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Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera : We’re good with this one!

Great low light performance and high resolution pictures. I was looking for a compact hd digital camcorder that also takes good pictures on sd cards so i don’t have to carry a camera with me out on trips. After extensive research, i found this sanyo xacti vpc-sh1 is the only one in the ~$300. 00 price range with large ccd. All others, including canon, sony, panasonic, and jvc, have small ccds which can’t produce good quality pictures in low lights. This camera is also capable of taking 10mp pictures while others can’t even come close. No wonder it is called a dual camera. I took videos and pictures both indoors and outdoors. I even took pictures of fireworks on 4th.

Bought this over a year ago, for the price it gives you great video and features. Price a little higher then what i payed last year. But well worth the price now. I bought mine used and it came in like new condition. I ended up selling it locally for a lot more then what i payed on here. What stinks is i got a $500 one and thought it would give better features. Not so much better video as i was already happy with the video. , i was looking for more zoom and options to add more like lens.

I just got the sanyo vpc-sh1 yesterday so these are first impressions. But i’ve spent quite a bit of time with it already. I’m a single guy who will primarily use this camcorder to share short clips online, and occasionally burn a dvd. I’m not filming family opuses, doing any kind of advanced video editing, or even plugging it into an hdtv. So for me – here are it’s pros and cons. Fits in my jeans front pocket.

I bought this because we wanted a dedicated video camera instead of using the video function on our digital camera. The things that drew me to this:* low price* hd quality video (though only 1080i i think, not 1080p)* small size* still camera function* big optical zoomhow did it live up?. Well, for sure it is inexpensive, much cheaper that approximately equivalent sony & canon that i’ve been looking at. It is scarcely larger than some dedicated point-n-shoot’s. In fact, on a 2 week trip, i often just stuffed it into my shorts pocket, and it was fine even hiking through mild forest trails. To really put it to the test, i almost exclusively used this camera on a 2 week trip, mostly for stills and some video. * the battery life & startup time are excellent. At first i turned off the camera, but then, i just shut the viewer to put it to sleep. 2 weeks later, i still had battery left after video and almost 300 still shots. * it was comfortable and easy to handle (i have relatively large, though not chunky, hands). Those with even bigger hands than me might find it a bit “cramping” to try and hold such a small camera in the usual camcorder grip. You may want to opt for the vpc-c* series with the unconventional format. * low light performance was not great (i understand sony & canon are significantly better), however, it still beat a canon sd850 in real-life situations.

  • We’re good with this one!
  • Its so Tiny!! (That’s a good thing)
  • Great Low Light Performance and High Resolution Pictures
  • Great little “all-in-one”
  • good dual camera to buy
  • great little camera

Sanyo VPC-SH1 High Definition Camcorder and 10 MP Camera (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Full HD 1080, 60i Video (1920 x 1080)
  • 10MP Photos
  • 30x Advanced Optical Zoom Video
  • 23x Optical Zoom Photo
  • 2.7-inch Wide LCD Monitor for HD Playback

As a begining home videographer this is a great camera. We took it to disneyland and when it came time to ride rides, it fit in my jeans pocket no problem. Some of the other reviews had problems with the microphone. I think it works fine, i had no problems hearing anything. We were even at a rave with a buch of techno/trance music and heard every part no problem. However, the microphone is sensitive. So every thing you say will be heard. Even the little arguments one maybe having off camera with the significant other.

Amazon has the best deal in this camera. The menu is super easy to understand. I enjoy the powerful zoom very much.

The only negative is that there is no thread to put on a fisheye or telecoverter or anything.

Small body with great features. I received my sanyo vpc-sh1 yesterday, and so far i am happy with what i got. I have read the previous reviews. And i agree with most of them. The camcorder delivers true hd resolution 1080p. In fact, at the moment, i have to scale it down to 720p, since my old pcs cannot play 1080p videos smoothly. This camcorder is ahead of my pc technology. The camcorder is extremely compact. It is no bigger than any point-and-shoot camera. No more sore shoulder/neck during vacation time. The camcorder has slow motion functionality with scaled down resolution: 448×336 for 300fps, and 192×108 for 600fps.

I own 4 computers 2 with dual core processors, the dual cpu means little with the hd files this camera produces, you need tons of ram. The only time i can watch the files is when i put them in my 8gb ddr3 dual 3. I hated the camera until i realized you need horsepower. If you have a system with fewer than 8gb of ram, beware.

I just got the camera last night. I’ve only done a few tests on it. I’ll play with it more this weekend. It appears this camera supports iframe. This is an apple format that equates to 960×540 at 30p. The reduced dimension format actually takes up more space than the max 1080i setting. I think its a different flavor of mp4 that has less compression than the other hd formats supported on the camera. The idea is that if you bring this format into imovie on the mac, the files work natively with the app.

I bought this camera over the fh1a because of the 10 mp still shots and the improved zoom. Its like looking through binoculars. You do need a tripod to zoom with out it wobbling like crazy though. All and all this is a very good camera. It has an awesome 23x opt zoom. It takes pretty good still shots. It takes pretty decent video in high light. Wide angle lens is pretty cool. Formate does not work with windows without converting. No external mic jack or headphone plugin. Over all its a good bye for the price. Heres a link to a bunch of test shots of the sh1.

I bought this because of the dual function that can serve digital camera and camcorder functions. Pic quality together with video is great. This camcorder claims to be capable of taking pic during video recording, it’s true but the pic quality would not be as good as when pic only is taken. Overall this is a worthy camcorder in my opinion. Size is not too big like normal camcorder. One thing to suggest is to include remote control as the fh-1 model only has from sanyo.

Sanyo VPC-CG65 6MP MPEG-4 Flash Memory Digital Camcorder : Small & very capable, great stills – good video

Surprizingly handy, but, hard to hold. I must admit that i was skeptical of this camera. It comes in such a small package i was worried that the quality of the photos/video would be low. I have been pleasantly surprized by the quality of both the video and photos. It is really a neat camera and always draws comments. It easily fits in your pocket and is up and running in seconds. My only problem is that with the blessing of its small size is also the problem of having large hands and fingers. Its difficult to figure out a good way to hold the camera. The slick plastic exterior doesn’t help (rubberized padding or grips would help). I find it difficult to use with one hand, which seems silly that you would have to use two hands on such a small, simple camera.

I did lot’s of research and this one won me over – with good reason :). I looked at just about every camera on the market and this one matched all my needs. For me the hardest part was desiding between the sanyo models, as they have so many that are closely related. It ultimately came down to this one and the hd1a, which are about the same price. Th vpc-cg65 won out for two reasons: the h. 264 encoding, and the low light image quality. I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks, so i can’t say much about its durability beyond that it is well designed. The only things i was disapointed in was that you can’t directly manipulate the aperature and shutter speed, though you can still control them through the presets so it’s not that big of a deal. And i would have prefered a wrist strap to a neck strap.

I just got it today and started shooting and having fun with my children, video quality is better than i expected, audio is good too and the best of all, my family in south america were enjoying the videos just a couple of minutes after i shot them. The size is unreal and it’s really easy to use. I got a 4 gb memory card for 35 bucks, you can’t beat that, no tapes or cd’s to buy and they only hold 30 or 60 minutes of video, plus you can edit your videos, add text, music, etc.

Excellent still & movie camera (2 in 1). I’ve been reasonably impressed with sanyo’s offerings in terms of digital cameras in the past and have used the predecessors to the cg6, including the hd1 and vpc-c6. Both cameras are reasonable, but were absolutely hopeless in low light conditions (iso400), the cg6 has an iso of 1600 (finally) giving one of sanyo’s offering standard low light capabilities on par with the other high quality cameras, meaning i could video most of my more embarrassing pub crawls, but not my night club adventures. The mic (built into the screen) is surprisingly sensitive, especially to sounds emanating close by, but very resistant to wind and background noise including tapping or brushing of the mic. The video quality is 640×480 and is in mp4 format (quicktime) which is comparable in quality to the latest itunes movie downloads of the same resolution, though you can adjust it to be of lower quality. The photos are 6 megapixels which speaks for itself. Pc or mac connection is done by a standard usb cable which also doubles as a charger. Battery life also seems reasonable as does the charge time, but having never filmed for more than an hour without a recharge i would be cautious on long trips. Despite a few minor drawbacks i would highly recommend this camera, it’s reasonably durable and fits easily in ones pocket or a generic soft compact camera case. Personally i take it everywhere, i like to start filming and then pass the camera among friends for a few minutes, after a short while people forget it’s there, after which you’re left with a multiple perspective view of the previous night, very much worth the high price.

  • Excellent still & movie camera (2 in 1)
  • Worth the few extra bucks IMHO
  • Small & very capable, great stills – good video
  • Blown away by featuresbut not by implementation
  • Surprizingly handy, but, hard to hold
  • I did lot’s of research and this one won me over – with good reason 🙂

Sanyo VPC-CG65 6MP MPEG-4 Flash Memory Digital Camcorder (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 6-megapixel resolution
  • 5x optical zoom
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • H.264 technology
  • MPEG-4 video quality

Worth the few extra bucks imho. I’ve been extremely happy with the new sanyo vpc-cg65 since i bought it. I first saw the vpc-cg6 (younger brother) at walmart and instantly loved the small form factor. After doing a bit of research i found the cg65 with is identical except for the h. 264 mpeg codec being built-in. I’m an apple fan and so i knew i wanted that feature. 🙂 the camera is great, small, fast, handles the large sd cards perfectly. I plan on putting it to great use in a few weeks during summer vacation. So far, the videos i’ve shot with this camera are terrific. Close-up’s and details are crisp and clear.

Great design, good quality video. This little sanyo doesn’t shoot hd video, but the quality is very good nonetheless. It’s a great fit for an average-sized hand and very easy to keep steady. The overall design is solid, and it produces great color. It picks up sound remarkably well, too. Forget shooting stills with this little video camera, though. They’re better than nothing. But not an awful lot better. On the other hand, for design and handling ease no other camera i’ve tried beats the vpc-cg65 for shooting video.

I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now. I am really impressed with the video quality of this hybrid camcorder. I have since taken a bunch of videos and burned it to a dvd using the included ulead software. I was blown away by the video quality. I owned a panasonic minidv camcorder before and you just can’t compare the 2. The panasonic was really dull and bad. On this one, videos are stored in an sd card. I have an 8gb sdhc and it’s so easy to take videos and upload them into the pc.

Small & very capable, great stills – good video. I’m quite impressed, especially with the quality of stills. And there are many photo and video settings that can be changed. After using the camera for a few hours, i need to work out how to hold it. I have average sized hands and firmly holding the camera is tricky, especially when it’s time to push the still or video button. I handled the hd2 and it fits better in my hand, but doesn’t fit my wallet. The flash is weak and is only effective within 6 feet, but that’s what i expect from such a small flash. The menu system is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I especially like the ability to assign menu functions to the joystick, that’s a great idea. I assigned af lock, iso, flash and focus to the joystick for quick access.

Good camera/camcorder, great price. I got this as a gift for my relative during his wedding. It’s a great camera/camcorder. It’s highly pocketable and takes great pictures as well as movies. The movies get stored as mov files (mpeg4), which cam be viewed with apple quicktime or a bunch of other players. While i loved the form factor, it is sometimes a little too small and the buttons are a little tricky if you have a fat thumb. The picture quality however is great and should be perfectly fine for indoor and outdoor home videos. My only other complaint is that when i pause and resume, the files are stored separately rather than a single file. To my knowledge, i couldn’t find a way to merge them together, at least with the software provided with the camera. It might be because i haven’t explored the nook and cranny of the software, just that it was at least not obvious.

First of all, i am a novice video camera user. My first priority was to have an easy to use video camera that would take good video that was easy to transfer to a pc. After reading the reviews of this and several other cameras i decided to purchase this camera. The camera has met all of my expectations. It is so easy to use and so easy to transfer the video to a pc. Using a free online video converter i was also able to use windows movie maker to edit my video. I am an educator and i wanted to be able to use my camera with windows movie maker for digital storytelling. The sound quality, the still picture and video quality are exceptional for the money.

Very practical and convienent camcorder. Considering it’s small size (it fits in the palm of your hand) i had my doubts about this, but it has turned out to be the best camcorder i have ever owned. At its highest setting it’s video quality is excellent, and there is just no matching the convienence of a camcorder that fits in your front pocket and can be brought out at a moments notice and turned on by simply flipping open the lcd screen. The still picture quality is fine, and the settings menu is easily accessible and simple to use. About the only thing that doesn’t work on this camara as advertised is it’s purported ability to take still shots while also recording video. It causes the video to momentarily freeze when you do that. Other than that, i would have liked for it to have had a video-in port but i guess you can’t have everything. I highly recommend this camara, especially for the price.

Blown away by featuresbut not by implementation. I should preface what follows with the statement that i bought this to replace an “ancient” minidv camcorder – the original canon zr, which has less than stellar autofocus and low-light performance. Even so, i enjoyed using it thoroughly, but was getting tired of the weight and, more importantly, the hassle of downloading from tapes to my computer. Even with firewire, a thankless and time consuming task. So – tapes were out, and i don’t trust hard drives, so hdd was out too. That left the sanyo and assorted dvr camcorders. No doubt there are many wonderful dvr camcorders, and it is quite likely that the better ones take better movies, but i wasn’t going to get something that needed me to buy expensive additinal media with a 20 minute recording time. I absolutely am stunned with the quality of this hybrid camera. It takes movies that look better than my old minidv camcorder, blows away digital still camera movie modes, and the picture quality compares favorably to other mid-entry level digital compacts. The absolute truth behind any great video or photo is this: you better have your camera with you.

Sanyo vpc-cg65 digital camcorder. This is the absolutely slickest camcorder i have ever owned. It is very simple to operate, and the instruction manual actually makes sense . I have made stills, and videos, uploading both to my computer and onto the internet without a problem. This camera would be a bargain at twice the price.

Sanyo VPC-PD2BK Full HD Pocket Movie Dual Camera : Great for the pocket.

Super compact and does a great job. My sanyo vpc-pd2bk is crazy compact. Provides great pics and videos especially with it’s 3x optical zoom. I originally got this to carry with my skywarn weather spotter gear i use for storm spotting. Captures storm clouds and weather fronts perfectly for my amateur needs. So light you almost forget you have it. Does very well in the low light conditions of heavily overcast skies. Taking it on vacation it did not disappoint when taking panoramas and stills. Even “old faithful” came out extremely well.I don’t know how you could beat this sanyo at several times the price.

Absolutely wonderful, but some features hidden. I really have enjoyed this camera. Had it for almost a month now, and am quite blown away with the video quality. But, in order to get really nice video quality, you have to press the flash/trash button for 2 seconds, and then turn stabilization on. I didn’t have this on before, and wasn’t impressed with the quality. The best way to go is 720p 60 frames, instead of 1080p 30 frames. With the 720, it’s very smooth, and the quality is magnificent. The 720p 30 frames, and the 1080p 30 frames are okay, but are really shaky, and don’t fare too well. The picture quality is okay, but it can’t be 10mp, it looks closer to 5 or 6mp. This is still a pretty good camera.

Video quality below expectation. The main draw back of this dual camera is its video quality whilst its picture quality is reasonable. The reason i am a bit disappointed with its video quality, was after i compared it with the flick (non-hd) camera; the flick unit tooks better quality video, especially under indoor/low light conditions. Considering the sanyo camera was the first so-called ‘dual camera’ with a 3x optical zoom, and with the claimed hd capacity(contrasting to the ‘pin-hole’ lense of the non-hd flick unit), the video quality is below my expectation. The still picture quality has been reasonable from this 12 mp camera, and it appears the inbuilt digital anti-shake function worked to some extent. The buttons for taking still pictures and video are inconveniently located that you’d really need to use another hand to help stabalise it whilst taking picture. The battery drains very quickly, much quicker than my old panasonic still camera, and the flick camera. Despite all i have said above, this unit combines basic functions of a still camera, and a video camera in a compact case; and for $100, it has been a very good buy, i do not regret buying it at all.

Sanyo xacti vpc-pd2bk full hd pocket movie dual camera. I got this mainly for the high quality audio. I wanted to capture live music with video quality as a secondary consideration. I propped this up on a stand, sat in front with my acoustic guitar, and wow does it deliver.16-bit cd quality stereo recording that picks up fine nuances. That alone is worth the price of the recorder. On top of that, it does video very well too. Just turn up the lights otherwise the video will appear a bit grainy (which is to be expected). Manual says minimum illumination needed is about 14 lux. Try to keep the unit still unless you like motion sickness.

  • Does Most Things Extremely Well
  • an exceptionally good pocket movie dual camera
  • My reasonable expectations were met very well
  • Great Device, few quirks.
  • Does what it should
  • Awesome Dual Camera

Sanyo VPC-PD2BK Full HD Pocket Movie Dual Camera with 10 MP Digital Photos and 3X Optical Zoom (Black) NEWEST MODEL (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Full-HD 1080, 30p Video (1920×1080)
  • 10 Megapixel Digital Photos
  • Embedded Software for Sharing Videos/Photos
  • Digital Image Stabilizer (Photos and Video)
  • Built-In Stereo Microphone with Built-In Speaker

Have had my camera for a couple of months now. It’s small and light weight. It takes wonderful pictures and video. Software is a little goofy but after you get it figured out it’s pretty easy. Night shots at bright lit objects like a merry go round tend to be a little grainy. That could just be me not at a correct setting. But all day light pictures are killer good. I would buy this camera agian in a heart beat.

This mini camcorder/camera actually performs pretty well considering the price. Movies look good, darn good. The compartment door on the side comes open far too easily and is a bad design.

I bought this several months ago for my trip to egypt. During the trip it did pretty well. The picture and video came out quiet nice. The sound quality was good, i didn’t find any problems with picking up my guide during the multiple trips. The zoom feature is good, i would of liked to have been able to zoom more but it did a good job. When zooming, shaking increases so it might have been a good trade off by design. One thing i did notice were the time between pressing the picture button and it taking the picture was a little slow, so some pictures came out blurry because i was moving on to the next thing. It just took a little learning curve and then i was better at it. The stabilization feature works ok, using your hand to move around will always produce some shaking, over all i was please with it.

It is much better than the kodak playsport, which i bought and then returned, to buy this one. The main reason that this one is better than playsport is the quality of the photo and video. The noise level of this one is much more acceptable. Furthermore, flash, higher resolution, optical zoom*, great build in stereo mic (acceptable even for music), more control (but not too much to keep it simple). The only function that it don’t have is waterproof. I recommend this one with dicapac wp510 to act as a waterproof camcorder (of course sanyo has a native waterproof camcorder, but much more expensive). The only drawback i can think of is audio in. I would like to have one to record higher quality music. Also, a video editing software is welcome.

This camera is worth the money i paid for it. I was not in the market for a dual camera but after seeing how easy to use this camera is i was sold. It has brillent flash quialty. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you have an older computer that you will need to shoot the videos in a lower quialty format because the older computers can not handle the higher quality movies. All in all this is a very worth while purchase and you wont be disappointed with the camera.

I have both the kodak zi8 and the sanyo xacti vpc-pd2bk. I have used both side by side and this review is my opinion of the two compared. 3 megapixel when shooting hd video. The sanyo shoots still pictures at 10 megapixel vs. The zi8 is technically at a disadvantage in picture and video quality based on this fact alone. The sanyo has a warmer picture pallet in video and still photos. A bit more red tone than the zi8. The sanyo actually focuses instead of using the zi8 fixed focus method. This results in a sharper image especially when examined closely. The zi8 however has a macro/close up switch which allows it to focus closer than the sanyo. The sanyo is also slower to take a still picture based on the fact it will have to focus first then take the shot.

Chose this as a pocket camera when i realized it’s not always such a hot idea to use a cell phone for a camera (and risk losing the phone, and all the contact info in it). Great video quality, easy to use. It also fits nicely in an old blackberry holster.

I’m likely the least techie of any reviewer, although i do own several digital cameras. What i know is that this little honey performs very well for me. The picture quality is just wonderful–or so it seems to me. It’s easy to use, although if i want to be sure about things i’ll take a bigger camera. But it’s size and power and range are all, at least to me, exceptionally good. I gave the video is 3 only because i’m not much of a judge of video quality. I just like the fact that a camera as small and compact as this one is capable of giving me good video if and when i use it–in addition to nice stills. I’m very satisfied with my purchase–and it’s not all that expensive.

I bought this camcorder on cybermonday for $99. I’ve been playing with it for a week and so far i like it enough to keep it. I don’t have any other digital camcorders, just one of those mini-dvd ones so i can’t really compare to others, but this is what i’ve seen so far:video:the video clarity is as good as any pocket camcorder out there based on the videos i’ve seen on youtube, except for the kodak zi8. The 1080p mode is clear especially on sunny days, but the 720p at 60fps is the best mode for smooth video. Don’t expect this camcorder to produce blu-ray quality video, but it does make video as good as high definition channels with the right lighting. The camcorder does a good job with green and blue hues and look vibrant, but red and yellow shades look dull. Optical zoom is very good with the video, and image stabilization works well even in zoom (in 720 @60fps). However, you do notice the video being slightly darker if you are shooting indoors. The camcorder does much better in natural sunlight then in indoor lights.

A really good pocket hd camcorder/still camera. This may not replace the family camcorder. But it is great for what it is meant to be. It’s a convenient combo camera/camcorder. Takes great videos and better than expected photos. I don’t use the 1080 video option. That has a 30 frames per sec frame rate. I use the 720 with the 60 frames per sec. They also have a 30 frame rate at 720. I get great video of fast motion with no problems (outside).

Great camcorder for the price. I bought the pd2 after being underwhelmed by the kodak zi8. This is a much better camera. The pd2 shoots pretty solid video. The video on the pd2 looks great when shot in well-lit areas. The low light video isn’t bad, but it’s a little grainy. It’s important to keep in mind that a pocket camcorder won’t shoot the same quality video as a professional studio camera, so be realistic with your expectations. The pd2 takes really great still photos (10 mp), and the optical zoom works like a charm. I also like that it has a flash for the stills. The camera is really easy to use.

Feels fragile, but it sure get the job done, i only have one recommendation. This camera is exactly what i thought and hoped that it would be. It is hard to believe that such a feather weight camera has so much capability. It does not hurt that i only paid $50 (new) for it. The camera weighs much to nothing and for it to have a flash in addition is awesome. I like the fact that the battery and the memory cards are easily replaceable. I will no doubt be keeping this camera. I also have a flip ultra (8gb), a flip slide, and the latest sony bloggie (8gb). This camera may not be made as well as the sony but it certainly has most of the capabilities as the sony. They both take still photos and of course videos at 1080hd), but the sanyo has replaceable consumables in addition to a flash.

Expecting far too a great deal for the selling price. Everyone listed here complaining about the low good quality of these cameras are way off. This is a very affordable hd camera. It does have a smaller sensor so the good quality will be a very little lessen. If you want a improved picture buy a more highly-priced camera. I think persons right here want it all. They want a hd camera that produces a crystal-obvious picture and they want to shell out very little for it. To get that you need to have to devote $3000 on an hd camera. It value a tiny a lot more than $a hundred.

An fantastic, smaller, large-high quality camera. . This has been an exceptional camera. Battery lifetime could be lengthier and extra zoom could possibly be beneficial, but truthfully it makes substantial quality video (in great gentle) and captures sound well. It can be modest adequate to vacation with conveniently and, while it has been dropped several instances, carries on to perform commonly soon after nearly two years. I use it for videoing clientele, training sessions, situations, and interviews and under no circumstances have challenges with reduce-off or recording difficulties. I use it with the gorilla-pod tripod. The usb link usually seems flimsy, but it has by no means once broken or faltered, so notion is not almost everything in this article. A really great camera at an beautiful rate. This is not for filmmaking, but wonderful for the property-video forms out there.

Spectacular pocket camcorder, but read through the guide. I have been hunting to enter the pocket camcorder current market for a though. I go through hundreds of opinions and fell in love with the specs for this sanyo camcorder. And then i read numerous negative critiques – but also a few exceptional opinions from persons who really seemed to know what they were being speaking about. When the selling price dipped to $ninety nine for black friday, i decided to just go for it, and i am thrilled that i took the prospect. The pd2 requires quite great photos and exceptional video. Really like the 3x optical zoom, which is completely purposeful for the video clip. Appreciate the flash for the photos. Enjoy the stereo sound recording. I just took video clips and photos of a chanukah party in the synagogue, with typical inadequate reduce indoor light, and the area ‘chanuka house’ outdoor at night time, and i was so impressed by the qualitythe pocket camcorder is mild and effortless to use the moment you have established it up and if you have read the handbook.

When you obey the rules of little sensor cameras, this one will just take a very good image. It must not be utilized in position of a superior position-and-shoot camera on family vacation, but it has it is place. I would use this camera in conjunction with my favored camera for the online video only. The camera shutter pace need to continue being earlier mentioned one/100 to choose a great out-doorway image. This usually means that you have to have superior solar gentle. The iso requirements to stay at fifty if you want a respectable jpg. The online video aspect of this camera is effective about the similar. With great lighting, it will do a good task. Indoors, the iso will rise, leading to noisy video clips.

Awesome minimal camera/camcorder. I bear in mind the early times of ‘portable video recording’. My brother purchased a moveable method in the early 80’s. It was a camera about the dimension of a shoebox, and linked to a ‘recorder’ that was greater than the camera, and it was large.Picture quality was sub-vga. Speedy ahead to 2011 and glance what about $one hundred receives you.The reward of this device is the optical zoom (however pix only-movie has digital zoom, but don’t fret – digital zoomed clips appear wonderful in hd), stereo seem with a incredibly vast recording stage – no distortion at loud stages.

I would initially like to say that if you program on shopping for this camera do your study first. This camera is clearly not for absolutely everyone as you can read through in other critiques. I am a primary consumer so i don’t need all the bells and whistles just a little something easy to use. The movie high-quality is exceptional and the stills are fantastic. I took apply stills moving around and the image stabilizer does a good job. I like the way it feels in my hand, it is not the sturdiest handheld but it does experience perfectly designed and mild. Once again this all comes down to preference. My only gripes are the battery everyday living and the actual getting of stills.