Contour+2 Video Camera – Cant Beat it for $149 great features and Bluetooth connect to your phone

This is the perfect camera for a helmet cam. Unlike the others it doesn’t whistle in the wind as you are going down the road at speed and you don’t look like a tele-tubby. Also in my opinion the video quality with the contour 2+ is excellent. It works well in low light after sunset, which i didn’t expect. I also like the ease in which you can turn it on and off with gloved hands. The one issue it does have is a muffled internal mic, use a drift mic inside my helmet most od the time. I also like the blu-tooth and smart phone app to control the camera which is very handy.

I bought this as a companion unit to go with my original contour gps unit. I bought this over the other models because i love the gps feature that ties in with google maps. I prefer the contours over the gopro’s for the gps capability, the easy of use and turning the unit on to record mode. Also the laser alignment system and rotating lens make this hands down far better than the gopro’s. This unit came with the underwater case that is good to 160 feet (which is far deeper than i dive), the rubber strap mount, a helmet mount, and a dashboard mount. I have several other mounts that i have ordered for use with my gps model that also work with this model since it has the same rail mount system. I also have the app for my android phone that i can use to see the live image before going to record mode. I can also program the camera from the phone app.

Great camera very good quality picture easy to use. Great camera very good quality picture easy to use. Only downside i can see is on the software side, would be nice to see ability to overlay digital effects while streaming.

Great value camera with bluetooth/app. I principally use this for skydiving video, mounted on a helmet (using a mount that screws on the helmet). The contour 2+ solves a lot of the annoyances of the earlier models. (i owned the contour hd also). The rear door is much better designed (i lost the hd’s door). The switch on the top is nice and easy to use. The bluetooth to the mobile app is nice to set the camera up on the helmet, to ensure that it is pointed in the right place. It would be nice to be able to view content on the camera via the app, like the gopro app, but that isn’t a feature. Contour acknowledges that it’s noise-cancelling method causes issues when there is cyclical sounds that is low frequency (such as in an airplane). It suggests turning down the gain via the app, but that doesn’t really solve it. 5mm external (mono) mic plug in the bottom, which i use. 5mm mic is impossible, so i use an adapter to a 3. That combination does a great job. Alas, it seems like contour is losing out in its fight against gopro, sony, and tons of other mfgs.

  • Generally good, one severe bug
  • Great versatile little action cam that takes a beating
  • Contour Lives on!
  • this camera is better than the GoPro
  • Great value camera with bluetooth/app. Microphone has some issues
  • Great little form factor.

Contour+2 Video Camera

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  • 1080p, 960p, 720p HD Video Capture with Built-In Mic and 3.5mm Mic Input
  • 170° Ultra-Wide Angle Lens with 270-Degree Rotation
  • Camera Housing Waterproof to 196′ with Built-In Laser for Shot Alignment
  • Single Shot and Interval Photo Modes with Superimpose GPS and Live Streaming
  • Preview and Live streaming via Mobile app

Contour is very much alive with helpful and helpful customer support peoplei got fast helpful responses from them when i contacted them a couple of weeks ago. Camera was used on several bike trips on a helmet while riding enduro bike on dirt roads muddy wet forest paths. I liked the recorded video quality a lot, particularly when recorded on sunny afternoons. Videos are very good and sharp -good balance of contrast and color. For my taste and eye -video color and contrast balance seemed better, than in some you tube review videos. If you want to use it for spy sting operation action to record secret conversations -then you have to use the external microphone option- say attached to your chest pocket:)- because camera has a microphone protection foam inside it- a rather thick piece of rubbery closed cell foam behind the tiny microphone hole. To protect it from dust and water. That foam can be swapped for a better sound transparent material.

Upgrade to a 6-hour recorder (with 2 spare batteries). Upgraded from contourroam, like the hd 135 degree fov, like viewer that shows gps map track with video, exports to google earth. I bought wasabi power spare batteries and charger for my 3-hour rides. The bonus mounts included might help with another helmet.

I use this camera on a street motorcycle 99% of the time. I’m very satisfied with the camera. I got it over the hero (i have an older model) due to the form factor and ease of mounting options. The rotating lens makes it easy to put the camera where you want it/can put it and rotate the lens for the proper orientation. The resolution has been covered well in other reviews, suffice it to say, i am happy but would like to have a higher frame rate at max resolution. I’ve had no issues with the camera in light moisture conditions, on the motorcycle, such as fog and heavy mist a few times. The battery lasts about 90+ min using action hd 1280×720 at 30fps. I did notice that plugging in the contour to power, not a computer, flashed the battery light but didn’t seem to charge. I wasn’t being patient because after a short period, the unit charged fine.

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    This was purchased to film hunts and it’s been a very good camera so far. I also used it to film my son’s at-bats during his baseball games and it does great from behind the plate, but no so well once the ball leaves the infield. I didn’t buy this camera for long-range action so i’m ok with it’s limited reach. The software is very limited, but is only really used to get the videos off the camera and onto the computer. I use other programs to edit videos. The bluetooth feature works flawlessly.
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    Far easier to use that a hero. Use it on my motorcycle daily.
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    Good product, but would be great if battery life was at least 2 hours. I only got 1 hour on several tests. . Great design,, small, compact, easy to use. Battery life is way to short.
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    For the price that i paid, this camera fulfill all my film expectation.
    1. Over 400 miles and it has done a good job of documenting my rides. . Camera controls are simple, it takes good pictures even while attached to the handlebars of my klr 650 motorcycle. The internal mic is okay, but, for the bike, i am waiting for the external mic to arrive before judging for sound quality. I like the design and inclusion of the waterproof (and bug proof) case. I’m disappointed that the program, contour storyteller, for using this camera with the pc, is useless because it requires quicktime, which hasn’t had apple support for months and is a known security risk. I’d have thought that this would have been taken care of by now. You can go into file explorer and open the mp4 files for viewing and transfer these to other programs for editing, but without storyteller, updating the camera’s firmware is much more cumbersome. I’ll use this camera until it quits (or someone gives me something else), but there are easier cameras and we’ll have to see about the contour’s longevity.
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    Excellent camera, but the mic port is 2. 5, not 3. 5. . I bought mine through ebay because i didn’t expect amazon to have such a great price, but i paid only a few dollars cheaper and got a free bike handle mount, which i don’t even use. Anyhow, i’m writing this review to explain why it’s not a 5-star. 5mm* not the standard headphone/mic jack of 3. I bought a mic and now i have to get an adapter because the 3. I didn’t see anywhere that it was a 2. 5mm jack, just that it had an external microphone port.
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    You have to put a little work inbut it shows. This camera is not 100% user friendly as i had hoped i would recommend this to someone that has a little know how on setting up a camera i would not recommend that someone hand this to their kid to use outside and never mess with the settings however when you get the settings for the day set up the picture is amazing. And with the phone app you can record check battery life check memory left and adjust settings all on the fly i recommend hooking it up to the computer and adjusting your video settings and making a cheat sheet as to what setting to use in what light (sunny overcast night ect) they tell you on the desktop version but not on the app other than that i love it just click the camera in place flip the switch and your all ready to make videos or take pictures.
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    Well worth the money that you spend, amazing quality camera.
    1. Better options now available at better prices with more features (other company models).
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    Cant beat it for $149 great features and bluetooth connect to your phone. Great personal camera, awesome price at $149 for the features. Love being able to quickly go from dash mount, to helmet with ease. Also if you’re looking for a great compact hard shell case to carry it in amazon has that too, search for “portable wi-fi mobile hotspot carrying case by usa gear with detachable security wrist strap”.
    1. This is my fifth, all still run extremely well. Consistent quality, great product.
      1. I bought +2 for its gps and longer battery life and it does’t stick out like a sore thumb. The video quality is not brilliant or as good as gopro but for recording stuff during family holiday is good enough. Waterproof housing is fantastic and i even 3d printed a handle just for scuba diving & snorkeling. I even used an external microphone for recording my son’s birthday party.

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