Cerevo LiveShell Video Streaming Device, Great if you are shooting NON-HD, which is like NO ONE! Otherwise, it works fine.

Get it from a nyc joint for $229. A place that has variable hrs on the weekend (in accordance to the sun).

Labored specifically as envisioned, and quite simple to use.

Cerevo LiveShell Video Streaming Device

  • Stream Live Video to the Web
  • USTREAM Compatible – No PC Required & NTSC & PAL Compatible
  • AV, HDMI & USB Interfaces & Works with Wired or Wireless Networks
  • Stereo Microphone Input & Compact, Portable & Battery Powered
  • Independently Adjustable Volume Control & Integrated Tripod Mount

The liveshell performs actually nicely with my sony hdr-cx260v camcorder. I use it to stream my son’s minimal league online games on to youtube dwell and in some cases ustream for all of the mother and father to view from property or on the go w their ipad, etc. I really like how i can begin streaming on the fly devoid of a computer system and the skill to use any broadcasting internet site by way of the cerevo application app on my iphone. Video excellent is terrific and the set up can take below five minutes. . price was cheaper than the other goods on the sector far too.

fourteen, the “cerevo liveshell | high-quality”, and the “cerevo liveshell pro” appear to be sharing reviews; however, these are indeed distinct devices. ]

Remarkable device for 24/seven wildlife digicam streaming. I utilized this device in a challenge at my workplace the place we have a 24/seven wildlife camera that employs ustream. Prior to this device we had to have a computer system paired to the camera to stream to ustream and crashes involving browsers, flash and plugins where a continual nag. This device you can rather a great deal ignore following you set it up and plug it in, to day i haven’t experienced a dilemma with it running for months on finish in a local weather managed enclosure. The video good quality is not as a great as computer system-centered adobe flash media encoder but for the reliability its effectively worth it.

Cerevo LiveShell Video Streaming Device : I set up the cerevo liveshell to work with my livestream premium (original) account. And it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Live streamed my video wirelessly. I used a wifi set up with a so-so signal and a macbook pro to run the dashboard and everything went smoothly once i got the connections set up right. The trick is to ignore everything and go right to shell. Cervo dot com and use the dashboard to register and set up the device. There is a drop down menu if you’re using anything other than ustream, one of the options was livestream and i just followed the steps as laid out there. Once everything was active and connected the video showed up, audio was synced and it just worked. The delay from the unit to the livestream is significant. There is no issue as far as i’m concerned, you just have to monitor the livestream to know where you are at with the video, but it will be about a ten second delay from my reckoning. The recordings looked great and i know have a live streaming option that i can use when i don’t want to be bound to a computer sitting at desk, or a laptop connected via cable to my cameras. Normally i use a blackmagic design atem switcher and two cameras connected to a macbook pro 15″ retina display laptop to broadcast, but sometime we want to just run and gun, or take something beyond the reach of all that equipment. Now we cani would recommend this unit unreservedly if you want a totally portable live streaming solution.

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