Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom : A Great Compact Camcorder

I just got this digital camera for christmas for film earning and it’s turning out to be a good digital camera for individuals like me who are new to movie earning. It is gentle so that you can carry it any where, but just isn’t so gentle that it fells flimsy and very easily breakable. For a college movie i applied a zr300 and favored the fell of that as well and both of those have wonderful sound, the only difference with the zr200 and zr300 is that the three hundred has far more like more zoom and far more increase-ons proper out of the box. Other then that i would advise this digicam to any person who needs to commence to make films and isn’t going to want to devote a whole lot of funds on a digital camera.

Excellent online video high-quality, zoom is a bit sensitive. . Effortless to use, exceptionally easy transfer movies and shots to my macintosh. Daytime movie high quality is exceptional, particularly when taking part in the finished dvd’s on my higher definition television set. The widescreen capacity appears to be like as superior as a hollywood film, at least to my eyes. Movie shot inside of is seriously great, far too, just have some lights on in the home. This camera is considerably better than my aged sony 8mm. You just have to get made use of to working with the camera, will not zoom to fast, tackle the zoom management effortlessly and with finesse, do not flick it up and down or it creates sounds on the movie.

We purchased this digicam early 2006 when our daughter was born. Our son was born in might of 2009 and suitable just after he was born the mini dv would no more time go into the digicam when we set it in there. It just stayed out and created beeping noises. Some of our other mates had cannon’s and theirs had completed the same detail. When they despatched it into cannon to be fixed they obtained charged wherever from $a hundred to $one hundred fifty for their camera to be fixed — preposterous seeing that they could obtain a new one particular for about the exact selling price. I was pretty dissatisfied in this digital camera, it worked for three decades, but now we have skipped almost five months of our son’s lifestyle since we have been attempting to figure out which new digital camera to invest in. I thought this a single would very last us a lot for a longer time.

Key specs for Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager with 680K resolution
  • MiniDV recording format offers up to 530 lines of horizontal resolution
  • 20x optical zoom with image stabilization
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • Has special high-resolution 16:9 widescreen recording format

Comments from buyers

“Great Camera, Battery Sucks, Works great, easy to use, a few minor complaints, A Great Compact Camcorder, Easy to use but make sure you have a firewire cable, Very decent camera for a very decent price, Very affordable and good camcorder”

Really good camera for a very good cost. You get what you shell out for and much more. For a digicam that is usually beneath 300 bucks, 1 can not actually complain. If you expecting it to complete like a 2000 dollar digital camera then really don’t buy it. If you are seeking for some thing straightforward to use (for me it was for the birth of my son and many others. Get an additional battery, an sd card for photographs, and a couple of dv cassettes and you are superior to go. Amazon sells it for a bit large, i would go to dell and invest in it with a couple of discount coupons, commonly ends up to be like 240-270 cost-free shipping + your regional taxes, so below 300.

You can understand how to use this digicam in ten minutes—and this is the initial 1 i have at any time ordered. Absolutely nothing fancy—it is a quite sensible palm size digicam with the zoom and ability buttons conveniently available to the human being who is filming.

Good camera, battery sucks. Fantastic camera, battery sucksi purchased this digital camera to switch an old panasonic vhs-c digital camera. Just after studying numerous reviews above at [. (a great site btw), i decided to save a few bucks and get the zr 200 instead of the 300. The light seemed useless to me and i already had a sd card. The zr 200 outperforms our old panasonic in every way. Very happy with this camera. I’ve been using it mostly in “easy” mode. I did try out the wide-screen feature, and man was it cool.I filmed a concert band at a local community college, in low light, on a ti-pod with lots of panning and zooming. ]

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  1. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Wonderful tech for its time. Great lightweight video camera with great picture and sound, easy interface with laptop mac.
    1. Save $$ in dv to digital cost. . I bought this to transfer minidv’s to digital – my computer – when my original minidv camcorder quite working. Prices to convert minidv tapes to cd or digital are high so with this purchase i could connect the camcorder to the computer and transfer the tapes at home for a fraction of the cost.
      1. Great deal on a camara in mint condition. . I received everything with this lovely camara. I have the instruction booklet,cables,batteries,carrying case,etc. I would’ve rated the item a 4 or 5 if i had actually shot footage. It turned on so, so far i am happy with that. I’ve just not made the time to do everything with it yet. The camara barely has a scratch. I love the weight of it and the design. Hopefully when i get it up and runnin’ i’ll have more good things to say about it. Thank you to the previous owner for the condition you sent it to me in.
  2. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    We bought this camera early 2006 when our daughter was born. Our son was born in may of 2009 and right after he was born the mini dv would no longer go into the camera when we put it in there. It just stayed out and made beeping noises. Some of our other friends had cannon’s and theirs had done the same thing. When they sent it into cannon to be fixed they got charged anywhere from $100 to $150 for their camera to be fixed — ridiculous seeing that they could purchase a new one for around the same price. I was very disappointed in this camera, it worked for three years, but now we have missed almost 5 months of our son’s life because we have been trying to figure out which new camera to buy. I thought this one would last us much longer.
    1. This is a good camcorder for a while. After 2 years of “light” use, there was a small screw came out of the body. It recently got worse: cassette won’t eject. It’s a common problem with this model. If you google it you will find a lot of complaints. Fortunately i have all my clips downloaded. Too many (small) mechanical parts. I would recommend ones that only uses memory cards.
      1. Great camera, but a few technical problems. Let me begin with saying how great this camera is. It is very easy to use and has very good picture quality (especially for its price) this camera is a bit basic so it’s not really recommended for the people who want to make important movies and such, but great for home or personal use. I had this camera for about 1 year before “things” started to happen. First, out of no where and without reason, the lcd screen showed thick, gray lines going horizontal on the screen. After a while, they went away, but then it got worse. When i was watching one little movie i made with my friends, i started smelling smoke. At that moment, the video stopped and it said”remove cassette”. When i tried putting in the tape again, it wouldn’t take it.
  3. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Good camcorder but with a bit of known technical problem. This is fairly nice camcorder for the price. It worked fine for me for a while and suddenly one day it would not hold the cassette. The screen gives the error “remove cassette”. I thought something is wrong with the cassette, so changed it but still the same. I googled the error and found many people are having the same problem of either not accepting the media or not giving it back. Called canon and they sent me a $160 repair bill. I was ready to let go of it and buy a new one, but just for the heck of it called canon and the person reduced it to $60 saying that we send that estimate for any issue with the camcorder. Guess what, if you decide to click the accept button and not call and talk to someone, you are down with $100. I found it kind of cheap way of making money from a company like canon.
  4. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Zr200 transfers old video (v8,hi8,vhs) like a charm. One excellent feature of the zr200 camera which i have not seen discussed is its ability to transfer home video from vhs, v8, hi8, or any other video format which has an rca jack system (yellow, red, white), to digital video (dv) on mini-dv tapes. This feature is fabulous and dramatically easier to use than other methods i have tried. I did not discover it during nearly 1 1/2 years of camera ownership until i inadvertently came across a terse mention of such transfers in the owner’s manual. (see canon zr200 owner’s manual at page 79 for instructions, or page 72 for the canon zr700 unit with similar capabilities. )suffice it to say that the transfer process is very easy, assuming that one has kept the original cabling which came with the zr200 (or zr700) camera. It produces a video image which is superior to any other method i have tried. And i have tried a number of methods, including transferring video to a high-quality external video capture card to dv and ultimately to mini-dv tape using imovie on an apple computer. Upon careful comparison of like clips, this complex, multi-step approach produced good results, but only a nominally clearer image and it has tiny diagonal stripes running across it and a curling upper left edge from the video recorder heads; overall not as good. The color quality and image clarity that results from direct videotape to mini-dv-tape method using the zr200 built-in features is overall, smoother, cleaner and produces a full screen image without diagonal lines or the jagged tape-head artifact in the upper left corner.
  5. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    This camera has very good video resolution and is pretty much superb in every aspect,except for low light focusing -1 star.
  6. This review is from : Canon ZR200 MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom (High Metal) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    Hello, i was buy this camera, the camera its great, its too easy to use, its small and versatile. In night mode its not too good, but not is bad.
    1. You can learn how to use this camera in 10 minutes—and this is the first one i have ever purchased. Nothing fancy—it is a very reasonable palm size camera with the zoom and power buttons easily accessible to the person who is filming.

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