Panasonic SDR-S7 Flash Memory Camcorder – Excellent compact camcorder.

Great small video camera but the battery life is limited. I’ve owned this camera for a few months and the video quality is not as great as digital-8 or mini-dv. To be fair i tried all 3 rec modes and even in the best day-lit scenes the mpeg-2 engine can’t handle a straight line border with 2 different colors (the edge of a table against a different color floor). I don’t understand why panasonic couldn’t engineer the camera to fit a slightly thicker battery to accomodate 2 hour recording, or at least a full hour (there’s certainly room inside the body of the video camera). As it is i only get 40-45 min on a battery. So buy a couple of extra batteries (good news at least the batteries are inexpensive). The short recording time on a fully charged battery i’ve observed is consistent with all previous reviews. So why buy this video camera – easy easy easy simple menu to navigate for set up, small and light – this is the video camera you would bring to an amusement park and you could have in your hand on a roller coaster or tape the kids at the park, being active anywhere out and about. This is what you wish you had in your hand while using a digital still camera and wanted to record better video. This is not the video camera for special events like weddings where things like gradual shading and very fine detail is important – i would stick with mini-dv or an hdd video camera or step up to hd if using flash memory sd, ms, cf etc.

Long lasting build quality – easy, frustration-free use. I am writing this on behalf of my youngest brother – he has his own youtube channel that showcases plug-n-play video games. And this is the camera he uses. In fact, in spite of me trying to give him what i considered “higher end” camcorders, he has tenaciously stuck with this camcorder for four or five years and still going strong. Can’t argue with the build quality. :)he has asperger’s yet he finds the use, file transfer, and uploading to his channel easy and frustration-free. Frustration-free is an absolute necessity with him. He uses 4gig class 4 sd cards in the camcorder, and it is quite small compared to even my samsung f90. In fact, the overall size and weight would be comparable to my sony action cam as20 with the sony viewfinder frame on it. However, considering the price points of newer, much higher quality recording options (i have been thinking of the polaroid cube for him if it hadn’t that silly 5 minute footage limit), i’d say this would be an absolute 5 star option for around thirty or forty dollars with the intention of casual youtube use.

Perfect camcorder for the price. I was looking for a camcorder to capture memories of our kids. I’m pretty cheap and not a video snob. That being said, i wanted a camcorder that wouldn’t break the bank and one that i wouldn’t be afraid to take out of the house. I purchased it from best buy only because i needed it right away, it was on sale for the same price as here. I brought the camcorder home and charged the battery and started shooting. Played it back on 42′ dlp hd tv and the picture quality, while certainly not hd, was just a good if not slightly better than our old sony hi8 camcorder, and this was sp video setting (medium). I tried some recording using xp setting (highest quality) and didn’t notice enough of a difference to sacrifice half of the recording time. Dark settings do not record well, i think there is a night setting but haven’t explored that yet. The 40 minute life of the battery isn’t anything for panosonic to brag about but for my needs, multiple 1 to 2 minute clips and occasional longer ones, its longer than you think.

Can’t beat the size, quality is acceptable. I got the cheaper (silver) model here on amazon about a week ago, and am mostly pleased. In my opinion, the real competition for this camcorder are not the canon fs100 or similar flash-based mainstream camcorders, but rather the “flipcams,” aiptek handhelds, etc. Compared to any of those that i’ve tried, the quality is much better, and the size is still miniscule. That said, the quality is slightly worse than the 3+ year old minidv camera it’s replacing. But at 1/4 the size, and entirely flash based, it’s much more convenient, very much a “go anywhere” pocket camera. Key reasons to get this:- size and portability, a “go anywhere” portable camcorder- convenience and low cost of flash memorykey reasons not to get this:- want a more general-purpose camcorder- want a useful still picture resolution (vga-resoltion stills are useless. )other pluses:- good zoom rangemixed bag:- decent video quality- good range of controls, but not the easiest to handle through the menuminuses:- so-so low light performance- electronic rather than optical image stabilization.

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  • Perfect camcorder for the price
  • Can’t beat the size, quality is acceptable
  • Very happy with it.

Panasonic SDR-S7 Flash Memory Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Capture video to flash memory
  • 10x optical zoom
  • 2.7-inch LCD screen
  • Ultra lightweight, compact design
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards

The price was lower on it because it was not the most recent model, but if you want a casual camera with good features and price, this is great. The optical zoom makes a huge difference in picture quality. I paid less for this than 1 bought from a store which advertised optical zoom but only had digital zoom and i had to return it. It’s small, light, and easy to use.

Its small so i’m more likely to have it on me. Its not hd, but the quality is comparable to the sony minidv handycam i’m replacing. I tend to use this a lot more than my old cam just because its small. I originally got the insignia hd from best buy for 1/3 the price and i was happy to return it. I’m much happier with this camcorder. If i want to shoot in hd in the future, i would not hesitate to have a 2nd camcorder for those needs. For the size, the simplicity of not having tapes to deal with, and the ease of operation, i would recommend this to anyone looking for this convenience. If you must have hd (i’m sure the price will come down dramatically like all new technologies), then go with hd.

I bought this camera as an impulse buy at best buy, and i really like it. There are some pros and cons just like anything but so fat the experience is good, and the price was right. Lets go over the cons first, as for some people the cons will break this camera. First the video quality, no way around it this camera is made for youtube. You are not going to get great video quality out of this camera, very bad in low light but ok in sunlight. To be honest it kinda sucks, 40 mins on a charge is a little lower than i wanted considering the size. I want to take this every where and use this all day, but that is not going to happen. The buttons on the camera are also a point of contention, as they have almost no tactile feedback.