Sony DCRIP7BT MicroMV Digital Camcorder w/ 2 : Great convenience

Love the small size- can carry it anywhere. Personally not a big digital picture fan- but as a camcorder, i love this product. It is my first camcorder, and i’ve been very happy with it. The picture is great, the small size is outstanding, and i think for most people, the features are enough. I took it on my honeymoon, and was able to carry it in the smallest of purses out to dinner, on tours, etc. If i had a larger camcorder, with large carry-bag, it would have stayed home, and i would have missed lots of great filming opportunities.

I’ve got a lot of toys, but this was truly an incredible buy. I read the other reviews of this camcorder and was hesitant. I have to say that the only reason for the purchase was the sony name. After checking out the camcorder for myself, i don’t know why all the people were making such a fuss. I guess if you are a fanatic and own several camcorders to compare, you might notice some features that the bigger camcorders have (which i do). For people who one camcorder, how would you know the difference?the size is the key. Even with a mini dv camcorder like the sony dcr-trv22, you notice the size (especially if you need battery life and have the longer life battery connected). It keeps you from having it by your side. Most of the moments you want to film happen when your camcorder is stored in its bag (murphy’s law #__).

Yes, bad resolutions, but great portability. Got this for about 7 weeks, its great for outdoor, grab out of your pocket and shoot at what u see. Needs sunlight, yes its got horrible resolutions. But if you don’t mind too much, its great. Yes, editing software is not that good because it is super slow when i edited my 1 hour movie.

I have had this camera for about a month and it is the best investment i have made in a while. Using it as a camera and a video recorder is a big plus. The bluetooth is also great you can send a picture by e-mail with out having a computer. I would recommened this camera to anyone that is looking for one.

  • ultraportable, still capture, but microMV is not for all
  • This Camcord Delivers for its Inteded Purpose
  • You can’t beat this camcorder for portability!
  • Incredible little package
  • Love the small size- can carry it anywhere
  • Excellent, Useful, Easy, SMALL!

Sony DCRIP7BT MicroMV Digital Camcorder w/ 2.5″ Hybrid LCD, 8MB Memory Stick, MPEG Movie, & Network Capability (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • MicroMV camcorder
  • 10x optical, 120x digital, zoom with Super SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 2.5 inch color LCD monitor and color EVF
  • Records in MPEG2 video format–the same format used in DVDs
  • Bluetooth adapter lets you wirelessly email pictures and MPEG movies

Excellent, useful, easy, small. I’ve had my micromv for two months and love it. I put off buying a replacement camcorder for a few years as the technology seemed to be in a constant flux – it still is but i took the plunge with the sony product as it has all the features i was looking for. The size is the amazing thing. My only problem is getting my “sausage” fingers to work the buttonsso far, the videos (digi-tape) i’ve taken are excellent. I find the camera easy to use and of the same quality i’ve come to expect from sony. I found an extra-capacity battery, 128mb mem-stick and sony wide-angle lens and filter kit on ebay and these have made the camera a joy to use. Videos taken on a recent london vacation are tremendous and it was easy to whip out the camera and take a quick digi-tape or “quickie” mpeg on any moment’s notice. The vga stills are only good for 4×6 prints (in good light) or wallets. They’re really only useful for emails.

This camcord delivers for its inteded purpose. All of the negative reviews are un-warranted. If you want to buy this unit, make sure you understand what it was designed for. I saw a sony exec talking about it at a marketing show; she was discussing their ad strategy for it. The exec stated that it was designed for a business traveller who wanted a tiny camcorder to take some “hobby” shots while on the road. I bought this unit for a business trip to hong kong. For this purpose this camera was perfect. It easily fits in your briefcase. Until you own this thing, you have no idea what a leap it is in terms of size. On my trip, i would routinely just stick it in my (bulging) pocket.

This is the best thing i bought in my whole life–i found it very handy due to the size and waight—of course everything has advantages and disadvantages–the problem with this camcorder is that it’s way too expensive and really not worth the money—i was also angry when i found out that it doesn’t have a mic socket nor an earphone socket—other than that it’s fantastic—-i take it everywhere with me in my pocket—-and basiclly shoot anything interesting i see in this case i give this cam a superbly good buy.

You can’t beat this camcorder for portability. You can’t beat this camera for portability. I have owned this camera for almost a year now and have been pleased with its performance. I chose to buy this camera for its small size because i was going on a trip to europe with my best friend. I kept this camera close at hand in my purse the whole time. It was great to be able to take out this camera and record at the drop of a hati had traveled to europe before with another friend and he took a normal sized camcorder. When i travel to europe, i don’t like to stick out as a tourist and i was constantly embarrassed when he would take out his regular camcorder and take video because it was so obvious that we were tourists. With my sony dcr-ip7bt on my most recent europe trip, i was able to take tons of video without anyone noticing. When people did notice that i had a camera out, they thought it was only a still camera because it was so small. I have used the video editing software with much success.

Ultraportable, still capture, but micromv is not for all. The dcrip7bt is for the early adopters among us. It has “wow” written all over it but make sure you’re ready for the limitations of the micromv format. It improves on the ip5 by adding still capability and bluetooth. Pros:- small size, and lightweight: 1. This is the main selling point of this camcorder. – super steadyshot image stabilization – and sony’s system works. – delivers vibrant colors when shooting in daylight. – still photo capability (low res only). – connectivity options: firewire, s-video, composite, bluetooth, usb. Cons:- micromv format is proprietary and may go the way of betamax.

So many capabilities and image quality in such a tiny device is unbelievable. And on top of it, the usual connectivity and user-friendliness of all sony electronics (the bluetooth technology is not that relevant but a fun extra gadget).