Sony DCR-TRV510 20x Optical Zoom 360x Digital Zoom 4-Inch Display Digital Handycam – Gear Lite problems

It performs like i had hoped it would. It performs like i had hoped it would. Plays all formats of tapes i have. In the process of digitizing all of the videotapes of my family.

Trv-310 and the trv-510 are the best ones for today. Don’t loose your time looking for other options because no other portable camcorder (in this category) can provide the features and the quality of these cameras. I’ve played with my trv-310 for about 10 days and i am really impressive with this camera. This is my fifth camcorder (all 8mm and hi-8) that i have used and this the best camera that i have seen. The lcd screen on the 310 is amazing. Certainly the best lcd that i have seen in my life. It is clear, bright, sharp and big. It is a real pleasure to play my videotapes in any place with no connection with tvs. This is one of the most important features of this camera and you have to consider that in your analysis. The 20x optical zoom is enough and works fine (much better than my old hi-8 camera). It is impossible to avoid the pause key. Try to press the slow key and you will get a limpid and crystalline image. I have lots of videos recorded on 8 and hi-8 format. The 310 is capable to play black perfectly any videotape on these formats. This camera is the right choice for everyone that have 8 and hi-8 tapes.

I’m very pleased with the 510. I bought the 12 hour mother-of-all-batteries and took the camera to papua new guinea where i took the equivalent of about 3000 still photographs on 3 digital hi-8 cassettes. I also took a lot of straight video footage from which i was able to extract static images of rather good quality, depending on the amount of motion artifact. My one complaint is that in low light the image tends to get a bit grainy. I haven’t figured out how to solve this problem.

I had wanted the latest in didgital camcorder technology but the high cost of the mini dv tapes made me consider sony’s digital 8 format. I got my dcr trv 510 shortly after becoming a new dad, after much debate between the 510 and the lower 310 which will save you $$ but the 310 lacks the color viewfinder, slightly bigger lcd monitor, 2mb of internal memory for digital stills, sony’s photo managing software for your pc and the serial port pc hookup. The 510 is my 1st camcorder so i don’t have any prior camcorder experience to do any relative comparisons. This camcorder does a very decent job of making home videos and photo stills. The best results are from outdoors in good daylight, otherwise in other conditions such as lowlight indoors the video and stillshots can be slightly grainy. For some reason, sony didn’t include any titling function which they do for their reg. Also didn’t notice the difference between the reg. Video and s video hookup to my tv nor between the cheaper reg.

  • Great features at a great price
  • SONY’s Digital 8 is great!
  • Forget the other cameras. This the best one by far
  • Digital 8 results and play your old 8mm memories as well.
  • best buying decision I could have made
  • Great Video & Easy to Use

Sony DCR-TRV510 20x Optical Zoom 360x Digital Zoom 4-Inch Display Digital Handycam (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Digital8 format
  • 20x optical/360x digital zoom
  • 4-inch color SwivelScreen LCD monitor
  • IEEE 1394 digital video interface
  • NightShot with slow shutter option

Great features at a great price. Great concept – digital video recording, plus the ability to store a bunch of still shots in the built-in 2mb of ram. In addition, you can pull stills into memory off the tape, or vice versa. The resolution isn’t as good as a true digital still camera, but i’ve made some 5×7’s from this that look just fine. Includes a serial port cable to connect to your pc, as well as a “firewire” port for those who have that capability, although it does not include a firewire cable.

The best thing about this camcorder is that it has a 4 inchesscreen. It’s big enough that you can show your video to other peoplewithout connect the camcorder to the tv. I have seen other people’s camcorders with a tiny 2 inches screen, and that’s no good for your enjoyment at all. ————-the night vision is amazing too. After you turned the night vision on, you can take pictures in total darkest. And the picture is really good. ———— the picture quality is great too. But it didn’t come out too good after i converted the 8mm tape into vcr tape. ————reviews on amazon said that digital camcorders’s audio has cd quality, but i really didn’t notice anything. I mean you really don’t care too much about the audio if you are just video taping a family vacation or something. ———-something bad about the camcorder. ———-because of the big screen and it’s not mini-dv, so it’s a bit heavy.

I’ve had the sony dcr-trv-510 for about three months now. It’s been a lot of fun to use and learn. Straight out of the box, charge up the battery, slip in a tape and you’re ready to record. With a little practice and skimming of the manual, you can create some perfectly acceptable and fun still (digital) pictures. On the video front, the camera is exceptionally easy to learn and use. It takes standard 8mm video tapes – cheaper and more readily available than mini-dv tapes. Zoom lens is excellent although once you pass the optical zoom range and go into the digital zoom, you will likely notice the “pixilation” (you can turn the digital zoom off. ) tapes can be viewed on the flip out screen – excellent image. One feature i especially like is the one that lets you find the end of the last video recording — no matter where you stop on a tape, hit this button and it takes you to where you stopped recording.