Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder, Excellent all around camcorder

A person of the most effective camcorders on the market place right now-great huge angle. Good overal camcorder, but one deal killer. I was regularly backing up, and telling my young ones to back again up, so i could get them in the body, and i still missed a bunch of pictures. With the canon, a large angle adapter would have been an crucial software, and i just wasn’t ready to incur the added cost and excess weight. I seemed at the panasonic tm700 as an choice. I was intrigued, but proper or erroneous, the lover noise difficulty terrified me off (see reviews), as effectively as the simple fact that the data files are evidently tough to edit (also see evaluations). I know that there are quite a few people that swear the fan noise is no big offer, and swear that you can work with the data files, and swear that the panasonic is the most effective camcorder on the market, but. . I opted to go with the sony largely mainly because of the broad angle lens. The sony has the equal of a 29mm vast angle, the panasonic was 35mm, and the canon was 43mm. Given that alot of the video clip i shoot is of the family members, inside my property, i preferred the widest angle doable. Items that i like about the sony:-wide angle lens.

This digital camera is effortless to use and presents excellent benefits. Storage of 8hrs of hd video on interior memory is extra than adequate. It is also a quite very good nonetheless camera. I have been making use of video clip cameras considering the fact that 1982 at home and this just one has it all.

Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1920×1080 Full HD Recording w/12MP still image
  • 64GB1 embedded Flash memory
  • 1/2.88″ 6MP back-illuminated “Exmor R” CMOS sensor
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilization w/ Active Mode
  • Wide Angle G-Lens (26.3mm) with 10x Optical zoom

Uncomplicated to use, lots of selections, gps. Applied digital camera even now keeps the worth, exceptional offered on amazon,ebay, and so forth. , that tells about qualit. Quick to use, many selections, gps develop in. This sony hdr-cx550v digicam, even utilized, however retains the value. It is comparatively rare provided on amazon,ebay,. , that tells about its good quality.

Worth watchful consideration. The hdr-cx550v is a useful improvement with a drastically broader angle lens than the prior five hundred/520 variation from 2009. 7x broad adaptor on the lens of the previously version, which is a pretty welcome characteristic. The zoom is now 10x as a substitute of 12x, but for indoor use i had small use for the long finish of the zoom. (however, men and women taking pictures wildlife could want a tele-adaptor. )if you record outdoor with the sunshine in or in close proximity to the frame edge, and you are at entire-large or in 5% of the zoom selection of complete wide, you may perhaps notice a surprisingly bright, sharp ‘blue dot’ (research youtube for illustrations) which is not like the common and predicted round or iris-shaped lens flares i have observed in twelve decades of really serious novice picture/video, and four years of specialist video clip and images perform. Some users are unable to reproduce the phenomenon. Unique buyers may or might not come across this a problem verify the examples on the web to see if it bothers you. I would hope the ideal sized lens hood to protect against the challenge if the sun or light is significantly plenty of out of the body, while a hood can’t help if the sun is in-body.

I dislike to spend so considerably on a camcorder but i figured if i go ‘big’ (this means bigger value) i will not likely have to update for a long time to occur. I usually update my camcorder and camera every single other year but with this 1 – there will be no will need to do so. And man, am i loving this one. The low gentle functionality, night shot, constant shot, online video high quality, picture high quality, measurement and every single other attribute on this toddler are out of this globe and properly really worth the $one thousand or so. You cannot go mistaken with this acquire – just do itthe only issue i would like to enable you know b/c i did not recognize this when i was searching for a wonderful camcorder is that the best top quality of online video from this camcorder is put on a dvd and only capable to play on a blu-ray player. Which is suitable – blu-ray top quality movies of your finest memories. Now, i just will need to buy a blu-ray participant.

Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : A lot of the reviews here are great, some more technical than others but all quite informative. I have had this camera about a month now and here are a couple things i’d like to mention as well. Bear in mind these are personal observations, certainly not technical, but directed more at the average user or person who justs want to shoot a good picture or video and not be bothered by a lot of techno-babble. When deciding about whether to get the cx (flash memory)as opposed to the xr model(hard drive) consider what you are using it for. If you think you may be doing a lot of jumping around, shooting live bands or action, go with the cx. I haven’t used the xr, but 2 other cameras that were hard drives i have used would basically shut down during sudden movements, the camera thinking you dropped it and is trying to”save” itself. The xr however, has a lot more memory, so if you’re simply going to shoot normal type footage, whether on a tripod or limited action-type movement, i’d say go with the xr. Combining this feature with my home made steadycam produces great smooth shots even getting pretty wild like i do when shooting live bands. Mic/headphone in/outputs – very nice being able to wear headphones and monitoring your mic input level, again an excellent feature. The reported tofu wobble(or whatever it was i read here)is true. I noticed this when i was shooting an actress that had a faux-painted door next to her and i was zoomed in. The door did have a slight wave or wobble to it. My edits are quick so it wasn’t terribly noticeable, but something i will be monitoring next time. I was thinking it had something to do with having the stabilizer on while zoomed in for this shot, but really am not sure what it’s cause was, just know that it indeed was there, again just slightly. Low light – not as good during a normal shoot as i expected but there is a lower lux setting that i haven’t used and that may solve this aspect of it, but it does shoot a great picture even in medium light. Touchscreen menu system – probably what you read anywhere is true. It is confusing, but there are lots of options there so it’s just a matter of getting use to them.