker hrs but works excellent in ordinary lighting, just not dim lighting. Digital camera has a flash but no light for camcorder purpose.

I never have been a online video recording nut. My spouse and i acquire ballroom dance lessons from parks & rec, but although we can do really nicely throughout classes, only a handful of months later we have forgotten what we discovered. Using this to history what we discovered whilst at our final class presents us with a fantastic visible ‘review’ to remind us just right before we go out dancing.For a negligible financial investment, this has served us quite, very very well.

I bought this camera a year back and its even now working to this working day i use it nearly day to day. . One particular issue i like abot this is that it takes advantage of a memory adhere for its memory and if u have a psp u can just place the memory stick in there and check out ur video clips or photos devoid of downloading something. The handstrap that arrives with the digicam is also really usefull its relaxed and doesnt come to feel affordable. As for the digital camera by itself its great tiny quick to navigate and its exceptionally modest for a videocamera and the battery lasts for a lengthy time. The video high-quality is not the finest. . And its not the most inexpensive its decent its gud enough, lets say thatnow the only downsides are. . Recording at night time, does not function all that nicely in small lighted locations. . U cant get an extra battery for it. The battery indicator occasionally isnt quite accurate but that actually isnt a trouble unless u are heading to use ur camera for long period of time wiht out chargingoverall the digicam is excellent for the value i bought mine which was $100(but did not get it on amazon) dont commit in excess of 200 on this digital camera.

I experienced misplaced it a person night time and. My spouse acquired me this digital camera again in 2007/08. I had misplaced it one evening and upcoming early morning when finding to work and walking at the rear of my automobile, there it was on the trunk and soaked from rain. Shook drinking water out enable dry and nonetheless use it.