Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam, Awesome Cam-Corder

You can just hook up the usb cable and drag the clips from camcorder to comoputer.

Upcoming era -helpful cam (sony dcr-sr80 60gb 1mp hard disk drive handycam with 12x optical zoom ). I acquired it for $678 in amazon and staying a single of the 1st buyer to use and evaluation the merchandise considering that its lunched by the company in sept 21st 2006, i found this great products- excellent for both indoor and outdoor recording. No hassles changing analog to digital on your pc. A single phase dvd burning made my daily life easier. – very suggested for house use. The selling price is well worth its price. Immediate mpeg2 structure recording. Dolby electronic audio recording3. Professional high quality solution at inexpensive price4. Harddrive shock evidence know-how – hopefully it will operate as described.

Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Built-in 60GB hard drive for easy file storage and one-touch DVD burning
  • 1/5.5-inch, 1-megapixel CCD delivers crisp images
  • 12x optical zoom; 800x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor
  • Handycam station included

Mac entrepreneurs: hopefully my slip-up is your obtain. So it truly is suitable ahead of xmas, 2006. I had an previous sony dcr-hc30, and it ran on dv tapes. It only labored for a year just before the liquid crystal display display screen died, which turned a acknowledged challenge. I was extremely let down and attempted to solve the concern by way of sony, as they set up a way to get repairs as a result of their web page, but it has been over a thirty day period now, and even now no reply from them. In other terms, awesome solution, labored on my mac working with imovie, but extremely small-lived. I liked the evening shot as well as for early morning wildlife videos (i are living in montana) and you are unable to defeat carl zeiss optics. So although i was very let down with the lcd problem, i stayed open to sony simply because of the zeiss optics and the evening shot furthermore function. And the minidv did function in imovie. So when i was in costco, again, desperate since it is just just before christmas and i nevertheless hadn’t listened to from sony about repairs to my older digital camera, i seem around the cameras there.

Look at out for bait and change scam. Warning: stay apparent of usaphotonation. Comthe higher than website will rip-off you by supplying the most affordable rate for the most well-known camcorder these kinds of as the sony dcr-sr100. Right after you supply them with your credit rating card information, such as the three digit id quantity on the back of the card, you may possibly imagine that the obtain has gone thru. However you will get an e-mail stating that your order are not able to be processed until you get in touch with their 800 quantity, extension 208 and converse to ‘ben’. Ben will say he demands your three digit card id. Nevertheless the sale could not have gone through originally with out it and would have been turned down. But know ben has you on the cellular phone. Ben will be pushy, unpleasant and down correct impolite really should you have to check with him everything when he is pushing to ‘down grade’ your order to a dcr-sr80, pushing you to increase these goods as a need to have uv filter, a wide angle lense, a video clip scenario and a four yr extended guarantee and a upgraded battery pack. Lo and behold the low cost for the sr100 of $495 has now jumped to $940 for the sr85.

Respectable for essential home films, stay away from if you have a mac. I just received this digital camera three times ago. The small light-weight effectiveness is unquestionably disappointing, but it does quite well on daylight. What is genuinely aggravating is the simple fact that the digital camera is not appropriate with mac out of the box. To be equipped to obtain the motion pictures to the mac, you want the mpeg-2 patch from apple ($20) and the streamplayer, which is free. Then, you need to have to change the file into mpeg-four, which will permit you to use it with imovie. (do not get the program pimped by sony. It is lame, and it will price you $100. ) appears simple, but it is pretty annoying, not to mention time consuming. I would hope that companies like sony and apple could determine this out ahead of charging you an arm and a leg for their products and solutions.

Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : Used this camcorder for about week now, well designed camcorder i ever owned. The touch screen menu is very impressive, i was confused at first 5 minutes because there’s no button for you to enter the menu as other camcorders do, but after i realized the touch screen, that is so awsome. The video quality is way better than any other camcorder at this price range. The autofocus when you move the lens around is very smooth, stablizer works great. Only one drawback so far is the language selection is limited, only english, spanish, french etc, no asian language available.

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  1. I was afraid i would have difficulty learning to use it but i didn’t even have to read the instructions. It is so easy that even an adult can use it first time out.
    1. We bought this camcorder in 2006, it’s perfect for us. The hard-drive can store many hours of video and the zoom is great. The 12x zoom is so good that the 1mp still shots can actually look somewhat impressive (but don’t get rid of your digital still camera) i can’t imagine how awesome the 25x zoom must be on the new 2007 models. The dcr-sr60 is easy to use, so don’t worry if you’re not very tech savy. It’s simple to transfer video from the hard drive to a pc, and not too tough to burn video onto a dvd with an external dvd burner. Our only complaint is that it sometimes takes a second or 2 for the color to adjust when the light changes, and the video can look a little funky during those times. We don’t use the camera in dark areas much, so we’ve been happy with the overall performance.
  2. Spend a little more if you can and get a much better camera. This handycam is great for only one reason – the 60gb hard disk. It means never having to worry about tapes or dvd etc. I returned a sony dvd handycam which malfunctioned within the first 30 days of receiving it and bought the sr80 instead. I’ll focus on the negatives:a) very poor low light performance. For example – you try to shoot a dance floor in a night club – forget – this camera can’t deliver. I am about to purchase the light attachment hoping to alleviate this problem. The only way to get halfway decent low light shots it to shoot in a party mode where the image loses all sharpness.
    1. I bought this camera directly from the sony store paid $650 on march 7, 2007. Amazon was selling it for $350 more than what i paid for it. Buy direct from sony and save. The guy at the counter tried pressure me to buy the extended warranty, i declined. Sale guys make more money selling equipment warranty then the camera itself. Camera works great, i also bought the $20 stand which i use for my sony digital stills camera. You can’t go wrong with this product.
      1. I have used an older sony 8mm camcorder for years. Transferring tapes to my pc involved a third party converter. I had graduation to go to the next day that i really wanted better quality video of. I looked at the other brands and decided sony had done me well for years. The hard drive made purchasing and carrying media go away. The camcorder has a more powerful zoom than my old one.
  3. As a first time video camera owner i found this camera simple to use and intuitive. I turned it on out of the box and just started to use it without needing to read any instructions.
      1. I haven’t used it to much but the times that i have its been really nice, the quality of the movies are really good. I also liked that i didn’t need any tapes. That would have been a big hassle. The main reason this camera was purchased was because i was getting married and it did the job quite well. I would recommend if you doing any outside filming that need sound of other people to get a microphone. I received one free from amazon when i bought the camera. It was made by sony for the camera. I would recommend this camera to other people.
  4. I had such a hard time choosing the right hard drive camcorder. According to most of the comments on the web all hd camcorders are of poor quality, or have software problems or something else. So i had to decide myself at the end and i converged on this one, which was a great pick, so easy to use, of incredible quality, and so far no problems with burning the dvds.Slight compatibility problems between the existing burning software present on my laptop and the sony software. But once solved, i love it and i love the touchscreen. I got the whole package with an extra battery, but i still haven’t used it. The battery lasts pretty long.
  5. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    If you want an easy to use camera just to do the basics, this one is great. It’s lightweight, and the one touch dvd burn is a really nice feature. The image quality seems fine-no complaints so far.
    1. Love camcorder, not impressed with software. Good picture quality, easy to use, organizes your videos by date, easy to play back on tv, and remote makes it very convenient. Battery life is fairly good, but you may want a spare if you’ll be recording for more than a couple hours at a time. I can record the highlights of an all day family outing and still have battery to spare. The software really falls short, i wish it were half as user friendly as the camcorder. It doesn’t organize your videos as well as the camcorder, and the dvd creation is confusing and rather limited. The software documentation is also limited, confusing, and not always accurate.
  6. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    We recently took this camera on our trip to yellowstone. Camera worked in temperatures of -30. We really love everything about it but you have to watch to make sure you turned it off. We have several incidents of camera recording car’s seat. It has excellent zoom ability.
  7. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    I bought sony dcrsr-80 camcorder before the christmas and it gave my family a very happy time in the season. Here i have to appreciate your service with a high quality and fast shipping. I like to have my next shopping at your amazon becouse you are the best online and trustable store.
  8. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    I personally love this cam-corder, the huge hard drive makes it so you don’t have to worry about storage. The lcd is touch screen which is really easy to use the only down side thing about the cam-corder is the battery life its not that great but besides that this cam-corder was the right buy.
  9. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    My boyfriend is in a local band and plays a lot of shows in dark bars, so i was on the lookout for a camera with decent night vision as well as easy uploading to my computer. I also wanted to convert some vhs tapes to dvd and maybe do a few family and personal video recording. This camera does everything i needed it too. The picture quality is fantastic even when i tend to keep it on the lowest setting. The nightvision can make things a bit green when its really dark, and it can take a bit longer to focus, but it is much better than the dark mess i was recording with my digital camera. The hard drive makes transferring to your computer incredibly easy. My only complaint is that whenever i open a video file using windows media player, i get an error about the codec. The videos will play with no problems but there is that delay each time and it seems to prevent you from viewing a preview image on the file. It also would have been nice if the software allowed you to paste videos together and create transitions rather than just allowing you to cut scenes out.
  10. This review is from : Sony DCR-SR80 60GB 1MP Hard Disk Drive Handycam with 12x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Great outdoor video/pix quality. Video/pix quality from sony product is amazing. Just good enough to make a movie that i cherish for a long time. Easy , friendly access on the touch screen pad, sounds is great with 2 channel and option of 5. All in all, it’s a great piece of hardware that will capture your memories that will last forever.
    1. I can not imagine using anything but a harddrive based cam from now on. I took alot of video in short clips (surfing footage) and the fact that each shot is stored in a seperate file is priceless. It is so easy to review, sort, delete and transfer. The same process would be a nightmare using other recording formats. It is also perfect for me because it is very “point and shoot”. The extra features are there, they are just a little harder to get to, but thats just fine because i don’t really want to use them 99. 9% of the time and the extra external controls would just get in the way. Personally, i love the touchscreen interface.

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