Extremely well done – top to bottom. Note for macintosh users: cannot interface via usb. But no worries, a firewire cable makes the camcorder totally mac-compatible. Must get a “4-to-6-pin thin firewire cable” and use the ilink dv interface on camcorder. After you have this $8 cable, everything is pretty easy. An hour later we were editing video clips in imovie. (the included usb cable is useless for macintosh.

Downloading the mini dv tape may be a problem. The camera takes and records good pictures in the camera, but the problem occurs when i try to download the camera to a dvd recorder. The emerson vcr and dvd recorder i have tells me the program of the sony trv19 is incompatable with the dvd side and it will not down load. I can,however make a vcr tape with the camera. But when i try to dub the vcr tape to the dvd side it refuses because it recognises an un acceptable program. If you have an idea please tell me.

Don’t worry about the ccd issue. . I have had the dcr-trv19 for several years now and the ccd bug got me while i was on tour with the camera. I was very mad but found out the sony will fix it for free and pay for the shipping. Just google your camera’s model # with the letters “ccd” also and the link will come up where you can sign up and print out your shipping receipt. A great camera and they support it to the end. Even though i have a hard disk recorder and an hd camera, i still use this little gem alot. It’s small, durable and great pic quality.

Compact sony camcorder – but stills can only be saved to dv. The trv19 is the lowest priced camcorder in the trv19/22/33 family. Still, this is a camcorder that has a very nice feature set. Pros:- compact design, light weight. – larger size ccd should provides better low-light performance. – minidv media is widely supported. – great connectivity options: firewire, usb, s-video, headphone, mic input, etc. – intelligent accessory shoe. – steady shot and night shot.

  • compact sony camcorder – but stills can only be saved to DV
  • ready to open up a can of worms?
  • Excellent image quality for the price
  • Incredible Value
  • Good if you want simple videos
  • Sony’s Little Wonder!

Sony DCRTRV19 MiniDV Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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    to make sure this fits.
  • Compact MiniDV digital camcorder
  • 10x optical, 120x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch touch-panel color SwivelScreen LCD display for easy access to the entire camcorder menu
  • NightShot O Lux infrared system for recording in total darkness

I’d have gotten something better for cheaper. A little too old for the price. I’d have gotten something better for cheaper.

Sony will repair your dcr-trv19 at no cost. I and many others like you have suffer the same faith with the sony dcr-trv19 “no video after a few months of use”. ] select model home , enter dcr-trv19 in option 1 , select the green arrow, choose the lcd screen is black in the hot topics menu, the next screen will save you $250. I just received my unit and it works fine. They’ll even pay for shipping.

Good if you want simple videos. I’m not an aspiring director. I don’t want to edit my films, or make stunning documentaries, and i have a digital camera so i don’t care if my camcorder takes still pictures. All i want to do is take it with me on vacation and get some good video to rememeber my trips by. This sony is great for this type of thing. There aren’t many bells and whistles, but it takes good pictures indoors and out (unlike the cannon that i returned which shot grainy pictures indoors. ) its really small so you don’t have to leave it behind. It fits easily in a fanny pack with your map and guide book. If you are looking to be the next big hollywood director, go shell out some more cash for a different camera, but if you just want good home movies, this is your best bet.

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  1. This review is from : Sony DCRTRV19 MiniDV Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    An “old school” camera for us “old schoolers”. Great camera for us “old schoolers” that like to edit the tape rather than mess with a sd card. Easy change batteries, easy change tapes. Tape transfers are smooth and effortless.
  2. This review is from : Sony DCRTRV19 MiniDV Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    In the description it stated that this camcorder comes with the remote control but didn’t.
    1. The sony dcr-trv19, my story. My kids are grown up and i was looking for a camera to record our garage band playing. I could not even justify $200. A local pawn shop has one on the table “as is” missing the charger. They were originally asking $205. 00 for it but a salesman accidently sold the batter and charger to another customer that originally belonged to that camera. I am a frequenty buy items from the pawn shop and get the “kahl discount” they had it priced down to $69. 00 and with my frequent buyer discount i paid $30. It uses the same batteries and charger that my old sony cybershot uses ( that is my dedicated ebay camera since it has a better macro funtion than my high priced nikon. ) anyway, got it home bought 1 tape from radio shack ( of course the rat shack sales boy told me there was no such thing as digital video tape) so i found one on my own. This camera is used and has been a pure joy to use and the video quality is excellent . I ordered a 5 pack of new 60 min. 00 off ebay and 1 spare charger. I got so excited i bought sony vegas hd platinum ver. 10 and the band is going to love the final results.
  3. This review is from : Sony DCRTRV19 MiniDV Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD and Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Bought this handycam when it was new. Probably have went throught 50+ tapes, and this camera hasn’t flinched. Bought the extended warrenty and haven’t used it. Just what i was looking for.
    1. Can i use the usb port save the movies to my computer?. I wanna make youtube movies,can i & how well dose it work???????????. ?elliot2698 (at) yahoo com ,i wanna buy one ,ellioteureka northern califoria.
      1. Powerful camera for it’s compact size. I absolutely love this camcorder and the nightvision feature is ultra cool. The unique hi-tech touch screen is also an added plus. I had a problem with the lcd but it was fixed for free by sony and i’ve had no problems since. Can’t say enough great things about this gem. All kinds of features, “like backlight” and excellent dv quality. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=calvin.

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