Canon VIXIA HF R200 Full HD Camcorder – Good for the money, but VERY short battery life.

I purchased this camera after having read reviews on several different models and not being super tech oriented. Although i have a camera (canon powershot sd1000) for photos that has a video feature i wanted higher quality video. I love the canon i own – it takes wonderful photos with little effort, so decided to stick with canon for video. After reading the reviews and looking at the product description i decided to try this one. My only concern was that somewhere in a review i read that it was not compatible with mac for editing etc. I have had no trouble uploading to imovie – you just have to use the cable provided rather than the sd card and it goes right into imovie. I haven’t tried to edit yet but i don’t anticipate any problems once i figure it out. I have used the camera for a week on vacation taking video of family wake boarding and tubing off a boat, and i am very impressed with the quality of the video. It has been very difficult in the past to get video that wasn’t very shaky and this camera did an excellent job.

Canon hf r200 sd-card hd-camcorder. A very excellent small camcorder/the zoom will surprise you–if your a dv-tape standard def. Videographer–this camera wil surpass any quality of previous projects. The auto-focus–is extremely fast–sharp-clear–without a doubt–my best camera–ever. Canon vixia hf r200 full hd camcorder with dual sdxc card slotsjust came back to add some info. 31,2011)/to get the best hi def video i think a tripod is best/because the auto-focus is very sensative/also if you zoom in. The auto-focus may become confused/gives excellent results in low light. The integrated microphone is excellent-while it also allows a external mic. The 2-mics can be operated at the same time(it has a mixer).

Nice, small camera – but average quality video. Pros:-it has a mic port, which is somewhat rare for this price. -the camera is nice and small-built in microphone is very good. -has 2 card slots, more storage capacity is always good. Cons:-image quality is terrible for the bitrate. At 20mb/s i would expect something much better than what i can do with my iphone already in greater detail. -the image stabilization kills the quality even more, and does not kill the shakiness of this camera enough to justify using it. So, if you plan on moving around with your camera, skip this one. If you plan on using a tripod at all times, this camera will work for you. -the touch screen-only menus are annoying enough since you can only use them via an outdated touch screen interface.

Forget the camera & night shooting. I was looking forward to having a canon quality camera with the camcorder, saving me having to carry my big dslr to shoots, but i have not been even remotely satisfied with a single photographic image from this device, day or night, simple or complex. The other issue i have with it is night shooting, for which, despite all the awb and program options, as well as auto mode, does not adequately light a scene like the old jvc candle-power dvc camcorders did. I bought this primarily to film live bands and concerts, at night inside clubs. The quality of the camcorder video is fantastic, but is mts format, and there isn’t any software that truly edits mts type files, or even converts them properly so that other software programs can read them for editing. For instance, i’ve had to use format factory to convert them to avi or other types, but then none of my video editing software programs can read the file once converted (such as premiere, movie maker & others). Software to both transfer & view all the camcorder files did not come complete nor did it work to access them. Instead i transfer them from sdhc card through usb, then am stuck with the mts file format and nothing that really reads it, though vlc will play them fine. The software that did come with this camcorder is extremely outdated, the url for updates is not provided and returns errors trying to update within the software itself. The warranty work was fast and hassle free, when the lcd screen and lens assembly had problems within 6 months of buying this.

  • Vixia HF R200 – Good value and quality for home movies, works with my Mac.
  • Excellent “hidden” features
  • Just what the doctor ordered
  • encountering a few issues
  • Pleased thus far
  • A good camcorder overall except a couple of irks

Canon VIXIA HF R200 Full HD Camcorder with Dual SDXC Card Slots

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  • Dynamic IS stabilizes a wide range of movements for smooth, steady video
  • Canon DIGIC DV III image processor
  • Genuine Canon HD video lens with 28x advanced zoom
  • 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots
  • Canon 3.28-megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor
  • 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots
  • Genuine Canon HD video lens with 28x advanced zoom
  • Canon 3.28-megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor
  • Canon DIGIC DV III image processor
  • Dynamic IS stabilizes a wide range of movements for smooth, steady video

This is a great camera , easy to use , lightweight, easy to carry. The picture is perfect and it looks so nice when we hook it to our tv. I love the option to take still pictures as well as video.

The best camcorder for the money. It has all of the features i wanted at a price you can’t beat.

Just wish it had a few more features. . This camera is pretty good, however i wish it had a few more features such as a light and night vision capabilities. The microphone is decent, however, if the music is too loud and you are too close, the sound is very distorted. Also, at night time, or in low level situations, the video output is very mediocre.Overall, i feel it was a decent buy and i guess i got what i paid for.

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  1. Excellent making youtube videos. . I bought this camcorder new on clearance at my store. This is a great high definition camcorder. Perfect for making your own youtube videos, just as if i did.
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    The camera is great for my use and i am very pleased with the product and transaction. I use it generally as a second camera while shooting in good light and it is fine for that.
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    I’ve been using this camcorder for over a year and it is still working perfectly. It looks nice and the video quality is good. The battery life could stand to be a bit longer, but it hasn’t been bad enough where i needed to purchase an additional battery. Keep in mind that for me, this is strictly a birthdays/christmas/special event camcorder. You may need extra batteries if you use it more often and for longer periods of time.
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    Great support had a software issue that they worked to fix. Good people very responsive to a problem that they fixedmany emails latter we go a blue ray issue fixed.
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    Very powerfull, just excellent. If you folow the intructions is great product.
    1. Easy to use but difficult to import videos. I bought the canon vixia hf r200 in march 2012 to use for european vacation trips. I have used it for two vacations so far. The positive is that the camcorder is lightweight and easy to use. The essential three buttons (video on/off, still photo, and zoom) are well-situated near the rear, close together, easy to operate with your thumb. There a good hand strap to keep my grip on the camera steady and secure. The camera shoots good video when you are standing still or moving slowly. It tracks pretty well and doesn’t readily become blurry when its focus is rapidly shifted. When walking on uneven ground (like the cobblestones just about universal to touristy european cities) or walking fast, the video quality is shaky can deteriorate to the point of unwatchability. The camera has a good mike and captures sound well.
      1. Good value when i bought it. I bought this because i wanted good value for the money, and i got that with this. It’s good video and audio quality on a budget. I now shoot my web series on it. That said the price appears to have gone up a bit since i made my purchase, i can only assume because there are fewer of these left. I’m not sure it’s worth the $500+ that’s now being asked for it.
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    Warning about a wonderful camera. I love this video camera (not speaking as a camera expert but as a mother). It’s easy to use, light to carry, the charge lasts a good length of time, i can film from a long way away with the zoom – what more do you want in a video camera?. The only downside – and it’s a big one – is that i started having problems with it after just 18 months. Took it to the canon repair place who want you to pay a couple of hundred dollars before they even look at it – then you pay more if it’s a serious problem. I had it repaired but it’s broken down again (i’ve had it less than two years) and i’m not going to bother this time. Sadly, i’m not going to pay $500 for another one because i need more than 18 months for that price. So if you’re dithering between this camera and another one, consider yourself warned.
    1. Purchased it used from amazon warehouse deals. I purchased this camera used from amazon warehouse deals for 180 dollars. It came in a “refurbished” box, which is okay because i was expecting it used. The camera looked pretty much new to me. It works perfectly and for less than half the price of a brand new one. I use it for skateboarding and i love it.
      1. This camcorder serves eager camera bugs appropriately. It is compact, light, and easy to use. Video shots result in crisp, colorful, and delightful viewing. It serves family usage well, capturing those precious moments even amateur photographers can do. This camcorder is highly recommend for such uses.
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    Good camera, depends on the use. . Intro:this is a solid camera, no doubt about that. The results i got for daytime video capture were excellent. It shoots a crisp and very clean image. The low light settings are where you can see the flaws in the camera. There is a bunch of noise picked up by the sensor and no matter how much you try to increase the exposure, it just doesn’t look good. I bought this camera hoping to do short films and possibly branch out into doing wedding videography. I would have no problem using this camera in daylight settings, but anything less is a risk for low quality video and i wouldn’t advise using it for professional gigs. Ok, now that the negative is out of the way, let’s get back to the positives.
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    Buy it with an extra battery. . Excellent picture and sound quality. Terrible battery life but its no different for most cameras in this price category.
    1. For a canon product, i was disappointed. I have been a canon camera user all my life. Love their cameras and lenses. I assumed their video cams would be as good. I was a little disappointed. Not so much with the camera itself as it’s very clear with great resolution. But i had a really, really large problem with two things. The battery that came with the camera only lasts about an hour. If i were on an all day trip, i’d have to have a suitcase to carry all the batteries i needed.
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    Great quality, and has mic jack. We have our own lavalier mic an needed something with an external jack. We have made some pretty impressive videos with this combined with our cheap wireless mic system. My 12 and 13 year old daughters use it and make some pretty cool videos as well. Lots of features for the money, highly reliable, and cheap.

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