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RCA CC9390 MiniDV Digital Camcorder – CC9390 Digital Camcorder – Awesome for Price and Pixels

Rca cc9390 digital camcorder – wonderful for selling price and pixels. I agree a hundred% with the other reviewers with regards to this camcorder. I do have a couple supplemental issues to deal with. About the still photos – it is only a one. 3 mega pixel digital camera and for that reason, you should not expect superior resolution pictures. Nonetheless, it is great to snap a few of shots even though you’re out taking pictures fantastic digital video clip. In my feeling, it normally takes great still photos for net submitting, e mail, and possibly 3×5 prints. Just about anything more substantial in print would be pushing it. Use a great photograph enhancing program and a decent photo printer and you need to be wonderful with the smaller sized prints. I wouldn’t suggest acquiring this if you are anticipating fantastic digital photos.

I am a amateur at digital video clip, so i am studying rubin’s ‘little digital movie book’, and as for every his tutilage, i created my first video of my bedroom applying this gem of a digicam. 5 inch lcd display screen was huge, appeared like a minimal tv set, and executing the shooting was a pleasure. When i played it back, low and behold, the shakies had disappeared — the built in digital image stabilization. So now to try out to make a serious movie out of that. So i bought a firewire card, plugged it into my piii (850mhz) computer system with 390 ram, and mounted adobe premiere. Very well, placing the software program to ‘generic’ camera, it worked. I could command the digicam from the application and capture the clips. I was equipped to make a minor video clip along with a disolve changeover in between clips. I debated no matter whether or not to get a canon or a sony, but the amazon price tag on this was hmmmmmmm most compelling in contrast to the price ranges on likewise equiped cameras of these other mainstream brand names. I am not absolutely sure it will be out there yet again on amazon mainly because it was a closeout, but if it does, it truly is advised.

This online video camera is the finest digital camera i have used in a selling price range of less than one particular-thousand pounds. I work with canon gl1’s, gl 2’s, and xl 1’s and i like this digital camera the most, when contemplating price tag and relieve of use. Everyone considering acquiring a camcorder need to seem no further.

  • RCA CC9390 Digital Camcorder – Awesome for Price and Pixels
  • Joy to my world!
  • Expensive but you get what you pay for

A shorter remark — i have no disagreement with the other reviewers. Persons really should take into consideration that this camera does not have audio input jacks, a simple fact that may possibly be a difficulty for some applications. I have 1 and am hoping that another person will come up with a way to hook in by the zoom mic jack, but until finally then there are no audio enter jacks.

After two yrs of extensive research and procastination, i resolved to invest in the optura 100mc. It experienced every little thing, which include incredible graphic top quality. But there was a single firm i did not check out. So i went to [another on line firm, and checked out what they had. So i looked at the price, and specs and bought it. I got it for [a good price]. We danced, we sang, and we made passionate love. On a more serious note, the rca has the best, and the most, features, equal quality as compared to the optura 100mc, for 500 less. It has a 16 meg card included for pictures. It has a awesome light, illuminates nicely. Now for the kick ass features. During my son’s bday party, it was dark in the room. ]

Features of RCA CC9390 MiniDV Digital Camcorder with Built-in Digital Still Mode (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • MiniDV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 400x digital, zoom with Steady Pix image stabilization
  • 3.5 inch detachable color LCD and EVF
  • Captures 1.3 megapixel digital stills onto included 16 MB MultiMediaCard
  • Lithium ion battery, 5x zoom mic, accessory light, and USB memory card reader included

Expensive but you get what you pay for. I bought mine recently, and located it quite simple to use. While not mentioned on this internet site, i was pleased to see that this camcorder (with a one. 3mega pixel ccd) could create still photographs at 1280×960, nonetheless compared to my one. 3 mega pixel olympus d-460z digital digicam the photograph looks grainy because of to the fact that the ccd on the 9390 is non-progressive scan,even though it is superior than some of the others i have found. The 400x digital zoom will work really very well in comparison to the jvc and canon i examined. The ergonomics appear nicely believed through, as over-all button placement is good(apart from for the placement of the night-vision/ir button). Just one of the it truly is innovative attributes(and useful)is the detachable touchscreen liquid crystal display. The autofocus and autoshot featuresare really great and for the most section perform very well. The 5 builtin digital effects are satisfactory for most wants–even though incredibly minimum– and a lot more can be finished with software package.

RCA CC6151 VHS-C Camcorder : Outstanding Merchandise

I enter this sight just for gk (normal understanding) of a item that we not too long ago ordered. I was very impressed with facts that was out there to me at a thrust of a button. All the things was extremely uncomplicated to find. My 2 several years aged niece could of seemed it up if i had asked her to. This is what i like in a sight anything that is simple and effortless to get in and get out of. I should compliment everybody who is concerned with making amazon this kind of a terrific sight with alot of on hand facts at a contact of a button. I heading to make this critique as shorter as attainable and once again i would like to thank you. You fellas should have five stars (*****).

Excellent camcorder for the price tag. A terrific price tag for a camcorder. It does all the basics you would count on pretty effectively, additionally it has a couple of particular result instruments. You can pop the 8mm tape into a conversion vhs tape and perform it instantly on your vcr. It also has audio and video clip jacks for uncomplicated conections to a vcr with the exact, producing duplication a snap. Image good quality is great but not great. For the rate, it is a wonderful offer. If you just want a basic camcorder without having all the bells and whistles, this is the a person.

RCA CC6151 VHS-C Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • VHS-C format for easy playback
  • 22x zoom
  • Auto, manual, backlight, and frontlight exposure settings
  • Fade capability
  • Menu wheel for easy programming

I shopped all over seeking for the best, minimum pricey, and still a great quality camcorder and made a decision to try out this just one out. My children can even use it and it is so mild body weight. I also like the simple fact that i can check out what i have taped on my vcr with the incorporated adapter.

I advocate this digital camera and you will conserve a large amount of funds , therefore you can buy some thing else.

This camcorder is fantatic in all that it does. Light and astonishing clarity of output. The only drawback is that you only get a thirty minute battery and 30 moment movie cassette. Owning to end and cost your battery each and every thirty minutes could are likely to be a bothersome bore. I have referred to as to get another battery but rca will not market any batteries earlier thirty minutes. The cam is uncomplicated to use and you can put online video figures even though you are recording.

RCA CC6151 VHS-C Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : The rca cc6151 has got to be the find of the decade. I purchased this unit as an entry level gift for a friend and was so impressed that i purchased one for myself. This camcorder is simple to operate with all functions clearly labeled and easy to familiarize yourself with. There are a few special effects and the picture and sound quality are a little above average and you do not have to be a rocket scintist to read and understand the instruction booklet. Tape dubbing is a breeze and the included vhs adapter makes it simple to play back the tapes in your vcr. The best item i found was the charging base 110 volt adapter, no more stopping in the middle of a play back and finding you have a dead battery, just plug the camera into the charger and continue to play, record, dub or whatever. There is also a 12 volt adapter to plug into the car when you are traveling. This is indeed a great little camera for the money, give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder : Fun for Family Use

Good camcorder / bad battery. I purchased the rca cc4352 full-size vhs camcorder nearly 2 years ago and found it simple to use. For the price, its an excellent camcorder and it takes quality video’s. The only problem i’ve had is that the battery went dead after 6 months and it could no longer be recharged. The recharger works, but the battery is worthless. I have also been unable to locate a new battery, so i’m limited to using the camcorder with the plug-in adapter. I was also disappointed that no software came with the unit to enable the user to download pictures onto a computer.

Instant courtroom transcript . This is the 2nd full size i have bought for the office. We use for courtroom recording. You can attach to vcr and get 8hr recording. Attorneys can get instant review of proceedings for price of tape. Also is small enough to travel with. Excellent product for price.

Rca cc4352 offers all needs. I love the lcd display so i know exactly what i’m shooting and the range i’m getting. It makes recording fun and easy. No more straining one eye because with the lcd display, i can just look at the screen. It also comes with some great features such a powerful 72x zoom and special effects that add little neat touches to every recording experience. The fade function is nice since if offers the ability to make your recordings look more professional like the movies. It’s definitely a product that one should have. And so what if it’s not a digital camcorder.

I have owned this cam for a year now. I have never had any problems with it. It uses normal vhs tapes so they will play directly on your vcr. The zoom is not the strongest around but it gets the job done. This is a nice full sized cam at a nice price.

  • RCA CC4352 offers all needs
  • Instant courtroom transcript !
  • Fun for Family Use
  • Good Camcorder / Bad Battery
  • Nice full size cam
  • Telecasting Camera

RCA CC4352 Full-Size VHS Camcorder

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  • 3-inch LCD ColorView(TM) Screen
  • 72X Digital Zoom
  • Digital Special Effects
  • 1-Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Limted Warranty

I’ve own a camera just like this one (model-cc4362) for 3-4 years now and it’s great except for recording around or in loud noices. I actually televise with mines, although i looking for a digital camera to televise with, but this one is doing a great job for now. It has help me to make thousands of memories for lot of peoples ,but most of all my church.

We received this camcorder last week. Although there is so much new technology available these days, it is so nice and simple to simply record something and then just pop the tape into the vcr to see what was recorded. The kids love it, and it is so nice to have less equipment around to play back your tape. It is not too heavy or cumbersome to use.

We received this camcorder last week. Although there is so much new technology available these days, it is so nice and simple to simply record something and then just pop the tape into the vcr to see what was recorded. The kids love it, and it is so nice to have less equipment around to play back your tape. It is not too heavy or cumbersome to use.