Sony DCRTRV230 Digital8 Camcorder – A Best Buy for heavy users

A stage backwards from the prior 12 months designs. Although i am extremely pleased with the trv120 i acquired last 12 months, i have to say sony has gone a phase backward with the new x30 (130, 230, and many others) line. Certainly, it is slightly smaller, major deal. On the other hand, the inconvenience of the botton loading tapes is a actual destructive if you use a tripod (which i do most of the time). Quite a few capabilities that had been on the one hundred twenty, were being dropped from the 130 (participating in analog tapes, microphone jack, distinction handle on liquid crystal display display) and i went to the 230 when i wanted a 2nd camera just to get these capabilities back again. The batteries (m collection) on the new x30 generation are different from the x20 sequence(which utilised l collection). I nevertheless like the sony line, but i might acquire a used trv120 alternatively of the trv230 if i experienced it to do yet again. The 230 is not as considerably bang for the buck for my uses.

I go through all the negative evaluations and whining in the opinions of the sony trv-230 electronic 8 camcorder, and acquired it anyway for use of stay-motion reference for my animated jobs. I failed to need stellar graphic high quality, anyway, so the complaints didn’t apply to me. I was suprised when i received this thing. The impression quality is great. It has purely natural on the lookout colors, fantastic audio replica for a designed in microphone and is razor sharp. Whilst it is true that indoors you may have a little bit of grain, it is not a detriment like the people today below would make it out like. I lit my topics evenly and brightly, and the grain disappeared. If you have superior lighting, there is certainly no grain.

Change off graphic stabilization = better picture. Many of the previous reviewers complained about the bad picture good quality especially indoors. I assumed the exact until iturned off the elctronic stabilization. Aside from the tape ejecting on the base i find this camcorder to be a very good price.

  • A Best Buy for heavy users
  • A step backwards from the previous year models
  • TRV230 is a very good camera: Read your manual!
  • Turn Off Image Stabilization = Better Picture

If the dimensions doesnt make a difference this is no doubt better item then any other mini dv camcorder in minimal midle class. As photograph can esly match any mini dv, or even superior. Soo, if bodyweight (measurement is very compact) doesnt metter go for it, as it has exceptional zoom. iown 330, but there cant be diff.

The 230 is this year’s lowest price ‘complete’ digital 8 camcorder. (the 130 does not participate in analog 8mm tapes). The digicam is a satisfaction to use. The picture high-quality is a startling move up from 8mm and the capacity to display complete single frames 1 at a time is fun. I’ve in contrast to mini dv and are unable to see any quality change (digital eight is 500 strains vs 525 for dv). The tapes are effortless to obtain and considerably less pricey that mini-dv. Sony has added a practical ‘intermidiate limit’ on electronic zoom. This characteristic permits the digital zoom to be restricted by the user to a selection that is usefull. (about 3x about the tightest optical zoom.

Features of Sony DCRTRV230 Digital8 Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital8 camcorder, uses Hi8 tapes
  • 25x optical (28x digital) zoom with SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with black and white EVF
  • Records still images onto tape
  • Uses Sony NP-FM30 InfoLithium battery, included; includes wireless remote control

I have had no troubles with this digital camera. I am going to acknowledge that it is sort of pointless to have a 700x zoom and it does not do the job to nicely just after about 400x, but who demands that considerably zoom anyways. This digicam is significantly superior than our previous sony camcorder which was about twelve or thirteen years previous. It was good at the time, but technology adjustments. The photograph is wonderful quality and the attribute that features modifying on the pc is great. The evening-vision characteristic arrives in helpful also. The only thing i partly concur with, that the other reviewer said, is that the tape launch button is on the base, so this could make it tricky if you are utilizing a tripod, but i haven’t applied a tripod yet with this camera, and i would think that you could quickly insert a new tape.

Trv230 is a really great digital camera: browse your handbook. I bought this camera in november of 2001 and am extremely pleased with its efficiency and capabilities. For all these that complain about the grainy photograph: browse your manual that arrived with the camcorder. With this camera you have the choice of distinct publicity settings. I have identified that the ae(automated publicity) location tends to make the photo look grainy, especially when filming indoors. This can be corrected by applying the ‘sun and moon’ publicity or 1 of the some others. Take the time to consider every single environment in distinctive lights and environment and view them on your television to see which ones you like finest. Some pros about this digicam * gentle-excess weight * pretty superior lcd color display screen * excellent picture stabilization * incredibly very good color illustration (with right publicity) * fantastic compatibility with laptop or computer os’s & programs * fantastic stero sound * great distant controlsome downsides to think about * changing tapes is awkward, tape loaded from bottom * digital camera hum audible on tape if taking pictures quiet scene * digital zoom is not targeted (keep on analog zoom) * battery does not previous extensive when making use of the lcd display screen (about 1/two hour)this cam does not have a digital media storage card for photo stills but i don’t take into account this a con. Superior expense styles are starting to occur out with decent resolution photo still ability built-in into the camcorder and until eventually the selling price falls, obtain a seperate digital picture cam.