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Polaroid Pixie 1 : Fun for kids, frustrating for parents

My granddaughter, who is seven, absolutely loves this camera. My daughter says the clarity is ok but it could be a little better.

My daughter loves this camcorder that she got for christmas. It works well enough for a child and she has already mastered everything on it.The only complaint i have is that the batteries do tend to go south on it fairly quickly. Other than that she is very happy and so am i.

The quality is ok – not great – not even good actually – but since kids videos are not usually fabulous, it does the job and keeps my kids away from my own camera. Would only recommend it for kids 6 and under tho. My only real complaint on this camera is it uses aa batteries that require a screwdriver to change. So, the kids often stop using it when the batteries die and then forget about it.

I purchased this for my 8-year-old son after another camera he had broke. This one is much better than the other. It is made better, and it has more features. It has sound and flash, which some of the other kids quality cameras don’t.

  • My son loves this camera
  • Nice camera for kids!
  • Good for younger kids
  • My 6 year old loves this!
  • fun, but bad picture quality

Polaroid Pixie 1.3 MP SD Digital Video Camera – Pink (CSA-00302S)

  • includes:2AA batteries,wrist strap,USB and AV cables,and photo editing software

My daughter just got this for christmas yesterday. She got really excited but is upset that the picture on the lcd flip out screen is dark. I still need to read the instructions, but it probably works better in bright lighting or outside. You will need to get a memory card i hear or it won’t hold much footage. Still was an excellent buy and is a cute camera.

Fun for kids, frustrating for parents. My 8-year-old loves the idea of having her own camera that operates like ours. The drawbacks from a grown-up perspective: 1) the batteries run out in an hour or two (4 aa), and in order to replace them you have to unscrew the compartment each time. I have a feeling the screw is going to be stripped very quickly, and we’ve already spent a small fortune in batteries. 2) the camera comes with almost no memory at all, so you must buy a memory card–wish i had known this before buying. 3) the video quality is very poor in all but the best lighting. Overall, my daughter is thrilled, but i think in retrospect i would have spent a bit more up front on a different camera to save a lot of time and money in the long run.

This product is good for the price. I just wish the pictures came out a little better. But you do get what you pay for.

Nice little camera for the money. My daughter got this for christmas and she loved it and was using it to film family on christmas day opening gifts, etc. It is pretty easy to use and has a lot of features for the money. I do have to agree with other reviewers that it is not very easy to open the door to replace the batteries. The screws are very small, and unlike some other kids cameras, they screws will fall out of the door when they are removed. Make sure to change the batteries somewhere where you can keep track of the screws. I wish that poloroid had been able to put some kind of battery door on this camera like the fisher price cameras have, where you can use a penny (not a screwdriver) to open the door and the screws do not come out of the case. Not a big complaint just enough to not warrant the 5 stars. I would purchase it again, for the money, it was a good deal.

Fun, but bad picture quality. Images are pretty bad unless the lighting is just right. Daughter has fun playing with it though. Definitely needs a memory card added, otherwise you get very few pictures out of it.

Polaroid DVF-720SC 5MP Hi-Definition Digital Camcorder : hd 720p 1024x 768 video that looks and sounds fantastic

Hd 720p 1024x 768 video that looks and sounds fantastic. I paid $22 shipped and primed, here at amazon for this cam used,when i got it it was sealed woooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooohas 8mp camera that takes good pic’s if you hold the cam real stillhd 720p 1024x 768 video that looks and sounds fantastic(last year my wife got me a $200 samsung that was 1080p and it was not even half this good)need sd card no internal memoryusb pops out the top like a flip will upload video if cam is on, or if cam is off it will charge the li-ion 1200mah battery,also has a mini usb cable hole that does the same,includes software,and hdmi(5 diffrent color rca jacks) and a reg rca yellow video cord, so you can hook it up to any tv. Battery seems to stay charged for everbottom is rounded and no tripod mount screw hole (2×4 with drilled screw hole and c clamp with foam rubber fix that)you can go to youtube and search the model # to see the this cam perform.

I’ve got this for $24 from warehouse deals. Compared it to my kodak zi8. Of course zi8 produces much sharper and fluider picture, but this one has much much less color noise indoors. And considering it’s price, $24, you can’t be wrong with choice, because you’re getting 1280x720x30fps video, while with same priced competitors products you only get 640x480x25fps. I liked this so much, that i bought 2 more of theese, in case if this one fails.

This took surprisingly good videos.

  • hd 720p 1024x 768 video that looks and sounds fantastic
  • Amazing value for $24 !

Polaroid DVF-720SC 5MP Hi-Definition Digital Camcorder with 2.4-Inch LCD Display (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Hi-Definition camcorder with 5.0 MegaPixels and 2.4-Inch LCD display
  • Built-in USB stick for easy download
  • Anti-shake stabilization
  • SD/SDHC compatible
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery

Polaroid PD-G55H 1080P Full HD DashCam –

Polaroid PD-G55H 1080P Full HD DashCam

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  • High Definition Records with WDR, 720p (30fps) or HD 1080p (30fps)
  • G-Sensor (Incident detection with customizable sensitivity settings automatically saves footage of collisions and incidents)
  • Play Back View function on the 2.4″ LCD display; Microphone to recording audio inside your vehicle(may turned off)
  • Continue Loop Recording includes time/date/location stamp on all recording
  • Photo made allows you to snap still images of accidents and events (Accept Micro SD/ Micro SDHC)