Samsung SCD6040 DuoCam MiniDV Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom & 4 : great choice for winning space and time

I did some study whether or not to purchase a digital camcorder or a new digital camera. I had a digital camera, but numerous times i wished i experienced a dv to convey again the appears and sense of the second also. Effectively, when i saw this samsung online, i experienced to examine the evaluations. Not undesirable, so i purchased it via amazon. Extremely amazed – superior online video and very good photos – you will have to use provided computer software. I was not productive in putting the memory adhere in a card reader and coping over the information. Put it again in the camera and plugged the camera into the usb port – no dilemma.

This is what you have been hunting for. It will take good shots and the video clip method is wonderful. I actually used my samsung to acquire a photo of my cousin’s new vehicle at night time(it was pitch dim). The picture arrived out fantastic, it was crystal distinct. I enjoy that i can capture video clip on my memory card or minidv, but i despise that there is no seem on the memory card playback. Of study course when you obtain your movie to pc you get seem. The software is minimal tough to use but, i’ve mastered it now. Trace:read the handbook, it will preserve you some time.

Samsung SCD6040 DuoCam MiniDV Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom & 4.1 MP Digital Still Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • DuoCam MiniDV camcorder and 4.1-megapixel digital still camera in one compact, easy-to-use package
  • 10x optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 900x) for camcorder; 3x optical (12x digital) for DSC, and image stabilizer
  • 2.5-inch rotating LCD and color viewfinder
  • Low-light recording settings, multi-card slot, pop-up flash, and MPEG-4 recording
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

Wonderful option for successful house and time. I bought this camera by way of amazon. Com and i could not wait for using it, since i imagine that have a video clip cam with mini dv cassetes and also a four. one megapixel camera that takes advantage of many sorts of memory sticks is awesome.My encounter is that we have also sony cameras that of coarse use memory adhere so we just modified it from my dad’s sony to this and is effective properly, i can explain to you this mainly because the first time we employed it (the samsung duo) was in our past holiday vacations at disney environment so imagine the value to have a very good video and fantastic photos and we experienced definitely great results and also is additional at ease to carry it and you now risk-free house and time and the sizing of it is great much too. As i instructed you it has a many card slot so you don’t have to get worried about seeking unique memory cards and also as in all digital cameras you have the lcd monitor to see your pictures and video clips proper away and it is really quick to use, you can trust me simply because my father is not particularly an electronics admirer and he is very joyful mainly because even although it has equally capabilities it functions just the exact as another video cam what i am telling you is that you just change the wheel and there you go. You can use now as the digital camera as the online video camera. So if you are on the lookout for a common camera with wonderful good quality and you are one particular of those people that loves no to eliminate a distinctive second this is it.

I never ever understood it could be this very good- are unable to set it down. Inside minutes of acquiring it i was using pics and video of my son. It has all types of cool characteristics- creative effects, sepia tones, black and white, fading in and out. But that’s not the coolest aspect. I enjoy that there is a lens cover for the camcorder and that we usually have the choice out there involving camcorder and digital camera. The battery life is extensive and you can quickly adjust the settings for tons of images or quite really superior excellent pix and just not as a lot of can be saved in memory. Hooking it up to transfer photos to a personal computer was a cinch. So considerably less complicated than our outdated jvc camcorder.

The video and photograph high quality is fantastic. It is so uncomplicated to use and switch from video to still pictures. It is effortless to deal with your photos on the pc also. I basically are unable to say enough good matters about this camera. What a great emotion you get when you buy anything that lives up to the hoopla and expectations.

Samsung SCD6040 DuoCam MiniDV Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom & 4.1 MP Digital Still Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : This is an easy to use camera and videocam. It takes excellent digital photos and the video quality is also great. For a very reasonable price you get very high quality equipment.My four year old son even took some good photos with it. The product came with all necessary items needed to use it right away, including a battery and charger and all necessary cables, such as usb. The only thing i had to go out and buy was a tape.

Canon Elura Digital Camcorder, Excellent on the go cam

The elura has been an fantastic camcorder in my knowledge for climbing, climbing, horse packing and other on the go videotaping. Other websites on the web contend that the use of an rgb filter provides the elura an almost 3 chip photo quality in fantastic lighting. I myself have been happy with the image and color ( so happy i have two ). Buy extra batteries and the docking device for extra flexibility ( exterior microphone ).

I won’t bore you with the fantastic points considering the fact that my evaluate is 5 starred. I’ll allow you know it’s disadvantages (in my feeling). The microphone is on the top and not in the front so i’ve located myself accidently masking it with my hand primarily when videoing my 2 calendar year old son at knee level. It isn’t going to have a microphone port, you have to invest in a separate alternative. You can a little bit hear the tape mechanism, so if cleanse audio is important, you must get the possibility and an external mike. My previous sony hi8 was noisier, nevertheless, specifically when zooming which the canon is silent. It tends to decide up wind sound even when the wind suppression is on. Very low light is not virtually as excellent as my previous sony hi8. I observed it is far better if you remove image stablization in very low gentle (which they will not mention in the manual).

This digital camera is compact, but the optics are good and it does every thing. All the controls are very intuitive, and i’m however exploring new points it does. I have applied it snow boarding, on the seaside, at a dim wedding day reception and downloaded the footage/images appropriate on to my computer. (premiere is excellent) and finest of all, no snags- astounding for these kinds of a complex system. Unless of course you absolutely ought to be ready to improve lenses (sheesh), this digital camera is wonderful.

Key specs for Canon Elura Digital Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Fits easily in 1 hand
  • 12x optical, 48x digital zoom
  • Optical image stabilizer
  • Stereo PCM recording
  • 2.5-inch swivel LCD screen

Comments from buyers

“The Great Compromise, Love it, great value, Canon Elura Easy to use, Excellent on the go cam, Not a single snag, Has been the best 1 CCD camera.”

I experienced intended to invest in a three chip sony vx one thousand, but funds pressured me to purchase some thing a minimal fewer dear. My reasoning was that i would use this as a again up following i get a 3 chip high end xl-1 or gl-1 or quite possibly a sony trv900 when i can find the money for it. However i was ready to locate this camera at about 3 $ below listing, and it is a terrific compromise. The top quality of output is significantly remarkable to something i ever made use of by way of vhs-c or digital 8, and i have found it to be quite good in small gentle. Additionally, the audio i have captured has been incredibly suitable. I acquired the attachment for the exterior mike ($) and it also can be made use of for a headset. I have used this camera to capture vhs tapes on to digital online video with great resolution, and just about no degradation. The moment in digital type, it is incredibly simple to use the camera as a tape deck on my macintosh, controlling the camera from the personal computer and editing directly into my computer system. It has a couple restrictions, but is in general a spectacular progress above the more cost-effective digital eight and vhs cameras out there.

This canon elura is the most effective digital camera iv’e noticed my complete daily life from canon. Its superior high quality pixels is so considerably greater than the sony model, and its tiny sizing and new mini-dv capacity is sumething all people requires to get out of the dark age of cameras.

The initial working day i was producing flicks, transferring them to my imac and my television set. Uploaded a person to an net web page. Good photo top quality, very good sound, good guide. Pretty effortless to use and perfectly truly worth the price. Quite light-weight fat for tourists. Many fancy extras this sort of as special enhancing outcomes.

Has been the finest 1 ccd digicam. . I do corporate & particular video generation & have discovered the elura to be the finest 1 ccd chip online video digital camera i have at any time utilised. I have utilized about eight 1 ccd hand held cameras & the elura’s photograph high-quality has been the greatest. I have been capable to flawlessly edit the elura’s movie in to the video taken by my sony vx1000, which is a three ccd camera. Canon altered the construction & components on later on styles, i’ve tried using a pair, & the image excellent is not as excellent as the elura’s. My latest test is the sony dcr-pc120bt. This is the most current 1 ccd digital camera with the new had ccd. It is a superior camera, the declare that the had ccd minimizes movie noise is real but the color is not as rich as the elura’s. In my experience with what men and women glimpse for in online video shade usually wins. It’s exciting that the elura was the to start with to use a mechanical concentrating/shutter process, many others like sony & newer types from canon use digital, & the assert that this would strengthen image high-quality would seem to maintain real in my practical experience.

JVC GYHM70U HD Shoulder Mount Camcorder : Consumer Camera in Prosumer/Prosumer Clothing

Well built – easy to handle. Use it for live broadcasts as well as hd recording. Vivid viewfinder – easy to focus. We’ve used it for weddings as well as baseball games.

Professional features at a consumer price. The jvc gy-hm70u is an affordable pro-sumer camcorder loaded with some amazing touches that makes it stand alone in it’s category. I was looking for a camera with decent compression, and at 28 mbps, the image is outstanding. Color reproduction is pretty rich considering this camera has only single chip cmos. This camera performs very well at low light levels, but does however top out at a 5. 6 f stop, and unfortunately this camera lacks a built in nd filter. Also there are no xlr inputs, so if professional audio inputs are what you are looking for in an hd camera, this one is not for you. But back to the positive, this camera also offers high speed recording at 300 fps, time lapse, and a variety of recording settings if you are also looking to record in standard definition. The built in still camera (with 12 megapixels) is a nice touch as well, and the color lcd viewfinder compliments the fold out lcd touch screen for both shoulder mounted shooting and the old under-slinging method of shooting.

Consumer camera in prosumer/prosumer clothing. After testing this camera on several shoots as part of a class assignment, i was pleased with the quality of image it produced. The battery life is acceptable, and the camera has room for two batteries, making it even more reliable. The menu and interface is nearly identical to the jvc everio line. The most noticeable differences between this model and the jvc everio is the build (being shoulder-mounted), the added focus ring (which still feels like a simulated rather than mechanical function), the buttons on the body of the camera allowing for adjustments to the picture (iris, white balance, gain, shutter, all being adjustments with a simulated feel), the eyepiece, and the different recording formats (including 60p). White balancing is easy; other controls are not so naturally adjusted, such as iris and shutter speed. There are definite sacrifices made in terms of usability and functionality, but i feel that it is still worth the ~$1,599 price tag.

Gy-hm70u prohd shoulder mount camcorder. This camera actualy was purchesed for the recording of my sister’s cooking shows. According to her her recordings have improved gratly.

  • Consumer Camera in Prosumer/Prosumer Clothing
  • Pretty nice for the price!
  • Professional Features at a Consumer Price
  • Well built – easy to handle
  • GY-HM70U ProHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder

JVC GYHM70U HD Shoulder Mount Camcorder

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  • 29.5mm wide angle autofocus zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 25.5mm – 476mm); 16x dynamic zoom, 200x digital zoom
  • Full 1080/60P capture and recording in the AVCHD Progressive format (28Mbps)
  • High speed video recording (for slow motion) 300 fps (720 x 480 resolution); 12MP digital still capture (JPEG format)
  • 1/2.3” 12MP oversampled CMOS imager; Optical image stabilizer
  • Time lapse recording (1 to 80 sec. intervals); Manual focus, zoom, iris, shutter, white balance

First of all it is nicely styled and very light weight, like a feather compared to a standard broadcast camera. Weight makes it feel a bit less professional, but it sure is easy to carry, so i like it. Very nice video, looks superb even on an 80″ set. The controls are well place and easy to use, would like to see a professional microphone connection instead of the 3mm job but it all works. The battery run time is great, and the hot swap is real nice too, and the dual sd card slots are very good also, plenty of capacity and run time here. The flip out monitor is ok but would like to see it a bit more stout, and the eyepiece monitor is not very color correct, but ok for what it is. The zoom is pretty good and f1. 2 is nice but a detatchable lens would have been super cool. Over all a nice little rig, that if something really bad happens to it in the field you won’t be crying as much as if you were using a $20-30k rig.