Samsung SC-D363 MiniDV Camcorder – Not bad if you know how to use it!

Very compact and great mini dv at an incredible price. My old sony died and got this at a fraction of the price that i paid for the sony.

This camcorder is easy to use so it was great for us starters. But the lighting isnt great inside.

Ok, this will contradict many before me. First, it plays my old tapes made on my expensive minidv i gave to my kid. Movie quality is ok+, even inside without pro lighting. Plays back on my 52″ wide screen just fine. Samsung is good stuff, i’ve had lots of it. And i’m not looking for professional results. Maybe for $200 that’s what you get. Many camera features, very good softwear. Manual is iffy but if you can think you’ll get it. Movie clips on sd card lower quality but great for what i need. They are in avi format, and you get an hour on a 1g card.

Isiklandirmanin iyi olmadigi yerlerde netlik sorunu oluyor. Birde floresan isik altinda beyaz dengesi tam tutmuyor. Diger ozellikleri gayet guzel. Bellek kartina cekim yapabiliyor olmasi cok guzel.

  • Not the best picture quality
  • Handy little bugger
  • Not bad if you know how to use it!
  • Great Little Camera, but Picture Quality is Below Average
  • Fine for the money
  • Its a pretty camera for the family

Samsung SC-D363 MiniDV Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Features 680,000 pixel CCD and 30x optical/1200x digital zoom
  • 2.5-inch LCD, color viewfinder, and SD/MMC slot
  • Captures still images up to 800 x 600 resolution, as well as MPEG4 video recording
  • USB 2.0 compatibility for easy file transfers
  • True 16:9 wide mode allows widescreen footage to be displayed on a digital TV

This is a great camera if you’re looking for something basic. I bought it to start videoing my baby, and the picture quality is great. One thing though, this model doesn’t have a “spot light”, so if you’ll need extra lighting, upgrade to the sc-d363 model.

Not the best picture quality. This camera has a lot of extra features that a comparably priced sony camcorder might not have, but, i think because of the less than stellar video quality i may be taking this camera back for a comparably priced sony minidv camcorder with less features. The video quality of the samsung appears to be plagued with a snow(or grain) like effect. The picture is not real crisp but not terrible either. I’ve recorded video both ways. On sony minidv 60-minute tapes and by streaming video directly to my hard drive via 1394 firewire cable. One other thing you may notice in your recordings is that the auto-focus takes time to become clear. So that if you switch from a closeup to a distance shot or vice versa you will actually see blurry video while it is focusing. This can be kind of annoying also. Now, lets talk about the features of the camera.

Not bad if you know how to use it. I recieved this camcorder as a gift over the holidays. It was on a super sale at best buy on black friday, so naturally it was the obvious choice for someone who has never owned a digital camcorder before. At first i was very disappointed with the quality. I had the same reaction as many of the people who reviewed here. I, however, did not have the option to return it for something “better”, so i stuck with it. Over several months i have learned how to correctly use the camera, and now i can get good quality (for this type of camera) indoorsthe secret is to actually learn how to use your camera. You cannot simply use all the automatic settings and expect the picture to be beautiful. This camera comes with an “easyq” option for beginners. Do not use it if you are taking footage of special events.